Saturday, December 22, 2012


  I spoke with a lady a while back who said I had power, which I corrected her. People sometimes feel powerful or attribute power to others. Today I ran across a man I once knew, he thinks himself a step above and though he does have power, it is not his own. His step above theory is flawed as well. Life is full of powerful people and the definition of power each person has defines who is powerful and who is weak.

  All power is granted from above or below, call it good and evil, God or the Devil. Thing is, all power is subject to God, so all power is fleeting and limited, save His. We are rather powerful though as we have the power to choose, and the power to do what we will with that power. Even then people have a hard time dealing with that power, history is full of people who abused power and the Bible has loads of cases. Some read the Bible and see hate and anger in the Old Testament while others read and see where man has some serious flaws, which a loving God corrects. He even sent His Son to show by example since people couldn't seem to get it right and form a bridge to God and human. We are still not quite there yet, actually we seem to be digressing, as a whole.

 So that nobody thinks I'm pointing them out this will be referred to as me talking about me. I have no power over you nor you me other than that which we allow. Even those who think they are powerful are not, actually many that think they are are actually weak, but allow me to demonstrate. I have the power to cut a tree, burn the tree for wood, yet I haven't the power to make the tree. I have the ability to till the ground, plant a seed, water the area. Yet I have no power to make the seed nor make it germinate. If it is dead then it is dead. I have the power to take life and yet I haven't the power to give it back or create it, and I only have what power I am given.

  We are not evolving into gods even on our best day. We are limited to those who are more powerful only because we agree to what they ascribe to be their power. We have the power to do many things, yet the power is not ours and can be retracted at any time. One person or group has no more power than any other person or group, unless the agree to it, and then it can be undone. True power cannot be undone, but power granted can be taken back. One person or group is not better than the other and in fact feeling superior only shows that they are abusing the power they are granted. Real power does not come from physical strength or birth rite, nor deeds enacted to glorify one's self. Indeed, pride goeth before a fall, for our actions may make us work to be better, in truth, we all started from the same beginning.

  Power used purposely comes not from the man who holds his head above the rest but rather one that walks with his head bowed down in humility. It boils down to anybody can be served but only powerful people can serve another. The weak can hate, war, and be vengeful but the truly powerful love, are peaceful, and forgive. In that we are all weak and strong in areas, both found and found lacking. It is the truly powerful person that sees their own weakness and rather than pride looking down on others instead looks inside at self, to work on the areas they are themselves weak in. God grants us the power but using Free Will allows us to choose who we use that power to serve. At times I teeter totter, dipping back and forth, and He expects we will do that but work on proper footing in the future, if allow future to do so. For those times though we step on the wrong side He sent us Grace, which isn't earned but rather granted through His Son.

  So to answer the lady's statement. I have no more power than her or anybody else. I have only the power granted me from God and those who give me their power. I have the power to resist, question, and improve upon me, the same as everybody else. To some Christians I look like a sinner and to some sinner I look like a Christian. Sometimes my actions are good and sometimes they are bad. I'll never be powerful in the true sense of power, here or in the next life (not reincarnation), and that is a good thing. I hope to be with the One who has the true power, something I do not desire, for I am not meant to be all powerful. We know that power corrupts and total power corrupts totally, history teaches us that and we see examples of power every day that is corrupt. Perhaps that is why God, in His wisdom, reserves that power to Himself, where true power is safe. Light overcomes darkness, but darkness cannot overcome light.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12-21-2012 HELLO

   Hello world... Hopefully you are reading this on the 22nd and welcome to a new age, the age of Aquarius. We just left the age of Pisces, and according to scientists into the dark rift. How they know that I have no idea, but it sounds good, but the point is mute. Thing is, we've been prepped for this moment for a long time. In the 60s by the 5th Dimension, "Age Of Aquarius". . The Mayans along with the Hopi and countless other religions have predicted not the end, but a change, and indeed it will be and already have. I'm not even going into the occult lyrics of the song or the groups name, feel free to look that up yourself. Numbers and names in the song.

  We have, along with other countries, the power Nicola Tesla once said, to split the earth in half. It will not happen though. That by no means does not mean that disasters will increase both in frequency and strength, they will. Before I go any further let me say that when I say "They" from here on in, or "TPTB" (The Powers That Be), if you can see a face in the news or highlights, it is not them, that is just the lap dogs. I could write a book on how much information has been given us on who "they" are over the years by leaders and powerful people. "They" are not alien, noble bloodlines, or actual different species, though they claim to be. "They" eat and breathe and bleed like we do, so they are nothing more than human.

   Now to turn heads both Christian and otherwise. There is a preacher that has done his job well on the "rapture", which the actual word does not exist in the Bible. He has made a total ass of himself and thus makes all Christians look bad, but he is correct. There are countless scriptures that say the opposite of a PreTrib caught up, but here is what the word rapture says. (Don't worry, I'm not going to quote them all).   1 Thessalonians 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. There are scriptures that are often misquoted and taken out of context on the 144 thousand. Read Revelations 7 up unto 10, especially 10. There we see a number that isn't countable standing, 9 "After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;"

   It is in this that it is possible for a False Second Coming that could be in the works. We have warning of this,2 Thessalonians 2:
That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."  (Yep that would probably be in Israel). Might want to check this link out. LINK

  I'm not saying this will happen but with today's technology it is possible to fake it. I'll cut it short and refer one to Wiki, but there are a lot more including videos on this stuff. , and yes we have the medium, look up at the streaks in the sky, not the contrails but the persistent contrails (chemtrails), which the UN admitted to this past year as one of two Geo Engineering programs they have been running. Imagine how many people would fall for this. 

  Then we have the New Age crowd who want to vibrate to a higher frequency. When this doesn't happen and they are stuck here 12-22-2012, they will want payback. Many have already been informed that if this Conscious Evolution doesn't happen it is the Christian, Islamic, and Judaism people who are holding mankind back. I'm guessing they're gonna want some payback or at least thin down all the "negative vibrations". Hint to the New Age crowd, look at who's teachings are taught, though many vary. They go back to the Occult and there is nothing actually new under the stars. 

  Atheists and Agnostics I have no idea if they will be affected other than it will appear that science actually hit one for a change. Like all beliefs though they vary. Some will be measuring Carbon Footprints while others will stay aware and keep an open mind, while hopefully opening their heart. 

  So I imagine the long and short of it is most will be reading this after 12-21-2012, but in a changed world. From Christian, Hopi, Islamic, and countless other beliefs things will eventually get bad, even reset one day. Hollywood will make a killing. Some writers will become rich. Doomsday naysayers will say they figured the wrong calendar date. Preppers will continue to prep. As for me, I bought some new kinds of seeds for my gardens, kinda mix it up a bit and grow different things. I'm sure that we will have movies on the next date man sets, then we can start the cool movies all over again. For those dissapointed, theres always asteroids and comets to fear. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Somthing is wrong

   Something is and has been wrong, way wrong, with the world today. I look at my email and see a man went crazy and stabbed children at a school in China. Right down from that link and we I see another link, this one in Connecticut. The death toll is higher here than the knife incident that slashed 22 kids and a school worker, but both are terrible. News here and there with scattered excerpts and left out major details. I am reminded of what I read, a quote, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."  Rahm Emanuel 

  We can blame the guns, the knives, the parents, but fixing the problem isn't quite that easy. I'm writing this first part and will attempt to leave out my faith, which most know as Christian. On my website though it will be expanded. So we pull all the guns, maybe even knives... Huston, we still have a problem.

  Most faith and beliefs expand on a Creator or creators, and usually we are created for a purpose. All beliefs I have encountered, (save two), along with no beliefs have morals, codes of ethics for being decent, peaceful people. These days though we seem to more and more have two or more standards in our pocket. Don't believe me, watch people on Black Friday, or for that matter driving in traffic. I'm trying to remain neutral but one part I can't. When I was a kid we were taught that we were all created by a higher being and had a purpose. Now they are taught evolution made a mistake and we have no higher calling, no purpose what-so-ever. Counting Evolution let me change that earlier statement to 3 beliefs, I forgot that one. Evolution is a belief system, a religion if you will. Most religions work using faith in the unseen, and no evidence is there to support it yet. 

  But what else is going on? TV perhaps? How many shows have sex, killings, rapes, thievery, hate, fear, occult... well, just about them all. We list them as Romantic, Comedy, Drama, and Action. We watch shows that show the ones who abide by the rules either "becoming cool" for breaking them, or getting slammed for not breaking them. Those who try and guide or live with some sense of morals and ethics are depicted as bad or stupid. The good guys are usually bad, or do bad on something in the films. They teeter between good and bad, perhaps the least of an evil. People with beliefs are made to look stupid, and people with morals and ethics are the same way. Even the cartoons are evil these days like Angry Bird, Family Guy, etc... It seems that it takes more and more to shock & awe, which is actually a physiological term and method. Bush made it famous when the war started overseas. We watch people in what appears to be soft porn on TV and porn in the movies. Suggestive notions in between sex scenes. Follow this line. Guy likes girl, girl doesn't like guy. Guy follows girl and does things along the way to try and change her mind. Girl resists. Guy persists. Girl gives in. In the real world that is creepy at best, illegal at the least. If that "Romantic" movie does anything it screams that women say no when they mean yes. Nothing to do with romance and everything to do with freaky. Almost all movies have the theme that we are all alone and the best there is of a bad mistake. That we're evolving, some say to be gods while others just say we die. These days most movies will make fun of a loving Creator, and Jesus is all but crucified again. This pops out from even non related scenes and themes.     

  The video games too have devolved into a demonic state. One I saw was Grand Theft Auto, where one car jacks a car after assaulting the driver. I was told you could buy beer, prostitutes, fight, rape, steal... isn't that a low deadbeat thug? Correct me if I'm wrong but the war videos are similar to the ones soldiers train for? And we have another possibility to this one too, control. No Conspiracy Theory on this, the CO Shooter suspect developed the James Holmes, Fusion Fliker Utility Program, and if you have no idea on Fliker, I suggest you Google it. It creates an illusion like LSD does on normal people... and we've probably seen on not so regular. Even though if no other encoding was implanted, video games role play and kill.

  Add to that this slogan of "what about me" , or Nike's "Just Do It" , McDonalds' "YOU deserve a break today". In school they start preparing their layout and plan in the 6th or 7th grade here. Zero Tolerance... which is zero plan. It has truly become the "Me" days. They get out in life and hit everything. I love the one where when you die you will become a god almost as much as the recycled for another round. I don't understand or agree with those concepts, but the have a code of ethics and moral conduct usually. And the dress and bling, what is up with that? Skulls? Leaning Crosses? Blackbirds? Compete, conform, or be left out... that is the message.  

  We have indeed made a thing of death and occult symbols out there. Not that I'm picking on Walmart but a walk through the kid's clothing section is like a walk through the damned. The adult section wasn't much better. It was almost impossible to find clothes without some skull, etc on it. Motorcycle gear and accessories are no different either.It isn't just there but most all the stores we went in to. Books for sale in the book section, check those out, children and adults alike, The adults have what would have been called porn 20 years ago, now they are romance. And if they are not that, they are occult themed. We call them horror and suspense these days. There are them the other ones and some are OK. Our heroes are now cold hearted killers who they have with one maybe two close people in their life. In reality they sometimes don't have that. The more evil or advanced the foe the more evil and cold the hero can be. 

  There is yet another thing... food and water. This man was Autistic, " Lanza, who friends and officials said suffered from Asperger’s syndrome or a personality disorder, had a tortured mind.

  I know from having a grandchild and researching that food and whatever he drinks, if he does, affects him servilely. There are loads of data that can be found to support that Vaccines caused it and drugs. Just a new released info today showed that Russia, China, or the most of the EU didn't want our meat... said it was poison. Actually mots of our food has been due to GM/GE, and now BT. I know school officials here that actually are still dumb enough to believe that Fluoride in the water is for fighting against cavities. They have no idea it is deadly ingested over time. I told one to read the toothpaste and swallowing it. A lot of ready mix Gluten_Free store bought has Aluminum in it. If you are using non stick it gives off a not noticed vapor and also whatever You cook in leaches in you food.
  They get on the web and games, gossip, and worse of all, weird religions I think conjured up to make the guru a lot of money, while confusing the masses. I won't call his name but a good friend himself saying he has been learning to be a Shawman for 20 years with a Shawman. He hasn't spoken to me since but I told him I know from reading and watching interviews that there wasn't a Shawman School, nor did they teach Shawmanism, it had to be learned and requires many years isolation in the wilderness. I know where he lives and has been the last 20 plus years. Thing is, would Joe Public know he is lying? Probably not. And how much advice does he give... Living with his mother, I seriously doubt it is advice that is creditable. I had a chat with a lady and she was very unpleasant. In a return call she apologize and said she needed to meditate. I told her no, she needed to pray.  

  The music these days, and the videos that go along with them. Have you listened to that crap? Sex, sex, drugs, drugs, and rock and roll... and that is the good ones. Try reading the words on some of the music back even to the 60s, the 70s got even worse, and so on. Many of those songs deal in hell and Satan, glorying them. It has become like attached symbol for rock & roll, the hand sign. Extended 1st and last fingers, the rest of the hand in a ball. This is the sign for one of three demons (devils) that lives in Hell. A while back at Sams we heard thumping as we went to put groceries in the car. A young black man sitting in his car waiting had it cranked. The word Nigger seemed to ring out constantly. So as I passed to put the buggy us I asked him if he was a nigger. The hat went straight and he began to rise, "no sir I am not", you could tell he was pissed. "Well, the dude on the radio says you are, and you seem to like it", I said, "Do you wanna be known as a nigger?" "No sir", he looked calmer and puzzled. "Then why are you listening and singing with a singer and song that says you are?" The young man turned it off.  In just one Lyric the song calls ladies a bitch and whore... and him a Nigger. I informed him I think you are, or at least look like, you are a better person than that.

  Our conduct has become deplorable at best, evil at worse. Driving down a busy section of traffic, just watch the others. In the store, look around. Finally... at church. What kind of sermon is going on? Is he reading the Bible without adding him our two cents worth.  If you go out and eat, watch people, watch your waitress or waiter. You stop at a stop reluctantly to get a real drink, maybe a little pot...maybe not get anything accomplish. WE are evil 
   Now comes the hard part, love. We all love our children just as our parents love us, together or separate, we are loved. We want to see it our children better off than we are, maybe a little too much I think. I think though that the events in our life are what define us. The struggles, ups and downs... without them we deign them hope. We've all but relinquished that rite though to the government. The one thing leading to Autism is Vaccinations. Overseas the win cases but here cases are only won when they omit the word Autism. We let them do it too. Most of us have seen hard times and we want for our kids to have it better, but in doing so we harm or create monsters.
  So you can take away the guns... nothing will change except there will know nobody can who stop them. We will probably never hear the whole story on this one, big Phrama, FDA, Wheat, Beef, you have it, will never let the story truth out. If tossing money on education would help we'd be a country of geniuses. I think we can walk through a mall and see that just isn't the case we have these days. For me, I think throw Jesus in the mix, He will straighten times out and people too, except with love. Prayers to the young man's victims, and his family that are left behind and those in China who were victims of the slashing.         

Thursday, December 6, 2012


  This is for a family member, who's name I will not call out. You mentioned a diet and some issues for the diet. Denise is the nurse but most medical people are seldom trained in nutrition and Nutritionists and medical professions are taught at schools where special interest groups support, food, chemical, and drug. Then again, I ain't too keen on the FDA, USDA, or the Organic parts of government either... watch the revolving door between officials and massive corporations. But, to address some of the concerns, I'm putting the basic info up. You can call me to go into detail if you need to do that. I'm not "professionally trained" and God knows my health record sucks, but that is why I looked into this stuff for years. Bear in mind that each one of the corporations have doctors that whore out to them and loads of people who put out false information on TV, web, and radio which leads to people being duped that are in healthcare. This is just a quick surface skim and without the Conspiracy side.

  Diets:  All diets work... for a while. A diet that differs from what you are eating throws the system into a shock for a few months which leads to weight loss usually. As soon as your body adjusts to the diet your weight comes back. As soon as you go off track your weight comes back. That is why you see so many people on different diets lose weight, only to get it back. Also why you see the same actors and actresses being paid. People make big money off that. The way to keep it off is by correcting what is natural in what you eat.   

Sodium: Salt is the first thing comes to mind, and rightly so. Not all salt is salt though. Salt should never be white, if it is white it has been bleached. Salt should be gray or pink... I think there is another color too, but not white. Your body needs salt and at one time salt was like oil, wars were fought over salt. Romans paid people sometimes in salt for labor, this the saying worth his weight in salt came. Real salt is not your enemy. Processed salt has a bad reaction in your body while real salt is used and beneficial not only to your body, but preserving food itself. Moderation though should always be used. We use to do Celtic Sea Salt but with the meltdown in Japan and the oil spill and Corexit in the Gulf, we went with what is called Real Salt. It's a Pink Salt mined right here in the USA.

 Gluten:  Something I had no idea about until Denise mentioned it this year. Wheat Belly is a great book, though I differ in some things he says like the Paleo Diet stuff. I don't know about Barley & Rye but Wheat has been Genetically Modified, or what I call that anyway. I've yet to see acid open up the cells of something naturally and be changed. It is Not the Wheat of the Biblical days. I don't think I'm Celiac but I think my body does much better without Gluten. They have that crap in everything. That could be the reason we see pets with all kinds of human health problems that even humans didn't have often when I was a kid. It seems they have went by the rule these days that if a little is good, a lot must be really good, and we know that isn't right.

  Food:  There is a few tips to go by.

  1 - Food entering into the USA is radiated, as is a lot of California food. Radiation kills the bad germs, but unfortunately the good with it. Think Nuclear bomb scenario. Just like the radiation destroyed the cancer cells, it also damaged everything else, and killed the good cells too. If it isn't from the USA and a Family Farm or small farmer, it is usually radiated. That equates to if it ain't frozen or preserved by you or somebody you know, don't buy or eat it. 

2 -  Organic means squat, in my opinion. You can grow GM/GE food organically. Organic simply means the food was raised with GRAS things. GRAS means Generally Recognized As Safe, and we all know usually whatever the government says is opposite.

 3 - GE/GM Foods. They use names that sound good or old fashion for something they just created. They also use a prototype look or picture if reading a magazine, Tomatoes are an excellent example. A lot of money is spent on showing you food or a certain look. Most Heirloom Tomatoes are not perfect round, red, etc. Years ago yellow corn was considered animal food, white corn people food, now it is reversed. When you change the genetic structure on something you change the nature of it, which changes how it is taken and what is done with it. Don't be fooled by "popular". Eventually it changes whatever eats the material on a genetic level. I just used two examples. Soy is probably the worst as about 99% of it is GM. Stay away from all Soy. Animals, when given a choice, will not eat GM/GE foods. GE/GM foods also need fertilizer and pesticides due to the change and even BT. Run from anything that is BT or Round-Up Ready. I cannot express strong enough, make sure it is real food. 

4 -  Local Family Owned, not like the CO-OP owned. Corporate farms have caught onto this and present themselves as family owned. Then, just what family and how do they operate. In an Almanac we bought this year, 1% of people farm and are operated, the other 99% are factory farms. Know your grower. Also, store bought food can and usually is picked before it ripens and some use a gas to ripen it, most use a chemical to preserve it.

 5 -  The B17 thing. B-17 is contained in seeds, and Apricots seem to get the best publicity, mostly due to the Hunza tribe. No cancer or heart disease, they just forget to mention the water isn't treated (pure) and they eat meat from the game they kill, a delicacy being the contents of the stomach partially digested. Strawberries and wild Blackberries have high B-17 content, but are the highest of pesticides. Never eat more seeds than the fruit you could eat if your eating it.

 6 - Fat. There are good fats and bad fats, animal fat is good... in moderation. Your body knows exactly what to do with good fat.

 7 -  Cholesterol: Anything that says Hydrogenated, partially or whole, don't eat it. It is a chemical process that was first developed as a chemical warfare tool to kill by the Nazis. That one always blows my mind. We cook in crap that was designed to poison.  If you stay away from Hydrogenated foods you will automatically lower your bad Cholesterol and create more good, which your body needs. For men it is needed for sexual things to work. For men and women for the brain to work and artery damage to be repaired. The medicine for that hardens the arteries, and a lot of other bad side effects comes along with it.

8 -  Protein, as in animal protein is good. All animals have about the same fat content when dressed. All meat is acidic, so a healthy limit of no more than 4 ozs was the last data I saw.  Some vegetables has protein in it as well, like beans, just not a complete protein. Meat bought at the store must be treated with a chemical and a bacteria. Meat should be gray in appearance.

 9 -  Liquid,  technically, water is best and without anything added. Once anything is added your body treats it differently. You should drink prior to eating, about 30 minutes, and no sooner than 30 minutes afterward. Nope, I don't do either, but I should. Fluoride is a poison when ingested. Read your tooth paste label. Topically applied Fluoride fights tooth decay, ingested, it has an opposite effect... on everything.

10 - Whole Grains, which we were not meant to eat. Ruminants have multiple stomachs that ferment the food, throw it up, re-chew it, the eat it again. We do that it is called Acid Reflux and can and does cause cancer. Birds were meant to eat whole grains. They don't have a stomach but rather a gizzard. We weren't meant to graze either.

11 - Cooking Food - Use either Cast Iron (Lodge, made in the USA), Stainless Steel, or Porcelain... I'm trying out the Baker's Stone though. No matter what you use, it leaches back into the food. Stay away from "Non Stick" and Aluminum. Cast Iron wise, Lodge is the only one left in the USA.

12 - Read Ingredients. Avoid MSG, which is hard to do since it is hidden by as many as 40 different labels. It has no taste of it's own but enhances the flavor of whatever they put it on. It is an Excitotoxin. Avoid Aluminum, one of the only things capable of crossing the Blood Brain Barrier. HFCS ( High Fructose Corn Syrup), which differs from sugar. Not that sugar is good, but it is better health wise than HFCS, which is digested and stored differently. Modified anything ain't good, unless you are working on a car. Avoid dyes like Yellow #5. Also, if you can't pronounce it you probably should have it in your mouth.

 13 - The food that needs to be cooked, cook it well, like meat. Some vegetables produce excellent health benefits from cooking, like the Tomato, while other lose nutrients. Eat like things at the same time, sort of. That plate we were taught with a variety from each food group is a lie. Your body secretes different enzymes for different things, meats one, fruits one, vegetables one, etc. If you body has a mixture coming it, it doesn't know what to do with it, so it scrambles to digest it, but most of it passes on through.

  14-  Butter : Eat real butter, if you could find it, from unpasteurized milk. Never eat Margarine, which is one chemical away from plastic.

 15 - Eggs, we eat and I bake with a lot of them. I still have a hard time swallowing the "Free Range Egg" think, in reality chickens running loose become an Easter Egg hunt and dinner for predators. Still, they are better than Concentration Chicken Eggs. Farm bought beats store bought.

  16- Sweeteners: Stevia is the best in terms as a sugar, so far as data holds, up there with Honey. Stevia though just don't have an appeal to me, it is an acquired taste I guess. Sugar is your only viable option left. Aspartame is great for ants, kills them in a few days, it is a Neurotoxin, and capable of crossing the Blood Brain Barrier. Sweet Misery is a great flick to learn about this and how a woman cured her disease. Spenda works on the Hypothalamus Gland, shutting it down to not let you know when you've had enough. Notice the fat people buying diet foods?

  17 - Moderation, eat in smaller portion sizes. It will cramp a bit as it shrinks, but slowly you will feel better. Drink some juices prepared at home, like Carrot juice. I hate Carrots but the juice is the bomb.

 18  - Cribbing. In the 40s a study was completed that showed most minerals depleted. When horses are lacking a vitamin they chew on wood, it is called cribbing. Most of us don't crib on wood but snacks, and thus rather than correcting the problem the capitalized on it with the creation of snack food. When your body has enough minerals you don't get hungry as often. When your body lacks something you instinctively was to fix it, so you snack... which can become a hobby. Cribbing sometimes gets helped along with Gluten, which addicts to eat even more. It is easy to literally starve to death with a full tummy. Worst thing is though, disease sets in. When your body has what it needs you will no longer need to snack.

  19 - Limit bread, even if you bake it at home, which is better for you, just not great. 1 slice of Wonder Bread is equal to two tablespoons of sugar in the GI Index. We've switched to Gluten-Free breads, but they are almost as high.

  Super Foods, Like Buckwheat, Millet, Oatmeal, etc... 

  It's late and I've a cold, but I'm probably forgetting something. This is a surface scan, just ask for details.         


Saturday, December 1, 2012


  I think we're all afraid of something, some of many things, and fear has it's uses. When I get on the tractor to bush hog the side of the hill, fear of turning over keeps me from going side to side, so I go up and down with the bush hog lowered on one end and the bucket lowered on the other. So fear has it's place in life, no doubt about that. Fear can be a healthy thing when used in little doses, unhealthy in larger ones. When we fear we hit that fight or flight type mindset. Thats not a bad thing if your about to get eat, mauled, or trampled. But how many times in life does that happen? Ok, a few times maybe these days and times. I remember once when Gatlinburg hosted the Rod Runs being afraid and it came in handy. They started spraying the crowd down with water from a firetruck, I said I wasn't moving. We watched as hundreds of people come running our way to get away from it. Finally fear set in, we were about to get run over with a sea of people, and we ran. Talk about an Orwellian night, that was. It was the seventies and I was young, flipped a helicopter off that kept shinning it's light on us, ran then too. Smarted off to a smart aleck cop who was holding a big dog on the leash... not the smartest thing to do there either. Lucky for me he wasn't a violent cop, him I could outrun but the dog, not so much. Gatlinburg soon quit hosting the rod run but before it did I quit going until it was moved to Pigeon Forge. I don't go anymore there either these days, only from lack of tolerance.

  But these days fear seems to be everywhere and placed and promoted by just about everything you see and read. There is one site that I get updates on, read most of them that contain mostly natural events. The man-made events, it usually gives a neutral report of, and I like that. When TV and Cable news starts doing that perhaps I'll go back to listening to them. When things get quiet though, they set about fear from what ifs and scientist say bull. I don't read them either anymore no matter who produces the fantasy article. There are always a few clear words or phrases that let you know you are about to get BS'd. "We think", "Scientist Say", "What If", "probably", "could happen", "will happen in the near future", "overdue", "about every", "most likely"... there are probably a few I haven't thought of while writing this. There are people who actually move to avoid these future predictions, I saw that when I sold real estate.

  People from the city move to the country, with the assumption of they will be safe from disasters, starvation, system collapse, you name it. People from the flat land move to the mountains, people from the beaches move to the dry or to a totally different country or underground. Move from where you are, where your roots are, where you know how things work? Even whole churches move sometimes for ignorant reasons, like the one about the Bible mentioning heading into the mountains. That might have worked back then... not so much now. Those of us who live next to the mountains, in the foothills so to say, laugh our butt off on that one. The air is thinner, growing season drastically shortened, land too sloped to grow much, jets fly over, satellites can see, pollution is worse, animals to eat will be eaten up, gets bitter cold and worse weather, and there just ain't that many berries (seasonal) to be had there in good times. The best one was when it was told we were going to crash with a rogue planet and they started advertising to come to a place in Arkansas, some kind of caverns, with provisions and money. Supposedly one of the safest places from earthquakes. Later on, people found out is on a major fault line. Think of the idiots that went.

  Now I can say Satan or Those That Rule, same difference, want people to be kept in a constant state of fear and confusion. In that state lions catch their prey and separate the young, old, and foolish... one by one. There are two ways of people catching an animal out of a herd or flock. One is to create fear and confusion and the other is what to use to be called, a Judas Goat. Judas Goat is a term that has went way back, usually a pet goat for a goat farmer, sheep for a Sheppard, and a cow for cattle... you get the picture. It's an animal that gets petted, special care, treats... more so than the others that it becomes a pet. Usually it is followed by the other animals to their capture or death. When calmly walking into the trap the rest follow, except this one (Judas) always gets rewarded and set back free, for the next round. I use this with the cows, goats... anything. But we're talking about fear.

  When we are afraid the fight or flight part of the brain is in charge. It closes or at least diminishes the part of the brain that reasons. Confusion sets in and logic leaves. This method was used in animal catches... and people. I use this one to load the calves in the trailer. There is a lot of this method used in combination of the Judas Goat these days. Some have gotten rich from this, while some play a part in it unknowingly. Personally I think intentionally. Though I'm not a big fan of David Icke, his logic in how this game works is spot on. Problem (real or imagined, intentional or not). Reaction. ( People generally have the same reaction and no more that 3 possibles). Solution. (If contrived, a solution is already waiting). There are sites and groups that I read and visit that this happens all too much. One in particular, monitors everything I respond back with when fear is their tactic. Eventually they will post what I have said, but they wait. They are testing the waters to see just how it goes and what effect something has or will have by the responses.

   Are we in the End Days? I think so, but I may not live to see it, but I will enjoy and think until the end. So the next time you read some major calamity that will cause an ELE (Extinction Level Protocol), stop, step back, discern, and think. If you can avert it by actions then do so and if not, there is nothing you can do. We weren't created for here anyway, and chances are, it is a load of bull to flush you out.            

Monday, November 26, 2012


   There is a word and one of the unforgivable sins, calling someone useless. Yep, thats in the Bible. There is a whole other world in there and some great advice, though we seldom hear it. Seems most these days focus on the damning side of it. I came across this useless thing and thought of a few people I'd said that to and even came to mind. As I mused on it a bit, researched it a bit, I figured out why.

  God don't make mistakes, everything and everybody has a purpose. There is not one single thing or person created that does not have a purpose. That don't mean we like the all, but we do have to accept the fact that everything and everybody has a purpose, God don't make junk. Their purpose may not be pleasant to us, we may not like their purpose... but they have a purpose.

  So that drunk walking down the street. That hateful person in line or traffic. The druggie.That loud person in the restaurant or that rude cashier. The hateful company owned, slave driver boss. Feel free to add, maybe even this blog or me. So what if their purpose is to test you, to test your nerves, patience, kindness. What if they are in your life, even if for a minute, to make you aware just how blessed you are. To reevaluate yourself and your very essence of being. What if that were their use?    

Picking Battles

   Most of us go through life and jump from one thing to the other. Some go from one party to another while some from one fight to another. Neither is healthy. To muse is to think and by adding an "a" in front of the word muse, "amuse" it means not to think, and that ain't good to stay in that mode. Like musing, being amused can be good or bad... the too much of a good thing ain't good no more scenario. On the other hand, musing battles is a totally different thing, it is good but when done in moderation.

  For most of us life has battles we don't get to choose, and then some we do. Choose them well. Choose them educated. I get emails and sometimes phone calls from people all the time with battles. On Facebook now the going thing is signing up for a cause, and some are good. Some I will sign up on, but most I don't. If you sign up on anything, know the playing field. Nothing looks worse for a group than people who sign up for something with no background knowledge of it, and nothing can do more harm than that. Care2 site is loaded with battles, but you mostly see the ones that have the power or money to back them up. That does not mean they are correct or right by any standards and sometimes they are worded so that one signs a battle on the wrong side. I've seen that happen when Monsanto has Think Tanks mislead the public, and they are one of several.

  Add to that the personal battles each day, and the plate to full, the cup over flows. Sad it is like that but it is what it is. The world can only change as long as people change, and it starts in the mirror. Sometimes the worst villain and the biggest challenge faces us in the mirror each day. You can no more change me than I you, but we can change ourselves. Life will have, for most of us, plenty enough battles on a personal level. Battles for liberty, freedom... those are worth fighting for, yet they will escape us if we do not start in the mirror. How many people battle for these, then go out and participate in Black Friday, or Cyber Monday? Corporations are only affected by sales and market, so we cannot oppose them while putting money in their pockets. We want free enterprise yet support multinational corporations that stop free markets into the ground by buying the label. There are horse equipment lines, clothing lines, vehicles, you name it... that we pay higher for the name, when they are all made from the same manufacturer. The specs are the same, the only difference is the label, and we fall for it.

   But now I go off topic again, so back to the topic. In your short life span there will be battles you cannot pick. Hard battles that will bring you to your knees. There are battles you will fight for both you and your children and future generations' hopes. We fight battles every second to chose from good or evil. We see those around who fight the same battle. Learn what you fight for because I guarantee the force you will fight against has. The most thing though is to live life and enjoy those peaceful times between battles. Fight with the heart of a lion yet be as calm as a lamb.    

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When the World Drains, Recharge

  The world gets crazier and crazier each day and if one watches, a more dangerous place to live. Always something going on somewhere that ain't good. Be it the fictional TV show, movie, or the news, it comes sometimes be overwhelming. For most of my life I digested off TV, movies, and music. In the 70s and 80s as unemployment hit double digits, employers got harder and harder to work for... just like now. Money got tighter and tighter and food got scarce. For some the world is there toy and they seem to be indestructible, yet for most it is slowly becoming a nightmare. A real Hell on Earth.

  While it is important to stay aware, equally important is to stay separate and calm the soul. For me, that is one of the most quoted, taken out of context things in the Bible. Stay separate. We have to have a few things and they usually, like most things aren't what TV can give or teach us we need. For me it is the garden and it use to be making things. I can't make things like I once did now, physically it is just hard, and sometimes we don't have the money to do that. Inner peace though costs nothing but a little time, something we always have that is free. We have the same amount of time each day, so it isn't accurate to say we don't have time. It is how we allocate those 24 hours. It then becomes how we distribute the time we have and how we choose to spend it. Taking time.

  For me its the garden usually, though that is seasonal. Sometimes I can't physically stand and work and getting back up after being down isn't easy either. I go and pull weeds, sometimes slowly, sometimes quicker, depending on the day. Most of the time I'm the only one out in it, physically speaking, but sometimes I have the company of my wife or one daughter. I talk with my God, the plants, bees, insects... sometimes verbally and sometimes, when verbal just isn't possible, through my heart. Call it prayer or meditation, me time- words are just a matter of preferred terminology. I use to love to walk through the fields, still do sometimes, though it ain't pretty or easy with neuropathy. For me, this is where I get my solitude and recharging. I've researched some bad things since my heart attack and this is how I don't let this world bring me down. No radio, no TV, IPOD, IPAD, Cell Phone... just me and the peace and natural sounds. No drugs (including alcohol), except the ones you actually need for health reasons. 

  Sometimes I think we all could use a garden, but we're all different, and what I find solstice in another might not. Some might find that sewing or crafts, painting or working on cars or walks, biking, driving, boxing, running. Turn off the radio, TV, phone and all else that are usually there. Stop and Breathe. It sometimes might take longer at first but as one gets regular doses of this solstice, this separation from the world, it may eventually take less length sometimes. There is a zone that you will find, one you never hear about these days, and maybe that is what is missing. For me the garden or motorcycle but someone else might prefer something else, and thats ok too. This life isn't suppose to be how much you can conform but how much inner peace and love you can create. It isn't about change or physical material, its about stability and a collection of memories, ones that will see you through when times get tough.

   Keep away from worldly distractions on these mini vacations. There was once a song that was called "Speak To The Sky", try that. Either verbally or with your heart silently, but only if your comfortable with doing it. No confessions or wants or desires, just like we're speaking now. Pour it out, there is nothing that can be said that isn't known already. If you need to practice that on the plants, animal, bees... and when your comfortable go a little higher. I speak to them all and thank them for what they've done and are doing. I've flipped some people out when they see the peace and connections I have with the bees, wasps, spiders. I have some that pollinate the same place where I pick and we work together. It would probably really flip them out to see my connection with the Maker. Thing is, out there you have to prove nothing, impress nobody, and can practice seeing all the good things in this world. It doesn't make me a good man, but a better man. Some Indian (American) use to say we are all born human, but we work to achieve becoming a Human Being. That means taking a stand against wrong and staying aware, while all the time taking time to recharge and appreciating all you have been given. Take that is baby steps if you need to, but take the steps, the more you take the easier they are to take and the more you will want to take. Oh yea, and don't allocate a certain time to this. It isn't about production and it isn't a task. It just is.         

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Election

Not much longer until the election is here and gone......THANK GOD. I have friends that I have no idea what they will do for the next 3 years (they spend the last year doing it again). I even went on a Conspiracy Site, not the old one I was on for years, but another one I've been there about 3 or 4 years. Funny, they seem to have regressed. They bow to AJ (Alex Jones), which I'll keep my opinion to myself on that. But I find it funny that even Denise said the storm Sandy would be used to effect the votes. She don't read this but if she ever does, this is the way it is.

  We elect the Congress and Senate, not the president. Popular vote means nothing and decides nothing on the president. Presidents are elected by the Electoral vote. That is the Congress, Senate, and 2 from DC. It was changed and ratified in 1804 by Thomas Jefferson after they had to recount the election several times. Then something worse happened.

  The Act Of 1871 was ratified which effectively changed Federal Government to a legal Corporation. This practically ripped The Constitution into pieces. Where we had been sovereign before we now allowed other countries to invest in us... buy stocks and bonds. Corporations have duties to their shareholders, not citizens.

  Even Conspiracy Theorist should know this and ever History Teacher should as well, plus teach it. One act took away the people's power, the other their freedom and independence, thus destroying the Republic and changing us into a Democracy. So basically Grant was the one who sold America.

  While we're at it. Christians don't stick to a certain party... they stick to God, and I don't see either one representing Him there.    


Monday, October 29, 2012

Which Diet, Carbs, Paleo or Veggie or Gluten Free?

Which Diet, Carbs, Paleo or Veggie or Gluten Free?
I think I'm ready now to write something on this since I hyper-focused on it long enough. This will not be proof-read. Something just didn't sound right on the Gluten-Free Diet fixing all our problems including weight. For Celiacs though they don't have a lot of choices. So I'm ready to write something on this based on studies now and in the past over the years. First we have to know how diets work.

The body is a machine and like any machine repetition makes things run smooth. When we change what we eat, say as in a special diet, the machine gets out of balance and weight loss results. Certain foods require certain enzymes to break it down and our body becomes use to producing just certain ones. Add to that before a diet we eat almost whatever, which the body sees all these enzymes it needs at once, and they could all be different. I love a Cheeseburger, even though one like we see advertised when eaten becomes a massive train wreck for our bodies. The meat requires different than the lettuce, than the bread, than the condiments, than the other stuff we toss on. When we go on diets we limit our usual food though and it's like our body's production has sat on the couch watching TV for a few years then tries to run a Triathlon... ain't gonna happen.

Suddenly our body has to produce something different, and we lose weight as a lot slips through without digestion. Once our body learns what to produce on the diet, the weight levels off and even slowly returns. How much returns is depending on how well the diet is formed and how much nutrition the body is filled with, and that depends on what food ones eats and how it is grown or fed. The normal diet of the body is skipped and it is like a shock, then as the shock is over the weight starts to come back. That is why the Atkins Diet worked as long as you abstained from carbs. Why the Eden Diet worked for a while, the Paleo Diet will work for a while. Pick or insert your favorite diet here.

The problem become when our body craves minerals and nutrients. Our soils we know things grow good with just 3 minerals, NPK, what most fertilizers have rated. We are what we eat. Remember old people saying that? The NPK is needed but those are just a drop in the bucket from all that is needed. When horses need a vitamin or mineral they chew on things, especially wood, and it's called cribbing. Cows will eat dirt and human will snack. Rather than fixing the problem of the deficiency, we came up with plan B, snacks. Snack foods are profitable. Eventually though this not only contributes to weight gain but also diseases. Then we have Irradiating our food. Cardboard would have better nutritional value than irradiated food. I had radiation for cancer and the first thing you are told is that radiation is like dropping a nuclear bomb. You kill all, both good and bad.

Then we have the point of excess. My great grandmother always said, "Too much of a good thing ain't good anymore." And she was right. Too much carbohydrates get stored as fat. Too much meat makes the body acidic. Maybe like a mixture of fruits, meats, and vegetables, depending on blood type and location. Definitely a food that has not been genetically created, altered, or tampered with. That does not mean everything raw but rather each prepared to it's own needs and to the needs of the body, and at a portion that person requires. Genetics seem to be the common link on all of this.

The Paleo Diet flips me out. Eat like a Caveman? Too funny and perhaps too revealing. Maybe their ancestors were Cavemen, who knows, mine as well. I just don't see it though. If our ancestors were though maybe mine was smarter than theirs. Plenty of animals know how to dig, fish, and even prepare food. I'm betting if there were Cavemen, they did too. Meats need to be cooked... completely and blood drained... completely. Unless your a Werewolf or a beast, your meat should be drained and cooked for safety. I love meat, but I don't want to chase it down or wipe it's butt to eat it. All meat has fat, a healthy fat, and all meat is acidic. Cancer, arthritis, and pretty much all diseases require high acidity. All fruit has fructose and while not a bad thing, we've covered that already.

Vegetables and breads must be real, not crossed and certainly not laced, fruits the same way. Your carbs should be not a predetermined level but according to your activity, type of food, and metabolism. A Vegetarian diet I just don't understand. I think that is a scam just like the Paleo Diet. Vegan by choice is one thing but it isn't healthy either, you miss the proper nutrition on that too, plus eat stuff that is not natural. By that I mean GM/GE/GMO/Pesticides/Herbicides, and most of that can be called Organic! We were made to be Omnivores with all combined. Vegans are not saving the world with eating only vegetables, they may actually be making it worse and certainly are making themselves worse if they are eating genetically modified, created, or altered vegetables. I still remember the first I had ever heard, a cross between a Firefly and Corn way back in the 70s. We thought it was so cool back then.

The Diets that blow me away are the supposed Christian and/or Bible diets. Who thinks this crap up? Better still, who falls for it? Some religions have food restrictions, some don't. Christian diets don't. Your are suppose to eat what you are served. I tend to wonder if they read the whole book and not just parts. Shame on the ones who play this on people and a bigger shame on the people who don't have enough sense to read and research it for themselves.

So after reading, watching some documentaries, and a lot of research, not that it shows because I don't get technical, I think my diet will be as follows. We've all noticed different benefits from Gluten Free and at times just reduced Gluten diets. Dr William Davis in his book "Wheat Belly" shows that Gluten is bad (when in large amounts), today's three grains are modified to have increased amounts. By some accounts 400% more! There is an attempt to bring back original wheats though. I think though all this goes more along with Jeffery M Smith who wrote "Seeds Of Deception", plus a little more information. When you add those two together you have a complete picture for weight problems and diseases we see on the rise.

Gluten is at an excessive rate. Remember the Too much of a good thing saying. Leaky Gut is where they both come together though. If your not familiar with that term look it up. Jeffery M Smith tells about how Pesticides and Herbicides work on an insect. There are videos up here on that. It causes holes to form in the gut. BT Corn I think is the real culprit, but the wheat thing ain't helping none. Add to that the other Franken Foods out there (hybrids) and we have a recipe for disaster. Certain things are natural and your body knows and has natural tools to work with them, and some things aren't. Those that are not your body has a reaction to and a response that isn't desirable. Even something as simple as water no longer is treated as water when anything is added, imagine a solid.

Now here is the problem with the Gluten-Free Diet. Corn and it's products. In an email I asked ARGO/Kingsford if they use GM/GE/GMO free corn and my response I got was simple:
"ACH Food Companies, Inc. recognizes current concerns that some customers may have regarding the use of products containing and/or derived from genetically engineered components.

The corn oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, corn syrup and corn starch ingredients that we use to produce our products are derived from genetically engineered seed. The product may contain trace amounts of protein and DNA resulting from genetic modification.

Certain crops such as corn, canola, soybeans, peanuts, cotton and sunflower, which are harvested in commercial quantities, are difficult to obtain from non-GMO sources."

Note the "trace amounts of Protein and DNA". Monsanto and the likes would have one believe it's safe. They spend a lot of money to deceive people, obscene amounts, but the stakes are high. Imagine owning the rights to every seed, every plant, everywhere. They have and have had for many a year and administration a revolving door to the FDA and USDA, plus Lobbyists and Think Tanks. They test their own products and scientists that don't play along are destroyed and tests tweaked to reflect what was desired. Most people haven't a clue about what they're eating, especially with the label "Organic", and lately "Natural". MSG is a natural occurring thing, one that kills. These labels can go on GM/GE/GMO products, though there is nothing natural about them. There are a lot of good books and films to watch like the ones mentioned plus ones like Food Inc, Sweet Misery, King Corn, Dr Mercola, and others.

So I will stay as much as I can on a G-F Diet plus a no Franken Food diet, which includes any meat that isn't from a Grass Fed Diet. No seafood due to the Gulf Oil Spill and BP's patch they pored on it, Corexit, and Japanese disaster.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why I don't talk straight on Conspiracy Theories.

  I know a lot of people when they found out I had studied Conspiracy Theories for years after my heart attack were a little let down, and I apologize for that. There are so many wonderful things to bring into the light that is peaceful, but sometimes like today it is unavoidable, when we are both at a drug store getting meds. I didn't start it but rather he initiated the debate. Tim's a good guy, his dad was all well, his mom too. How do you tell someone they were and are being taken as a fool? It's not like I haven't been where he is but there is a difference in us. I do my best to adapt and overcome. He even fell back to religion, which didn't work. That didn't work either, I read a lot. We stayed on Biblical history for longer than I think he cared to do. He then decided to try the scientific approach. The CT'r study first, another dead end. So he chose history and today with a little bible planted in it. Without going into detail here, every thing he sited was wrong. I have him a couple of movies to watch on the web. I had proof, he had nothing. He had no real history learned, nor Bible literature learned. What is learn on TV and most Magazines is called propaganda, well in all fairness TV is programming. This man was raised in wealth and wants to stay wealthy, but it isn't going to happen. He will be a snack with his business before long no matter who is president. If you can see a face that is their dog, not the person(s) pulling the strings.

  But where do you start with people? I long ago become silent and when cancer took me down I was sure things would change if I lived ti see it. Well I have and it has. People have grown more placid, more willingly ignorant... as a whole. Though Tim and I debated it occurred to me he was locked inside his own be;lief in lies. Thats something that is hard to do, face the truth. I know first hand how hard it is. I was taught that you take God and Jesus on faith, all others on evidence. I don't watch TV News, they lie and give sound bytes mean to mislead you. If Faux really wanted to tell the whole news and let the viewer decide, show it, the tell both sides, then shut up. The same goes for the rest. Preachers need to get out of politics, or at least read the whole of the Bible.  I'd personally like to take the leaders and they're loyal followers to a cliff and tell them to jump if they have faith in either of them.

  Many of the people I spoke to in 2005, and foretold these events Now say I guessed them too early, and I did, they've propped it up quite well. But the foundations are crumbling under they're own heavy load. The news says we're alright and people rejoice, only to find out later it was a fraud. I think sometimes just how stupid can people get. So I remain silent mostly. I figure it has gone too far and one man crying  in the sea won't help because people have to listen. They even have most  church leaders talking for them. Many of the people are good or have good intentions, but lack knowledge in what they speak about. Nobody questions. Nobody makes an effort to come to touch with reality. Who am I to speak that people would listen, yet some do. I sat and watched as he attempted to recite Bible verses to adapt them to his ignorance. Then I'd quote full verses and they undone the twisting of scripture... time and time again. Maybe God will grade on the curb like schools do these days, slowly dumbing our next generation down day by day.

  But I did put up a site on my servers that does tell the dark side, names and all in most cases, more in line for those which hunger for the truth. Just like this guy who was born into money, fame, and power now loses all three... and he still doesn't see the big picture. Most likely he will go home and talk about what a nut I had become. It is dangerous knowing things and most times I figure why stick my neck out when the message will not change anything. Small fish feel like big fish when they're in a small pond, so why ruin the deception. The people I sold houses to knew this, some listened, some didn't. Before I left UPS I talked this stuff over with coworkers, to no avail. The hardest group thus far have been my own belief, Christians. That is really, really, sad. Personally I voted for everybody I didn't know or weren't already there.

  My biggest wake up call was when I came back after the heart attack, and I've opened my eyes ever since. I won't lie and say it isn't scary, it is, but you wanna know what's scarier? Seeing my children and grand children grow up in this world as it gets worse. I bought into the what about me crap until that night. The hardest thing is to admit you've believed a lie, and the more lies and the bigger the lies the harder it is to admit it to one's self. One of the first things I read asked just one question, "What if everything you've been taught was a lie". Well everything wasn't but most of it was, probably by people who also believed it. They know something ain't right but they just can't figure it out. Then there are those that have no clue. There is a point when truth is stranger than fiction, even with proof.  

  So now you know why I probably won't even get back on TV or invites to do interviews. I'm sure they will strip me eventually of even knowing me, and that is ok. I'm not for sale. But stick around folks, it's just getting started. There was and is one show that is honest we done. But on here, I keep it chilled. The good stuff I reserve for my board.             

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Entitlement Programs?

Entitlement Programs?

I don't know who says what to whom and where, but I heard an 83 year old lady speak today as to what she has heard. She said she is 83 years old and draws 195.00 dollars per month Social Security, and I'm guessing Food Stamps. She had heard that Romney and his side kick wanted to do away with "Entitlement Programs". That left me to wonder just as she does, how are they called "Entitlement"? Investment maybe, mandatory none the same that the deductions have come out of people's paychecks for years. So how the hell do we call them "entitlement programs?" Are the ones entitled to this money government squandering and multinational corporations? I don't keep abreast of some things like I should, but I've heard a lot of this term floating around. If it is Obama's tactics or Romney's plan, I have no idea, don't care which. Hell holds a special place for those who create fear from the old and weak, and it stokes brighter and hotter for those who would cause them to suffer and hunger.

So if they, and I mean The Powers That Be, can get programs that are sometimes abused but most times aren't taken away, it will be the doom of most, including the top. Not the masterminds though who are evil to the core, but the middle and upper class, you bet. I hadn't given much thought but this lady talked and what she said made sense. She is 83 years old, so she has seen a lot in her lifetime, and that scares them more than the Hell that await them and those who follow. So what does this mean in actual break down sense. Her logic was perfect.

We cut of the Food Stamps, Social Security, Welfare (not sure if that is the same thing), Medicare, I'm sure there are other programs that I don't know about. How much of this money goes back into circulation? All of it. It doesn't sound as bad as it is, unless you think about this.

No Food Stamps means:
less food purchased and more hunger. This equates to less Super Market sales which means less stockers, less stores, less cashiers, less trucking, less fuel, less packers, less warehouses, less staff, less salesmen, less printers, less printing companies, less managers, less advertising, less commercials. The upside : less trading on Wall Street, less speculators, less regulators, less chemical sales. But it will lead to more in some areas. More disease from malnutrition, more deaths, more hunger, more instability as people move into the mode of survival of the fittest.

Social Security (and other programs similar):
Less product sales, less electricity, less water, less fuel, less manufacturing jobs (what's left), less delivery business, less medical services and jobs there, less retail stores and jobs there, less shipping and jobs there, less wholesale and jobs there, less medicine and jobs there, less managers, less investment and jobs there, less advertising and jobs there, less TV services and internet services and jobs there, less banking and jobs there, less revenue from taxes collected, less property ownership. But it will do more in some areas: More deaths, disease, more instability, more government to regulate the ones desperate to survive, more deficit.

Medicare & Medicaid:
This too will have a large effect creating less healthcare and all jobs in and associated with healthcare. That includes all industries related, advertising, trucking, shipping, schools, medicines, hospitals, less research and development, less investments, less financial, less taxes, less management, less profit, less investment. It will create more death, disease, instability.

This is the tip of the Iceberg and one would be impressed if they set and consider jobs in each area that will not be lost, plus the human humanity. I've crammed thousand upon thousands of jobs in each small category, and I'm sure I missed a few. If you think your job or you will not be in the mix, think again. From the Janitors to the CEOs, and all in between, jobs will be lost and you will find yourself in the heavy mix of things. Unless you are at the tip top of the heap, and those probably will never read this, you will be affected. Here is a hint, six figure incomes are nothing, and that could be wiped out... completely. The independent business will go first followed by small and medium corporations. Hows that for Free Trade?

There are those who abuse the system at the bottom and at the top. We see one out of a thousand or more and they present them as the majority when they're not. Most politicians that make it to DC are out of touch with reality, groomed from the start. If they are real people, people who make choices everyday, balance a checkbook, had real jobs that require work, they are whisked away into that cloud of deception that goes with the job. I seriously doubt that all the lower end of the chain that abuse the system could match just one of the abuses linked to the top of the chain when added together. It isn't the task at hand or the one who is pulling on the chain who determines the strength.

But the real cost of this fantasy entitlement debate is what is lost, humanity. It has long been my estimation that a nation is like a chain, no stronger than it's weakest link. It isn't the length or the size of the chain that holds humanity and makes us strong, but rather all the links that bond together. I'm not exactly sure just how we measure our success anymore as a country and as individuals, maybe I was taught differently. How successful are we that can watch our old suffer, our children suffer, our weak suffer? How strong are we when we see someone weak that we can't lend a hand? How good are we when we allow some to live in agony that don't deserve too?

Now, as a Christian I'll address a few things. We all know the Grace part and that works alone will not do, but note the word alone. For the Paul said people, he does address works without faith is dead, but also faith without works is dead too. It is by Grace that we are saved and that we live, but by acceptance of Jesus and His laws. He does demand we repent, which means we will work on correcting the things we do wrong, and repent means we are truly sorry for it. Repentance is to turn away from sin, and sin is missing the mark which Jesus set. You can't do that with a prideful heart. You can't do that with a boastful heart. You can't do that with excess, aka Gluttony. You can't do that without love for the other. You can't do that with turning an eye. Where your heart is there will be your eye. So what are you seeing? Are you the Good Samaritan? Do you help those who are in need. Do you see that little children do not suffer? It goes a bit deeper than an anti-abortion rally. I think certainly we remember the rich man encounter, the tax collector, the religious man encounter, the not being impressed how the Synagog

Now for the Old Testament people, seems a lot of preachers preach those books. It is sinful to covet, that is, want what the other has. That means keeping up or competing with the "Jones" is a sin. Not paying a proper wage is also a sin, as well as not paying a workman his worth. It is an unforgivable sin to call someone useless. It is a sin to see people hungry, sick, or destitute when you can do something about it because of excess God has allowed you to gain. Pride should have nothing to do with success. The Bible is full of those who fell to pride and arrogance. Telling Lies. 

And so now the whole ensemble. Read the Good Samaritan and apply that. Read how you are not suppose to judge, see someone in need that you can help, love your enemy. Fight evil with good. It is not that you or I have earned anything, but rather that God has allowed us to have or do what we have or done. We are to administer grace, mercy, love, compassion, and as I've heard so make say, "Take up their cross". Today's times, I wonder if they are taking up their cross to crucify or be crucified. I do not believe that when Jesus said to take up the cross He meant to beat people with it. So the bottom line is the Lukewarm thing. You either are or aren't a Christian. Some things are hard to do, and some are even harder that the Bible teaches, it isn't pick and choose and it isn't graded on the popularity scale. Now I see political things where Christians are Republican and all unbelievers are Democrats. That is blasphemy in it's worst form. Do you really want to answer to God for that? I don't. Just as it was in Jesus' day, I seriously doubt He would like any party in Politics, but they all wanted to use Him. I apologize on behalf of the Christians who fall for those who shout out loudly like in the day of Barabbas, falsely claiming Christ as their own, He can be yours too, and He is nothing like some of His alleged followers. Please bear in mind that someone can stand in a barn, moo, eat, drink, sleep... but their not a cow and probably won't give milk either. May God forgive us for what we have and are becoming.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Letter for a Friend.

  This is to a lady who is having a battle. I can't find your email.

   So I'm told you have all but given up the fight, and we both know it is a fight. I've been where you are, but you already know that, and why I was asked to talk to you. If you ever want to talk my number is 865-674-6318, and if it's long distance drop me an email and I'll call you. Thing is, everybody needs somebody sometime. No matter how strong we are, or how faithful we are, sometimes we need to lean a bit on a shoulder. And that is ok to do. It doesn't show weakness but only that we're human.

  I'll be the first to say that cancer sucks. Thats pretty much the bottom line. The treatments and side effects suck too. I think the most pain I ever felt at one time was a heart attack, but the worst thing is cancer between the two. The heart attack you know isn't going to last forever, but every second seems like a lifetime. With cancer, every day seems like the rest and after a while you loose track of what day it is. People who haven't had an affliction like cancer probably can't understand, but we do. The hole seems deeper and deeper each day while the mountains grow higher and higher. It's hard to fight what you can't see. Harder to express to someone what you feel, even with this I hold back.

  At some point it all seems pointless to try and stand, yet it isn't. There are days I would just like to lay there, just as you probably feel the same. Between the damage from the 2nd cancer and the first cancer advancing, and the heart feeling sicker, I know where you are, and it is tough as Hell. The easiest thing is to just give up sometimes. You look around at the world as it spirals down, all the ignorance that is taught, and you ask yourself why fight. Whats the use. If one doesn't get depressed then they're either on drugs or not paying attention, but there is one more way to fight the depression.

  I know at times you want to scream and it seems that God doesn't care. Sometimes it feels like He doesn't exist and sometimes we get mad at Him. If your like me you listen to Christian Contemporary and on that people preach sometimes some of the dumbest stuff. I've gotten to where I turn it off or put a CD on when they start that crap. Especially the ones who say GAWD use me. That'd be ok except what if He decides the tropical islands are full. What if He decides your best use would be in prison, sick, or in a land where your hated. Then comes the even worse crowd. The GAWD is punishing you people who live in glass houses. The third ones are the idiots who say God will give you what you want if you pray hard enough. If you have faith He will keep bad things from happening to you, and make everything great. I bet Job would like those crowds...not. For the most part, as an Indian Chief once said, "Its easy to be brave at a distance." Then there are the few, the real Christians. The ones not boasting, not pointing fingers, not making a show, but actually caring.

  So here is the thing. Its OK to be mad. Its ok to question... even God. There isn't anything that isn't normal on that. It's normal to want to stop, especially when the pain comes, and that is too often. Look around though at those who love you. Do they actually know what you are going through? No, but they feel pain too, just a different kind. They fear. Maybe this is what we were born for, I hope not, but one never knows. I figure what if. What if the Hell you are going through helps someone else. What if the fight you fight gives another the courage to fight the good fight. What if someone finds peace observing your war. What if someone finds God through your suffering. What if you draw closer to God through all the long days and nights. I know nights are pain, thats why I'm up late too.  

  Great people are not born but created through strife and endurance. You fight a battle you may or may not win, and that my friend puts you in the minority of great people. I will guarantee that win or lose the physical, it doesn't matter, not really, not in the great scheme of things. In 100 years we probably will not be remembered, as it should be. The greatest people who ever lived are usually not. It isn't strength that wins the war, it's durability. Even then we all loose eventually. Even if you were healthy the clock starts ticking from the moment your born. Life is passing by and death draws closer each breath. So whats the point? Breaths are pointless, of no real value. It is what is done between those breaths that matter. There is the value. God grants the number of breaths we take, and grants us the right to do as we see fit. IE: Freewill.

  So here is my weird way of looking at things. Read this a few times : I do not matter. Tomorrow does not matter. Yesterday does not matter. What I do matters, and what I do today matters. It matters to others and it matters to God.

  I know you have faith and that sometimes it stretches a bit thin, or at least mine did and sometimes still does. I use to look and read the walk in the sand thing, you know, the one that says Jesus carries us, with doubt. In know deep inside that hold a special meaning for you, it does me. You are not and never will be alone in your suffering, unless you choose to be. You, I, and everybody else were sent here for something, something only you can do. Society brain washes us that there are degrees of things. That only a few have something important to do. That talents are graded. The truth is, all are equal. All are important to God, and that is all that counts. There is something that He gave each of us that only we can do, and they're all important. Maybe it's digging a ditch or being a doctor, but they are equal to God.

  I have come to believe that we are looked upon from a loving God, not some pissed off bully wanting to abuse His creations. I can't speak for Him but maybe, just maybe, the suffering He allows us to go through is minor in the grand scheme of things. It sucks but it is what it is. What I can tell you is that whatever this life brings, one day if we're faithful and with grace, it is worth every second. I can tell you this life's misery is nothing compared to what comes next. Here is the thing though. It is His decision when that time comes. He respects us enough to allow us to do as we choose between breaths, but He calls the number of breaths. I think we are to fight. Fight the misery. Fight the injustices. Fight the evil. Fight the lies. In all that fighting though, love God. Love people. Love truth.

 Your knocked down and it's ok to rest sometimes, but get back up. The easy things and ways are usually the wrong things and ways, and it's easy to just stay down. It doesn't seem fair because it isn't, but life seldom is. You are in a world of darkness but never forget, this is your time to shine. I guarantee that you are a light for others. We all have darkness sometimes in one way or the other, yet if we could see we are all connected. Through that connection though the darkness be different, the light from another shines through.

   Cancer can limit what you do physically and sometimes mentally, sometimes even spiritually if we let it. Sometimes it takes longer to get back up, knowing you'll be knocked back down. Cancer has a lot of power, but what it cannot take from you is your spirit. It cannot take from you the things you came into this world with, love. It cannot take from you the truth. It cannot take from you your faith. It cannot take from you your God. Not without your consent and I'm sure you will see like I do, I'll be damned if I'll let it. You have something special to do. Maybe it's the newsletter, maybe it's something else or both. This is your time though to shine. Be that light in the darkness, not for yourself, but for those you love. Those you may not even know. Listen to the song:


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Thing Is...

    Driving past the point where fact becomes fiction and fiction appears to be fact is the truth which remains when all else fade away. The problem is the aftermath it leaves in it's wake as we travel. Truth does not become a lie and a lie does not become the truth, though sometimes it can seem that way.

  Sometimes we tend to stress the fact or perspective we wish to make so thin that it no longer becomes relative and becomes a mere shadow  of what the truth is at best, opposite at it's worse. We see this everyday and if you are like most, do  it as well. People see human traits in humans but those of us that are in the country see animals that are similar to some human traits. Be it a pig squealing or a sheep bleating, the whole lot runs never looking to see if it was real or a false alarm, even unto their death. While there may be a bad point to the steering, sometimes there is a good meant that turns bad.

  I keep seeing this over and over again in research, and that makes me look at me to keep myself in check as best I can. This world has many things that can drag one off the path. Without hearing we cannot speak and without speaking others may not hear, yet I am not talking about verbal and physical. It is in the quietness and stillness that we hear and that we speak. One must close ones eyes to see and look with the spirit. The heart can be deceived and the brain can be as well, but the spirit is strong provided one hears and speaks. Some will understand that and some will not.

  I smile a lot and sometimes people ask me how, so I pass along something I learned. When you awake give thanks in the silence of your heart for the day. Need a little help there? Get up a few minutes early and take out a paper and pen. Think of five things or people you are grateful for, they can be animals too. Just five. Quietly give thanks, even if it is to say thank you. Each day add something to that list. Eventually you will see a need for just stopping long enough to say thank you for that day, knowing that nothing lasts forever in this world, it isn't meant too. Eventually you will no longer need that paper. You won't have a stupid smile on your face but a smile of thankfulness, real and complete. You will still stay sharp as a tack to things around. You will speak loudly without saying a word.      


  Seems we live in the world of excess, of which I am all too well familiar with. I am reminded of this point as I research Gluten, then again, I can walk around here and be reminded by the cars sitting here. We have movies and phrases that even support and encourage us to reach new heights, infinity and beyond, and loads more. Truth is, in this world there are limits and they are there for a fail safe, cross that limit and it becomes anything can happen. People will lie, steal, cheat, while others may have good intentions, to reach what is excessive. Some do wrong things for right reasons while some do right things for the wrong reason.

  So we as mortals should find balance rather than excess.   

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Letter

   OK, this is mostly to those who supervise, be that as an employer or a parent, and mostly to those who are Christian, in word only. It was rather disappointing to hear that a friend spewed out the famous line that I heard for almost 25 years at UPS. It was the one where "If I figured the hours I put in here, I'd be the least paid." While I'm fairly sure that sometimes happens, it is more an Urban Legend, better known as  lie. There may be a week or two but as a whole, it's pure bull chips. You know it when you say it and the more times you say it you lie, thats all. It doesn't become truth with repetition nor exaggeration. I can give you the top 10 worn out lies I heard at UPS over the years told to us and at customers I'd overhear. That has to be number 1 followed by "Do you know how hard I work for You." One would think with all the monies spent on Spin Doctors (Think Tanks) that someone would come up with something new.

   I'm not surprised but at the same time I am. Just a little let down that you would lower yourself, but I'm nobody. You explain nothing to me nor will I ask, you will do that with God one day rest assured. While it is such a small lie and a small thing it is small grains that make up a beach and drops that fill the ocean. There is Grace though but the catch is you must repent. In the Bible which you are so quick to quote it is referred to as taking up your cross and following Jesus. Grace steps in where one trips and stumbles, even falls... by accident, not by intentionally doing it over and over and over again. We all add grains to our beach we build unintentionally, adding them on purpose is just wrong. It matters not that the ones above you are corrupt, the choice is yours to make. 

  One of the people I worked for is a deacon in the church who made the news a while back. Do you realize that he is the reason some went the opposite way, and some of us shunned church for the same reason. People he went to church would repeat over and over how good this guy is, I smile and say yes, somewhere there must be good in him. His actions and training while at work affected his him life, or maybe that is why he was picked, think chicken and egg scenario. The truth at work was not found in him, he excelled at that. It would eventually cost four people's lives. Now maybe they could have been saved and maybe not, but do as I say not as I do didn't work. While the whole of people called him a hero, I guarantee he knows somewhere deep inside he isn't. The more he was waxed the colder he became. 

  At UPS it is like training how they have supervisors use, manipulate, lie (twisting the truth is a lie). I have friends who said they taught it and even demanded it. I made the statement back then to many of them and I know make it to you. There is only one you. One you that answers to God. Do you really think He will say, ok, that was at work so it don't count. Like the guy I mentioned who wouldn't know truth if it bit him in the butt, the way you now go, bad comes from bad, like an attraction. Call it karma, justice, seed sowing, pick a label, bad never produces good nor good produces bad. Its a slow fade laced with shades of grey on the trip to darkness.

  You are one person at all times and one cannot serve 2 gods, and that is what your actions suggest. This especially works for those who hold position above another. The more you are given the more temptation you will have, the more is expected. The Christian God is a God of love and truth. It does not matter where you are in the Word but rather where the Word is in you. To supervise is to rule, pray that God doesn't rule you as you do others. Pray even harder that the god you serve doesn't get to serve you back. Now even supervisor has a supervisor, and that is no excuse. You are responsible for you and you alone, plus those you have effected along your way.

  I think I'm finished writing now. This was suppose to be to start with.       


   A lie doesn't become truth to God by mere repetition, nor a fact to the world. If that were the case then pigs would fly and cows jump over the moon, and politicians would actually fix the problem rather than create them.

  Control is done through lies and manipulations to the masses. , using different techniques. Some people and sometimes you can build them up and watch them fall from their own devise, and sometimes you can tear them down. Fill their heads with lies or limit their knowledge. There are a myriad of ways to control, the one that works best depends upon the individual. Fear however is the one tool that works on most and most fear comes through ignorance. Some things are healthy when taken in small quantities and correctly applied, those that wish to or do rule know this.

  At one time we voted out of dreams and now we vote out of fear. It really doesn't matter if one admits that, truth is truth no matter as to one's perspective. Religious and no religious people use this alike to control. I think that is why both groups focus on a selective thing rather than the message as a whole. If that doesn't work, and it there is not a fool proof one way avenue to go, lies are added in. If indeed, control was an omelet, fear is the eggs and the rest are ingredients and we are the surface on which they either stick or not stick. Become slick so that nothing sticks that is, where it will cook until it burns and renders the surface bad and the food distasteful.    


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ups & Downs

  We place faith in many things and many people everyday without the first clue we do. Be it from an unrealistic expectation, miscalculation, or wrong interpretation... sooner or later we can be left down. Sometimes it is the fault of the one being observed, sometimes it's the observer's fault. The amount of faith we place is equal to the amount of expectation, and sometimes the expectations can be a little unrealistic. All that equals the drop we experience of feeling like someone or something has let us down. So one has to ask one's self if the expectation was a bit high. Sometimes it is the one that falters. It's totally normal to feel a low when this happens and totally normal to have high marks of expectations in someone we have a lot of faith in. There are times though when we place faith wrongly.

  It's also normal that the one who falters becomes upset with the one who loses faith in them. Be that anger or sadness, they are normal expressions. Thing is, will that destroy the faith one has lost from another, only time will tell. Both sides look for excuses or reasons why each feels the way they do, yet only true people worthy of faith will ration it out. No matter if the bar was set high or low, faith goes down a notch and must be rebuilt once again from the ground up. Either that or forgotten altogether. Perhaps too much faith was exercised. Perhaps too little effort was given.

  On both fronts ups and downs are experienced, unless one is a psycho or has given up. There are those who feel nothing, and most aren't even aware of it. Either way, our actions effect not one but at least two different people and their lives. Like it or not, all have a profound impact on another, and a chain reaction is always present. And this is why I say what we do matters, not in a hundred years, but it does now.