Tuesday, November 26, 2013


  I took mom to the doctor again today to get her blood levels checked to see if she can take the next dose of chemo, and if not, to get a shot to try and build her blood where she can. She races a clock and honestly, the finish line is distant. In short, I spent the morning at UT Cancer Center. The new building is nice, but a shame it had to be built. One would think this would be the darkest place on earth next to the morgue, but its not as much as it is.

  Everybody there has a story and despite what most say or think, everybody there wants to tell it, even if to just one. There are different reasons and excuses why one doesn't tell their story but the main one seems they don't want to be a burden. Some think others will not understand or can't understand, while some will remain silent in embarrassment. Embarrassed that it is a punishment or from lack of faith, when that is as far from the truth as it could ever be. Some will think they will be viewed as not looking at it right or acting right. Though I speak of cancer, the same applies to all diseases and defects.

  As we sat there I noticed a young man all alone. Nobody should have to face that alone, even for one appointment. Today my voice was crackling, hard to speak and painful and I think he may have noticed. The again, maybe he just wanted someone to notice him so he would not be alone, but he sat quietly. I seldom look into people's eyes, it seems that I gather what is inside them, but I looked into his without him noticing. In his 20s, he looked afraid, yet brave... like this wasn't his first round. In his eyes were innocence and kindness, like a child's eyes. I struck up a conversation with him, asking if he was here for himself or with someone else, but I already knew. One can hide many things in many ways, but one's eyes will not lie. Mom took notice of him as I asked what kind of cancer he had and where it was. I was hard to understand, course, slurred, and my speech pattern not well controlled... but he listened hard. When my vocal chords don't operate right I force sound to try and mimic the sounds of words. I told him I had throat cancer and mom had 2 cancers she was battling. Mom instantly engaged the conversation.

  After he was called back three ladies sat beside me, about the same age as my wife from their looks, not old but not young. I started a conversation with them. She had two family members or friends, I never asked, for this conversation was about her. Turns out this was her second battle, the cancer had returned, and it was the same place mom's was found. She was trying an experimental drug and if that failed... well, that was her hope. She laughed and joked and occasionally was serious, but always serious under the smiles and comments. Mom spoke to her, they talked a bit, but nothing like her and the young man did. Then we were all called back.

  We went into another waiting area after the doctor had seen her to get a shot that hopefully will bring her blood back in line to continue the chemo, the cancer isn't waiting. There we found the young man who was just leaving. Mom and he talked more, shook hands, then he shook my hand, and he was gone. In though walks the three ladies. Before it was over most of the room was smiling. I saw a lot of ladies there wearing Toboggans where they had lost their hair, and some guys too.

  So what is the point of all of this. We are here for the blink of an eye, thats all, just a blink. Those younger who are healthy reading this probably can't relate. Those who have been mostly healthy will have a hard time relating. But try, not mainly for those you care about but mainly for yourself. The Bible says that we may entertain Angels unaware, but that isn't the reason either. What I accomplished was simple, costs nothing yet was priceless. All I done was open the lines of communication between people and to let them know someone was interested in them and cared. In my case I let them know I've been there and am a part of a little club that forms in silence. We could have talked about bad things, those who know me also know I'm a conspiracy theorist, yet what good would that have done. Those who sat in those chairs have seen and heard too much bad stuff already.

  So this I think not only applies to cancer but to most things, especially those which we have no control of. When someone is living what seems like a Hell on earth, don't stoke the flames, they will rise and fall on their own or with help from others. As a Christian I believe that we are to comfort and lighten the load for others when we can, in fact, we are told to do just that. Even those with no faith or different faiths are told to do that. I believe that we as Human Beings are called to do that. No, it will not change the whole world, but it will, if only temporary, change that small corner of it. It nothing else then for a little while, at a cost of nothing yet priceless to the ones there. Read my writings elsewhere and they may get dark, read them with people who's world has crashed down and I lighten up what I say. Do no harm.

  Before I close, one other thing. It is not our commission to judge, preach, or highlight what a person living in Hell on earth has done. We are not to be the stokers of the flames but rather the candle lite to shine a brighter day. To ease anothers' burden. Jesus judges, not us, we are commissioned to love and feel compassion. We are all granted a great power, the power of love and the gift of smiling and laughter... we need to use it when someone is in need. Before one uses this negative power to judge and say one deserves it, remember this. By grace do we walk. One might do well to remember what happened to the ones who followed Christ. Did they deserve it? It may not be that God is punishing someone but testing us while He conditions them for a greater day. It isn't until we reach rock bottom that we look up and though we may not see who throws the rocks, God does. To point at the afflicted is the mark of a human but to reach a hand to help someone up is the mark of a Human Being, thus we rely on God's hand to reach and help us up one day. We will all see that day.     

Friday, April 26, 2013

Some thoughts on conspiracy

  I get anywhere from avoided at times to laughed at at other times if I speak out about conspiracies, which I seldom do these days in person. Most people are not cognitive enough to realize that it only takes two to conspire to do something and few know the meaning of the word conspire these days. It isn't until a conspiracy happens and hits one at home that one acknowledges conspiracies even exist like the TVA Megasite thing. I love when religious people avoid that word, especially given it is in the Bible. Makes me wonder if they're being taught selectively or just not paying attention. Similar, willingly ignorant is also in there. This awoke many people in our area just as it has others in other areas where the same or similar is going on, even today.

  One hopes that perhaps it teaches people to pay attention to the slightest details and to remain vigilant. One also hopes that people in close counties would awaken as well... but one can only hope. I see and hear all this talk on the Boston Bombing, and I use that term loosely, then suddenly I realize that I hope for too much. I see in a neighboring county an election coming underway, know the names extremely well, and I know slumber has apparently fell upon some again. Big and plentiful signs, TV ads for people to land a small job, yet one of power. I know that either the ones running are completely ignorant to people being awaken and know someone is paying for those, or the people have fallen back asleep. Then I wonder just when and if we will learn. Once again culls run with a limitless amount of advertising, already whoring out to a hidden group.

  So if I seem cheery and ignorant it is to fit in, leave me be, least you hear what I know. Some scoff while others say they'd rather not know, and a few want to know. The worse part of it is that we all have to live in this Hell on earth that is slowly being created and the ones who will cry the most will be the ones who scoffed or said they'd rather not know. At some point we must take a stand and say enough. Not just for local events but bigger ones. Rather than just swallowing anything fed to us we must discern fact from fiction, good from bad, right from wrong.

Hebrews 5:
13 For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.
14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

 Mark 13:22
For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
 Revelation 3:2
Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.
 1 Peter 4:7
But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
 1 Thessalonians 5:6
Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

Monday, April 15, 2013

County Commission Meeting on April 15th

  I went to my second County Commission Meeting tonight and have only two words to describe it. Holy Crap! The meeting started at 6pm and went until almost 10:30pm, and really nothing was done. There were a few of the 21 there than seemed smart and a lot that thought they were smart. I haven't learned the good from the bad from the stupid yet, but I'm learning.  The good would be those who defended property ownership, respected rights, represented our county and it's people, and said no to the land grab that TVA and the Chamber of Commerce heads wanted to do. The bad were their lap dogs, who tried to sneak and attack and steal away people's rights, property, and heritage. The stupid who seemed to be those who watch and read the news and believe it's real, but learned head on it's bought and paid for.

  Without name calling, there is one in particular that needs to learn how to shut up, either that or pay attention. There is an old Chinese proverb that says it's better to be silent and thought a fool as to open thy mouth and remove all doubt. There were some issues that they went over last meeting and twice, one 3 times, this meeting. I'm not smart but damn, even I understood it the first time. Like a two year old, they kept asking the same questions. Hint: You may not like the answer but if it is the real answer it don't change, no matter how many times you ask it. Those same issues got once again pushed to the next meeting. It was like a three ring circus in there. There were issues concerning a job, which would and could cost the county 20,000.00 and another issue costing 80,000.00. If you ever want to see the old adage of swallowing a camel but straining on a gnat, go to one of these meetings for a first hand illustration. Blows my mind though that Bush Brother's puppy had no problem giving away two amounts that were over 140,000.00. Guess what we will never eat again.

  All in all I watched the Education director try and get 1 million dollars more for education, in addition to their budget. If throwing money on education was all we need do we'd have a country of geniuses by now. Looking around, that don't seem to be the case, if anything we've gotten dumber. Then the landfill dude trying to pass draconian laws of where trash could be taken, landfill wise. A sheriff that seemed to not get the point across that a man, accused of attempted murder who had an aneurism, was arrested without I'm guessing a MRI. They just simply couldn't figure out why the police dept couldn't see the man needed an unexpected surgery. Chances are the man didn't know it either. Aside from that, and the second largest school in Jefferson County not getting worked on, nobody who wanted money or accounted for money really had anything together. One would think a good research or report or study would be made prior to asking for money, but they didn't.

  The only highlights, as well as sense made and spoken, came from the few who had filled out requests to speak from the public, and speak they did. They were, aside from the sheriff and a few Commissioners, the only ones who actually had their ducks in a row with actual facts and straight forward sentences and questions. I was much surprised to see a whole page in the Standard Banner blaming Farmers and Home Owners for the failed Megasite, filled with lies from start to finish. I'll assume that came from the other side where the Chamber boys and Dandridge's Mayor were sitting. Despite I wanted to leave, I wasn't leaving with that motley crew there, and most others didn't either. I do not turn my back on a snake. Also brought up was the New Market train land grab, which is also no less a crime.Perhaps it is time the citizens take a stand together to stop the madness and greed in government.

  All I think of is that I wanted to move to Belize, but Denise didn't want to move, so I guess we fight. It is my hope that when election time rolls around that people will stop and think. Who pays for all those signs and ads. That we go past parties, since Republican and Democrat are pretty much the same thing, perhaps vote American. That we look at who cares, represents the people, isn't bought already, and is the smartest. (Hint, official education has nothing to do with it.) That we measure the person's success by their heart, not by the pocketbook. Then I hope we make it known that as long as one person's rights and liberties are being struck down, it strikes us all and we all stick together. Fight one you fight us all. But should we be a bit more selective, a bit more discerning, we shouldn't have to fight.   

  As a last thing. There seemed to be some concern as to if some laws were broken through the whole Megasite thing. So here is something to ponder over. If there was, and I believe there was, a coo who moved against the rest, it will be found out. Nothing hidden shall not be hidden forever, but rather revealed.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Megasite 2 Sign Of The Times

  It's late and I shouldn't even start to write, but I will. I need to make a few points clear. I do not and absolutely refuse to claim and affiliation with a Political Party. I'm fine being an American and having my priorities in line with God, Family, Friends, Country... in that order. Now maybe that works for some and maybe it don't, for now though it is a free country, whats left of it anyway. Most of these people once they get to power, I see no difference, same different dog, same leash and master.

  I have barely researched this Megasite thing and already it stinks to high Heaven. I hear all this news how Democrats are for Socialism with Welfare for people, yet practically no mention of Republicans and their Socialism with Corporate Welfare. I'd like to focus on that and a few other issues that people seem to overlook on their way to party line worship. As I said, I vote for no party, I vote the person. I know people that would vote for Hitler if their party ran him for office. Oh wait, that is exactly what happened, idiots elected him based on the party he was in.

  What we seldom if ever hear is Corporate Welfare, and that is exactly what is being done with not only this megasite but all of them. Who benefits from Corporate Welfare? Corporations and those making the loans to fund them. Those who know up front who is developing, who gets contracts to create the site and can invest, as well as the corporations that leach off idiots. The multinational corporation(s) that move there do quite well. Usually the upper pay scale jobs are brought in or farmed out while the lower scale jobs (temp jobs at best) go to locals. Just like when Clinton & Gore announce Free Trade with Mexico, or Bush signed into Creation the NAFTA agreement, we boomed until things moved away, then flopped. Now just in case you missed that,  Democrats started it and Republicans sealed the deal. Two dogs on one leash, with one master. Basically things will go up here for a while, until they are completed, then decline. Most places have grace periods of quite a few years where the corporation don't pay taxes or pays at a reduced rate. Once that grace period is over they either down size or move off. We have Ghost Towns and empty buildings and lots in Industrial Parks that set as examples of this. It takes an idiot not to see that once the blood slows down they can leach off of there will always be another host. So they will move. Even their prize corporation Hemlock Semiconductor (DOW Chemicals) may be selling out to China, which is weird because China ties into some of the ones in office here and in Nashville.

  Meanwhile the payments the county and or state borrowed must still be paid. By then there will usually be people move in, searching or relocating for a job. People will be injured while there. People will eventually be laid off there. All these people need to be paid too. Somewhere else in the world offers the same deal, maybe even another state, except with cheaper labor and they leave quicker and richer than they came. Meanwhile the debt must be paid, the land is ruined, and people must be compensated. State and local government jobs will need to be trimmed, salaries frozen, and citizens taxed higher. Already TN heads towards a debt of 45 Billion, 6973.00 per citizen. (Source) Now we add the Megasites to that and that is not even counting what Jefferson County will spend and go into debt. This is citizen's money! If a person has elected "leaders" instead of representatives, party rather than integrity, we are about to get what we deserve. “In a Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve” -  Alexis de Tocqueville. We have become a Democracy but we were intended to be a Republic under the Law. Democracy- 2 Wolves and 1 Sheep deciding on what's for dinner. 

  Not that I am advocating Welfare, but between corporations and people, I'll take people any day. In Corporate Welfare the money goes to the Upper Crest and Investors of the organization who usually isn't even in TN let alone the USA. That money is long gone. In People Welfare the money goes to citizens who then in turn spend it right back into the economy. I scanned articles that stated a few business owners saying they needed the Megasite for more people and more business. Makes me wonder how long they've been in business and how long they will make it. Idiots usually don't last that long. It makes me wonder if we have lost the ability to tell fact from fiction, truth from lies, or bull crap from chocolate pies. Have we been kept so amused for so long that we can no longer actually think? We stand in the popular line and tell people we're smart yet apparently watch way too much TV or get lost on small crap diversion while watching crooks fleece our country. The line in the sand we draw has ever increasingly went back more and more until we're at the end of the sand. I overheard a guy say that he was shocked and mad, shortly after saying that is why he votes Republican. Idiot. I wanted to ask him just who he thought was in charge and what party line has been pushing these Corporate Welfare junk, building government bigger and bigger, while constantly in a state of war. I wanted to say he should have voted for whoever represented him best. But, mules are lead while thinking people wish representation. A quick peek at OpenSecrets.org shows who finances who, and big corporations always finance both sides.   

  One other aspect of this is that we, as a state and as a county will be heavily in debt. I will simply add these quotes, 

“I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” ― Thomas Jefferson

 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. ~Proverbs 22:7 

“A man in debt is so far a slave.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  I'm guessing someone is pooting under the covers. Follow the money on this thing. Follow the power ring. Follow the connections. Ask questions, demand answers, ones that have documented proof. After all, it is the citizen's dime these people are cashing in on. This is your children and grand children's future they are mortgaging. (Interesting note on that too, check in Nashville at the governor's right hand man's business). If that money is in excess, perhaps it would be better spent on local businesses, employees, schools, road repair. On people and things that are loyal to our county, our state, and our country. Perhaps all of that and maybe to help elderly with power bills or food or medical needs. No matter what, research, fact check, double check. Connect dots and hold those who are dirty accountable. Stand up and by your neighbor's who's land is at risk. Say enough.    


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Megasite in Jefferson County

 It's hard to believe that here in this small area crazy is happening. We live in a primarily Republican state and area, though some of us remain Independents and a few Democrats. If this were DC I would probably not expect to see a difference in policies. Well, that just changed, imagine that. It would seem that not only does the upper levels of government abuse power and are living in a fantasy world, smaller governments are as well. Stupidity and corruption seem to be plentiful. This thing is spear headed by Republican officials that cry and whine about big government and government overstepping their bounds. Imagine that if you will. Democracy was once described as 2 wolves and a sheep deciding on whats for dinner, and these wolves want the sheep.

  TVA is one of the groups that want to create megasites, never mind they need to work on controlling their waste and perhaps service and prices. Nope, they have expanded... diversified if you will. It seems they are now into Corporation Development sites, but they're more like Land Grabs. One of their partners is our own local governments, IMAGINE THAT. Years ago developing and relocating for multinational corporations were handled by the corporation who wishes to relocate there. Development Corporations and Businesses done that job. Now, we the Taxpayers are footing the bill... especially since no real multinational corporation has asked to come. I guess some idiot(s) must have watched the movie "Field Of Dreams" one too many times. If you build it, they will come, or in their case, steal it.  TVA, you have enough problems you need to work on. Go away.

  So they put on hold this site but allocated over 400,000.00 to Study IT? Have they lost their freakin mind? That is over 400K of money that roads, schools, hell, for that matter, employees who could get a raise could use. They want 1800 acres of land that connect to the Interstate and Highways, even almost to the lake itself. The Industrial Parks that already exist aren't full, but they want more land? Let me guess, for higher taxes, since a lot of the land is farms. Now we have all these people hungry and the government wants to take 1800 farms, along with homes, develop it, and pray somebody comes. The massive building where Industry once was is empty in many places, many even torn down, and they want more? Some manufacturing areas are leveled and strip malls are being built back. Who is going to afford to shop working for minimum wage? Ahhh Credit Cards, bank loans.... those are almost maxed out now. I really have to wonder at times if those who feel like they are "leaders", they should be representatives of the public, have lost their mind... or gotten greedy.

  I would love for people to watch the story of Argentina and their fall a few years ago. I would love for people to read and learn about Germany pre Nazi leading up to their takeover. That is just two examples, Democracy goes hand in had with Communism and Fascism. This should infuriate you and those in office who are pushing this needs to be examined. Any sign of abuse of power or Malfeasance in office, elected or not, needs to be prosecuted. I guarantee someone is pooting under the covers, either that or they are completely insane. Jefferson Count officials that are going along with this, I'm ashamed. To beat it all you are now even considering Right Of Eminent Domain, to which I ask what right? What right do a few have to take away another's property for personal gain? I want to know where in the American Constitution or the Tennessee Constitution you obtain the right for government to develop, let alone force it's citizens to sell.

  On the site, which I will link to at the end, I believe they have those guilty of voting for this acid trip plan. I encourage those who voted for it to be voted off the seats, least you lose yours.  In the meantime I say vote no to cancel the money allocated to studying it, something that large deserves a vote By The People, after all, it is our money. If you have committed it, it needs to be uncommitted. Meanwhile the people need to check closer into who, where, and how that money is spent and make sure none of those elected will make one red cent off it. If there is even one then it is no longer just a pipe dream but a breach of office duties, which IMHO, already is. Vote these morons out and prosecute and who have crossed the line. You know, that zero tolerance thing back at them. Nobody is above the law, or at least shouldn't be. I've always been proud to be from Jefferson County... until now. Our governments needs a enema.  


Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Apology

   I owe an apology to a man I have never met and probably never will meet, people that busy and powerful don't usually meet people like me. I feel I need to give some background first, but its late so I'll be brief, call it the Reader's Digest version.

  I have no idea how I ran across this guy named Trey Smith (not Will Smith's son). I watch a lot of things, God only knows what I was watching then. I watched his video about robbing a TV Preacher, which seeing the video I thought was quite appropriate. I don't watch a lot of TV usually and especially not preachers on TV, except a motorcycle preacher called RevUp. So far I haven't found a Youtube video of any of his telecasts. Anyway, I went to Amazon to see about his book he talks about writing and see where it has good comments, except some say the language is dirty. Well, to hear Trey talk about his past one couldn't expect a saint's words if it is true to life. Nothing wrong with being honest, it was written while he was on the run I think he says. So a book is confirmed to be real and so I move on.

   I found out his website address and went there to check it out. So in Trey's website called GodInANutshell.com he has a video called Choice. It's about an hour give or take, so I decided to watch it. This is hands down one of the best videos I have seen. He has another movie and I think book coming out soon and I fully intent to watch and read it. He doesn't try and convince anybody he is a saint, just a man with faults, trying to be better each day, and aren't we all. He mentioned Joel Osteen, and God knows I have ragged that man, unjustly so, for I had never listened to him. Up until that point I had only heard what others had said, along with Sound Bytes of things he has said. If I or you are recorded and edited we can be made to sound like whatever someone wants us to appear to say or do. I was and am so impressed with Trey that I decided to listen to just one of Osteen's sermons. It was nothing like I had imagined. So, I thought, maybe that was one good one and the others are bad. Five sermons later, and still nothing bad. Oh I heard some questionable things, but then I remembered reading in the Bible some of the things that I thought were borderline.

   I was so impressed with Osteen that I got my daughters to listen to him. They loved him. With a reluctance and a lot of pleading, I got Denise to listen. She loved him. It then occurred to me that perhaps he was preaching from something that some overlook, myself included, the good news. I think it is important that we know about Hell, but also that we know how to avoid it. There are those who need a strict guideline or structure in their life, just as needed though is to know they're loved. I don't think beating someone with the cross or Bible really does any good, some have been beaten enough by life. Not because I watched his show, but because of the NDE do I believe this. I've often wondered if Jesus would actually know many of His followers, and I include myself in that. Hospitals aren't built for the well no more than churches are built for the saints. I listened to what he said and as I listened I saw plenty of things he says that can and are taken out of context to discredit him.

  We live opposite lately to what Jesus taught. We live by the sword, fighting and waring with whomever stands in our way. We glorify killing, don't believe me, watch the news. We judge everybody, except ourselves. We love things instead of people. Walk past hungry people while tossing away food.He does preach that God will give us what we want, and stresses that a bit thin, but when we grow in God our wants change, so it's not that thin. We work on everybody except ourselves. I think there are those who preach the whole Bible in moderation, and those who preach damnation. Then there are a few that preach we are loved, purposeful, by a kind and loving God that loves you and wants you to be not perfect, but better than you were yesterday. A God that says faith is stronger than falter. That kindness is better than bitterness. That peace is stronger than war. That love is stronger than hate. That helping another is better than ignoring. I saw this in the sermons he spoke, and though some may be said differently than I would say, it is spot on. Then again, who am I to judge? It's for sure brow beating someone doesn't work. That anger is strong than politics. That the politics of God are better than the god of politics.   

  So I am truly sorry Joel Osteen for hastily judging you without researching the truth. I also thank Trey for turning me on and waking me up. Links are provided in this post.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Spin Doctors Are In

   I've been looking over seed catalogs again this year, time to add and change a few things up a bit. I've already bought what I'll buy for the year, probably next year's too. :) Apparently though some Seed Companies either don't know or are owned by Corporate Agriculture giants because they either don't offer or don't segregate GM/GE seeds from real seeds. I'm guessing that they are gambling on people not being smart enough to know that even their Franken Seeds can be grown "Organically". Sort of like most of the "Heart Healthy" labeled junk in grocery stores. It's a paid for label. Since we've been doing Gluten Free we've learned to look for other ingredients that are even worse, added to the GF mix. Does no good if they add MSG, Hydrogenated (or partial), Aluminum, etc. All this made me muse about a few other things that have happened lately.

  While at TSC the other day I saw a couple, dressed a bit too much like farmers only too clean, buying a Cast Iron 5 piece set. Yep, they were cheap, in more ways than one. At the checkout I saw them questioning what appeared to be city people who work there about the and the quality. Ever heard of the blind leading the blind? I asked the guy if they were Lodge? He replied no. He asked if we ever used cast iron and I told him almost always as far as cooking goes. I told him Lodge was the only one left in the USA who makes cast iron, and that they were probably from China. Then I told him about the Lodge Outlet in Pigeon Forge and where it was and to check out the seconds they have sometimes. Of course China stuff is probably still a little cheaper, who knows, may be good. I just keep remembering the dog and cat food thing, saved a lot of money there by killing them. The same thing got into the food supply a year or so ago, so much so a lot of food and additives were banned by most countries, ours wasn't one of them though. There was a outdoor store ad one time that read Camp Chef in cast iron, which is how I discovered that info. More on that topic later.

  The Seed Corporations use names like this, along with just about everything. No farmer or scientist makes these all American sounding names up, usually it is the spin doctors, also known as Think Tanks. I'm just thinking up a name here, but think about this. Would you buy corn seed that is called Old Timer Corn, or for the more modern type, F1 or 2, a number like the 501. For those with a taste in mine, Delicious (add a name). Most people wouldn't know what to look for in corn, especially since a long time marketing skill has been to rename the same corn, plus different name in different areas. Thing is, all can be grown "Organically". Still, with GE/GM corn you would probably not buy it or grow it if it said what it's attributes are. Good things like eats Agent Orange type chemicals or busts the guts on insects and probably whatever eats it. Produces it's own poisons so nothing that eats it will live and most things won't eat it, so you can have it all.

  Lately there is a debate on Hybrid, I call that the bait and switch. They say Hybrid is not Genetically Engineered, some even say not Genetically Modified, and a natural occurrence... just sped up by science. Wellll, I personally haven't seen a natural occurrence of acid breaking the DNA of a plant and then inserting a foreign DNA, like say a Firefly (corn), Human DNA (rice), Tomato (?) and making a plant out of it. Are they reading nature or science fiction manuals? A better question is do they think I am that dumbed down? I wonder if they kiss their momma with that mouth?

  I base who I deal with on what I know and the material they provide to me. I get a lot of seed catalogs in, and I appreciate them all. Good for starting fires in the wood stove. Few I actually buy from and once I do I keep my own seeds, also an important reason to buy what is now called Heritage seeds or food. I base my trust on the company as to what they sell, plus what info is given freely. In other words, I don't do Burpee and the likes. Ones like Seed Saver's Exchange, Baker Creek Seed, Southern Seed Exposure are about the only companies I buy from other than specialized farmers. I plan on keeping my own seeds so I grow only real food, plus the health benefits are much better. As for me, I waited a bit late, so it is for my family. Much easier is it to avoid health problems, than correct it afterwards. When I leave this world I can't make my family grow their own, but I can leave them the ability to do it.

   A few other spins I've seen just lately are also some major ones. You are about to figure out why on some websites I get my comments flagged like ELP. Moving from the city to the country or rural settings, or rural to another rural location, in hopes to become independent. Farming, like gardening, isn't for everyone. There is little to no money in it and hasn't been for a very long time. It is hard, hot, cold, and thankless and at times seems to be in waste. I think it is someone's blood to do that kind of work. You have to know dirt, weather, micro climate, repair most things, creative, and love it. That gives one the idea what they can and can't grow. Watching all the videos and all the books will not do that, though I do those too. Even then though you will not be self sufficient. Most country people wouldn't last long in the city and city people usually don't last long in the country. Each depend on the other. No matter where you live though, demand decent food at decent prices, and you will get it. Prep, not for Doomsday or End Times type, but so that you will not have to pay full price, settle for their options, or be dependent. Enjoy life, right here and right now, with the ones you love. I guarantee when the time comes to leave or someone you love leaves, you will not have had too much time, in fact, it never is enough. Remember, only those who have actually lived can die, and money can't buy that.   

  Think Tanks or Spin Doctors are in big demand these days. The old terms for these professions were Swindlers and Liars, kind of like Lobbying is Bribing in a legal, warped way. Still they do it in almost everything. Thank Edward Bernays, nephew to Sigmund Freud. You got red you need blue. These shoes will make you run and jump more, this car is more comfortable. This makes you feel better or this makes you cool, even though it is the opposite. I do think they spun out though lately after a Fox News big mouth Piers Morgan gets a vaccination for the flu on the Dr Oz show and got the flu. It worked, lol. They know how to make you feel too good about yourself or too bad. They make bad look good and good look bad. Up is down and down is up. It took me years to figure out that most ratings and awards are actually owned by the corporations winning the awards, and if you boil that down, most owned by the same multinational corporation. They make Politicians look good or bad, sane or insane. Funny, that is the only profession I know of that create a problem, complain about, blame it, campaign on it, but never actually do anything about it. Most of this is done through TV (probably why I'll not get invited back on ).

  In closing, muse (think) for yourself rather than being amused. Encourage others to. Limit what you watch and what you read... be selective and demanding. You vote with your dollar, which is the only thing massive multinational corporations understand. Speak out. Spend some time researching rather than thinking someone on TV or a magazine is doing it for you. Personally I have a 20% rule. The top 10% were probably paid, or work there. The bottom 10% will never be happy, or work for the competitors. Live life. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Strength is not determined by a person who can run the fastest, rather for the one who can humbly stand their ground in peace.

Strength is not determined by the person who can lift massive objects, but rather by the person who can silently carry the heaviest burden, while lifting the burdens of another.

  Strength is not in anger, but rather in subduing a raging sea inside. 

  Strength is not shown in loud, harsh words and screams, rather in quiet tones, soft in words, and restraint. 

  Strength is not violence but rather in peace.

 Strength is not exclusion of others but rather finding commonalities for which to bond.

  Strength is not shown in doing their own will but rather by subduing their own passions for another's sake.

  Strength is not shown by physical appearance but by silent, often overlooked actions.

  Strength is not shown by judging but by accepting.

  Strength is not shown by hate, but rather by love.

  Strength is not shown by money or possessions, nor a will to acquire, but rather by being thankful and content for what one has.

  Strength is not boastful nor loud, but humble and silent.

  Strength is not shown by vengeance but by forgiveness. 

  Strong people need not be acknowledged for deeds, but rather operate in the background everyday, often unnoticed.