Saturday, December 3, 2011

Are our throught our own?

  How much of our thoughts are actually of our own mind, and how much are of someone or some group's will. I know this sounds like some New Age question, but I'm being serious. How much of yours of my thoughts are our own and how much are programmed in by others?

   Before JJ's TV appearance, black people didn't talk and act as they do now. Before NASCAR became popular, people didn't drive like they were in a race, cramming up each others rear end and acting like their lead determined their Pole Position. Christians weren't all crazy doomsayers and Islamic was a peaceful religion. Gai weren't "flaming fags" and Lesbian weren't GI Jane, hate the world types. Getting an even tan wasn't life or death for white folks and getting ahead meant nothing with family and friends and having time to spend with them.

  New gadgets were cool, but not if yours still works fine for what you need. Coke bottles were recycled and Candy Bars were made with real ingredients, not to mention potato chip bags were full of chips. All of this though one could live without. Cars and Trucks got one from point A to B and were taken care of.

  The type of jeans, shirts, shoes, or socks, and the furniture were based price by how durable it was or would be. One simply used a vehicle. Kids souped them up. Adults drove them both ways, but usually just as they were.  Toys were bought and collected by kids... not the big balding kids, or even the ones in High School, little kids.

   Parking was never about cramming into the closest ones they could get, and drive through service got the order right. When we saw a new phone we said nice, I'll think about it, but for now mine still works. And if that phone failed to work after a year or two, you probably would not buy that brand again. When driving, the courtesy of letting people in or changing lanes. The allowance of eye lead time between you and the car in front.

  The police had clothing they wore, but never like some kind of Military Elite, just plain old cop uniform. The Lone Ranger, Spiderman, and other heroes never took a fatal shot, or tazzered granny  or pepper sprayed her. But now I've heard some granny's speak some pretty bad language, but those people should have been chilled by now, provided of course the laws were unbalanced. Well now that I have pissed a few off, I might as well go for broke.

 I wonder just how many goes home to drink a beer, or to the bar for a beer. I'll bet there are a lot that do. Tattoos, have you even seen so many people getting them in your lifetime? Why? This has to be the most genius way to catch anybody doing whatever they want to catch them at... bet there either is a rule or they can write one real quick. Body piercing other than ears. That is to show that you are tough and can stand pain? Really? Or does that show that you were led to do it by greedy artists and The Powers That Be.

  We use to be the good guys in the Military, and those that serve generally are good, it's the leadership that is bad. Thing is, unmoral orders do not have to be carried out. We have amassed so many countries that hates the USA that I would not want to go out of country.

  When is the last time the house you have is enough, even when it is crowded, but affordable with enough money left over to actually have a life. Somewhere we turned the corner, but when and where. We use to be proud of being an individual... even prouder still if our children were. When was the last time did getting old lead to being a sin? When did we stop caring about others in their time of strife, or when they were in need? At what time did we start putting ourselves first and all others second. When did old people become old grouches, ignorant, and hard headed? When did they start acting this was? When did society begin to treat them this way?

  Now at some time we have to deal with the me first, to Hell with everybody else attitude. And no matter what your corporation tells you as to stress actually being healthy, it's not. I always loved hearing those motivational speeches that tell you that you are family. Your not. When did kids become so smart, despite their family being ignorant? I thought I was intelligent when I was a kid... someone I must have misplaced it.

  So here is a test. It's plain and simple, but a test. No TV, film, or music for a month. I guarantee you. Things will get a lot cleared.   

  How much of this stuff is programmed into us through the TV, Film, and Music industries do too.?  Stop and think about it. TV has  programs.Thing is, a group named Black Oak Ala. So the next time you are doing ask yourself. Am I doing because  because I seen it on TV or watched a show about it. With true freedom, we can talk and chose what type we actually want.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Like That Smile

  Last night we went to the hospital, my father-in-law was thought to have had another stroke. It came back that he didn't, but they still do not know what caused him to pass out. They decided to keep him overnight and the room was full of visitors checking on him. There he laid, TV on, but with no sound. He is immobile now and has been for some time. The room is alive with chatter, but first, the back drop.

 I'm not sure just how long they have been married but I'm guessing sixty or more years. There is much I don't know about them. Glen served in Korea and while he honorably remembers, he does so with humility. He ended up in what we now call the Morgue where part of his job was also gathering missing parts. He sees it as a service and was his duty, nothing more, nothing less.  He was a Deacon in his church and a Bible School teacher for many years. Grew a garden that was for the eye to behold

  Iris, his wife, was in a horrible wreck when my wife was young. They were hit head on in a curve. Her throat was crushed so she speaks with a coarse and raspy voice. She is head strong. They both worked, to my knowledge, only one job... American Enka. After the wreck she could not return to work, so she stayed home, where she made their clothes, quilts, and kept the home in order. Like Glen, she is of few words.

  So as the room was filled with chatter, I watched Glen through the corner of my eye. He scanned the room fixing briefly at his daughters Glenda and Denise, then at Iris, locking in. This smile came across his face. Nobody really noticed, self included. From the chatter a raspy voice said, "I like that". Glen smiled a little bigger. "I really like that smile Glen, I like that smile". The room silenced as we all began to notice and hear Iris's low raspy voice. Glen's smile grew even bigger. "I miss that smile".

  Now this wasn't like a Hollywood moment, nothing nasty was exchanged, no tainted nothing, no fake. The words might sound like they were understated. Oh, but if you could have seen the eyes in both of them, they screamed volumes. Iris and Glen had this true love just beaming out of each other. Not the fake stuff in movies, the real stuff, and I say stuff because it was a mixture of emotions that spewed out. Love was one but just as strong was contentment as well as peace, completion, dignity, and kindness. Glen loves to please Iris and Iris desires to please Glen in a pure, wholesome way. The two have not become one they are one, each living for the other.

  Men were, and some still are, not seduced by glamor or other ladies. I've never heard Glen say, just as I never heard dad say, but they serve the Lord first and their spouse second, followed closely by their children, family, friends, country... they are last. Iris seems to have the same line-up. All great people have that line-up that I have met. Now here is the thing. All, and I mean all, have lived their life, even through hardship at times, in peace and contentment. They will tell you they have always had enough with never a hole to fill.      

Thursday, October 6, 2011


  I think I am suppose to write this, so I'm going to.

    In the world these days, and I base this on living in the USA, we're told a lot of lies. So much so that lies appear to be truth. It only takes two generations to make a lie believable to the public at large. Guess what? This has been sold longer than that now even the lie appears as truth. I'm not sure about you but I myself have had enough. Very powerful, evil people have convinced us that we don't have enough, and it has to stop. Someone at sometime has to say, I've had enough. Most of my life I have been in public jobs and many of them seeing and meeting the public at their homes. I have seen so very much and for years I got trapped in the lie myself.

   Now personally I believe in Jesus and God the Father and the Holy Spirit, but suppose you don't. If you look at Him as a myth or man, what's wrong with Him being a role model? The answer should be nothing. Gandhi was also a role model. Mother Theresa was a role model. Let us just look for a moment at His life. Now if one is a Christian I know this will be hard, but what did He stand for? How did He live? The answer is simple. He had enough and not only did He have enough, He wanted everybody to have enough too. He taught that when we actually had enough, that we make sure others had enough too. He taught that when we had enough food that we make sure others were not hungry and that they had enough too. He taught that when we were clothed that we saw to it that others were properly clothed too. He taught that when we had a home that others had a home too. He taught that we were to see to it that the sick were attended and the hurting were comforted. He taught that a person should be paid properly and that workers should work properly. He taught that rather than love what is material, to love each other. He taught that those who do and live violence will die from the same, therefore be peaceful. He taught that we should be compassionate to our fellow man (or woman). He taught that we should monitor ourselves and judge ourselves rather than pointing fingers. He taught humility and mercy, love and kindness. He taught sacrifice of self over material wants. He taught to seek something other than material things that with time age, rusting and rotting and being eaten away by time. He taught forgiveness. He taught not to take advantage on others and not to turn a blind eye to those in need. He also taught against usury. He taught to be willing to die for something, or live for nothing.

  I don't think that those who are decent that are not Christians can argue with any of that, there is not a bad thing He taught. But for those who don't like some of these things, don't dare call yourself a Christian. In His lifetime He made a profound statement about taking up one's cross and following Him. That means, be like Him. In others words, read what is above, better yet, pick up a Bible (KJV) and read. Those that don't have a Bible there are many online. There are those who are believers and aren't that will say this is Socialism. To that I say, take it up with God. Many churches today kind of skip over this, or water it down. If this is your church... run. So here is the thing. If we lived our lives as Jesus said, there would be no wars, no hunger, no needy. There were two groups back then too that were very much against His teachings, so much so, they killed Him. They are still in existence today and have a large following, just as they did back then. Are you one of them? They knew the Bible back then as they do today, many word for word. Jesus spoke in Parables because evil could not understand what He was talking about. So today, they often twist His words. It is called, taking something out of context.

   Jesus did not get along with the rich or the religious of His day which makes me wonder how we would be viewed. Is your belly full, so much so you really need to exercise a lot to try and control the fat. Is there some child or adult, not in a third world country but here, that is hungry close by. BY close I mean your city. Is your clothing good while others go bare? Does that high priced article of clothes really make the man or woman? No, not if there are those who have to wear rags. Those designed whatever just shows ignorance while they are still made with slave wages and merely have a tag on them. It could be anybody's tag name. Do you have things piled up that someone is in need of? I think this is called hording. Is your house so full of things you can't navigate around in it? Does the fancy new vehicle really say that you have "arrived" or that you are "successful" or that you have "climbed the ladder to success"? No. It just says you've bought into the illusion. Does that big McMansion say you've made it? No. Will any of this matter in a thousand years? A hundred years? No, at least not in this world, but it will in the next. Think the need for A/C in the length of eternity.

  So this part is for the Christians. Today we hear it preached that good works and deeds are not enough. And that is correct...BUT... Jesus also says that if you believe in Him to take up Your Cross and Follow Him. Jesus' cross was a tree in which it was an embarrassment and was meant for shame to die on a tree. The Pagans of the day worshiped nature and for some reason trees as they were suppose to be spirits. Long story there, and yea I like trees. Yet, He took that symbol of shame and turned it for good, redemption for all who would Take Up Their Crosses and Follow Him. In a few words, imitate Him, or better started do as He did. So it is a packaged deal, and a take it or leave it offer. There are strings attached. If one believes then one is to behave as He did. This is a bit different that the do as I say not as I do, He set the example. Do as He did.

  So now we come to the question. Do you have enough of your needs? Do you have more of your needs than you need? Don't count the wants. It also doesn't count with the I work harder or my job is harder or if they wanted they could succeed too. As for Lawyers, sorry, no loop holes. Having some wants isn't a bad thing so long as seeing that someone is not in actual need. Here is another thought to ponder. If it wasn't for the fish sticker on your car, or a cross from your neck, would people know you to be a Christian? I know Atheists that show more Christ like examples than some Christians do. It is not, regardless of what you are told, to just say "I Believe", even the devils believe that Jesus is the Christ. It is true that you will never do enough and by Grace are you saved, but you are expected to believe and try to do as Jesus done. I know I don't always, and thus I judge myself. I try and see what others see, then improve on it. Remember, The Powers That Be back then hated Jesus and they will probably hate you too.

  So have you had enough of this "American Dream"? Are you awake yet? Have you had enough of covetousness?  Enough war and killing? Enough busting your butt for things that fade with time? Do others near you have enough? How will you be known? If this was your last day, what will your legacy be? You, I, and everybody else come into this world naked and empty handed... and we leave the same way. Thing is, did you leave this world in a little better shape then you came in? Were people better off knowing you? Do you leave with more love than you came in with? Do you have enough of the things that really matter? Did you make sure those around you had enough too?

  Anthony Kimbrough               

Friday, September 9, 2011

911 Today and Yesterday

911 Today and Yesterday
All kind of articles are on the web about 911, celebration, remembrance, and so on. For the first time about two days ago I turned off the radio station I listen to, it got a bit perturbing. What happened that day was terrible but there comes a time to heal and put the past behind you. This will make a few people mad to hear this but let it pass.

So I thought and reflected back the other day and we all wonder what is wrong with the world and I think this is the biggest part, we're being taught wrong. It is past time to stop the hate. To stop putting salt in a wound and let it heal. Let people heal. That is one of the biggest changes I see these days. As the old people use to say, "Let sleeping dogs lie". Churches don't. Conventional media don't. Conspiratorial media don't. Government don't. Influential people don't. It seems like nobody that influences people will not let it be over. No matter if you believe the given story or the conspiratorial story, let it be.

There was another terrible event and it was Pearl Harbor. Many say there was a big difference, and they are right, just wrong on what that difference was. When I was in fourth grade, my teacher, Agnus LaRoue (spelling ?), told us in school about Pearl Harbor. Now this was in the sixties, so bear that in mind, back when free speech was real and we actually studied our own country and states. Anyway, she was teaching us history and came to World War 2, and then Pearl Harbor. She told us about her best friend who was to be married, but that never got to happen. Her soon to be husband was at Pearl Harbor that day and was one of the people who died. She told us of the pain and grief that her best friend felt, and those around her.

Now Mrs. LaRoue could have stuck straight to the history books, but her tale brought us all in the moment, much like what is done today. What she said next though is what separates us from how we once were to what we are now. She rushed, as did other friends, to this lady's side in her anguish. For days on end she wept, as this was the love of her life. They all felt anger and then suddenly the lady looked at them and said she prayed and asked them to remember to pray with her. She prayed though for not only God to help her and to be with her and his family, but for forgiveness to those who had attacked. Mrs. Agnus said at first her and the friends refused, as the country was in shock and disbelief of what had just happened, but their friend was insistent on them to pray as much for the enemy and forgiveness. She said that through that, they slowly began to heal. At the time we listened but did not hear, but in time we did. I'm not sure if this teacher had a clue just how much she positively influenced us back then, but I'm grateful that she did.

Later on I had another teacher, Mrs Harrison, in high school in the seventies. We approached the Pearl Harbor thing and she told us of when she was young and this happened. I want to say she had a friend or relative there, but it has been so long now I forget. Her and some others held a prayer group for the families of those who lost loved ones that day, and the ones who had attacked us. Her message to us was the same. Remember what was learned but at the same time forgive those who committed it. Heal and forgive. Get past the pain, past the hurt, and move forward. She also had the same message as Mrs. LaRoue. In order to heal we must forgive and move on.

My grandfather that raised me, I called him dad, fought in WW2. He was in the medical unit and went through Pearl Harbor and worked with wounded there, then they were sent overseas. He would not speak of war only to say it is horrible. Once, one of his friends her served with came to see him, in the seventies. I listened to them reminisce of their days in the war, more ease dropped when I could. They both sat and talked with me though as I was a big war buff and history fan. What I was taught by these two great men was that they harbored no hate for those who they fought against as far as the people went. They served together and were some of the medical unit that went in the Nazi Concentration Camps, but they did not want to much talk about it. They were later sent to Japan after the bombs were dropped. I distinctly remember asking if they hated Germans or Japanese, they said no. They did not like the Nazis though and said they were evil. As far as they people went though they said they were people, just as nice and polite as we were here, just different in their ways. I also remember their answer when I asked what they had learned that they could teach me, and their answer was simple. People are people and war is the worst thing that could ever be, though they were proud we defeated the Nazis. They both had the same advise. Learn from the past but let it be. Forgive.

So all forms of media and people in influential places should take the advise that once made our country shine. We once were taught that lesson, one that has been lost today. Almost all faiths, save a few, talk about and encourage forgiveness. The true Christian faith is suppose to be know for forgiveness. That leads me to wonder what is being taught wrong in the Christian world today. If we are to be a nation that stands as a beacon and blessed by God the Father, we have to follow His rules that He gave through His Son Jesus. That is to say, if we claim to be Christian, which I do. These not always easy rules to follow sometimes, but they actually work. I finally figured that out with the murder of my cousin. Had it not been for the people in my life who had gone through strife and came out unblemished, who knows. So what impression are we leaving on our kids? What are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to others? What is the world seeing? All in the name of revenge and hate.

So I'm hearing of this place who has a piece of one of the building or something in a state that isn't even close, and they are placing a piece there as a remembrance to the event. The radio lady on the station says they are debating on if they should rope it off or allow people to touch it. She thinks to allow people to touch it so they will feel it. Now this is suppose to be a Christian Station that is part of Billy Grahams network. I turned off the radio, I'd had enough. This is nothing more than salt in the wound and hate, along with idol worship. We often think idols as a statue but clearly it can be anything that we hold in high reverence, be that money, things, houses, careers, stuff. Anything that gets between you and God. But to place a shrine? So I end this writing with a few scriptures to explain what I am saying. Christians and others can heed this writing, most religions and beliefs have very similar morals. So for your own sakes as well as those we attack in the name of justice who are as innocent as the victims of 911 were, FORGIVE. Let it go. Move forward. Show what the Glory of God is. Be the light you want to see in others so others can see the light in you.

Philippians 2:15
That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;

1 John 2:9
He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.

Matthew 6:14
For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

Matthew 6:15
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Matthew 5:44
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Matthew 18:21
Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?

Matthew 18:35
So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.

Luke 6:27
But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,

Mark 11:25
And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

Mark 11:26
But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

Luke 6:37
Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

Luke 7:47
Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

Ephesians 4:32
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Matthew 6:24
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Luke 9:62
And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

I encourage you to read the whole parts to get the context of what is going on. If you don't have a Bible handy, here is one online. LINK

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Thinking

   There are quiet A few things today that limit what we know and at the same time, set out to frustrate us. I know my patience is wearing thin when I just cut off sources I know to be wrong for news. Up until recent times I went by what I had been taught as a child, to not "throw out the baby with the bathwater". There is always some truth contained in a lie and a lie contained sometimes in much truth, if one is wishing to deceive another. Then again it was either Hitler or one of his top officers that once said that if you tell a lie, make it a big one. From the same people was said that if one tells a lie big enough and often enough, people will believe it. I believe they were correct. Still, lies flourish when knowledge runs shallow.

   I think we allow ourselves to be deceived more than anything else and there are times, events, and things we are deceived about when not allowing it. These days we notice deceptions easier for the most part, just the smaller ones though. Some of that is done through pride. We boast that we are the smartest and live in the most intelligent time ever since the human race first began, but pride goeth before a fall. Stop and think about that for a minute, it makes perfect sense. Seldom do we fall when we are careful and unsure to where we step, climb, or run. It is usually when we are quite confident and sometimes to the point of being arrogant that we fall, carelessly moving, taking pride in our own abilities. The fall also seems to be when we have pride in our pace and watch our fellow man's pace, waiting for them to fall, watching for them to err.

   Have you taken a good look at us though these days, a really good look. I stop occasionally to collect what is left of myself. Sometimes I stop to just breathe. One look at the comments on YouTube or a Forum and the ignorance seems to just beam through most of the time. I include myself on that. My great grandmother was born 07-01-1894 and she lived until I was 22 years old in 1982. When I was young I thought this had to be the most outdated, ignorant person I knew. Somehow though, maybe through a miracle, the older I got the smarter she got. Still, when she died I thought many of what her ideas were completely outdated, maybe even cynical. It isn't until now though that I see it was her that was outdated but actually advanced, for the times she talked about are at hand. These days she looks more like a prophet than an old woman who reflected to the future. While she reflected back to an old time full of hard labor and less luxuries and was not impressed with the modern advances made, it just didn't make sense... it does now. She wasn't fooled by what we are fooled by today and honestly I don't know for sure, but I doubt she would be fooled today. Her beliefs were simple.   

   Had I have known that our country would have become what it is today and heading for even worse tomorrow, I would have moved a several years ago. Through the Internet though I see that almost all countries have gone this path, some quicker, some slower. The light bulb went back on, maybe briefly, who knows. But in this moment I actually thought for a change, a country isn't just the government, it is it's people too. So what do I do, you do, we do? While it isn't for everyone, I figured that I would write, which is something I am not good at. We all have but three choices. Place our Rosie colored glasses back on and watch the world get worse and wonder why. Join in and live the same way as the rest are living, advancing our world the way it is headed. Look inside ourselves and become the change we'd like to see while helping others to be the change too, or at least recognize the problem. The third is the hardest to do. Once again I reflect back to my great grandmother who once said that the hardest way is usually the right way. Everybody will not do the hard way and nobody can be forced to do the right thing. That however is what separates men and women from the herd. It is not that one man or woman is better than any other man or woman, but rather it is the actions that makes them a better person.

  Just as ignorance and all that goes along with it are contagious, so is intelligence and caring. We don't think it is possible because we are constantly being bombarded with messages that it is not possible. There again is where lies of the few effect the many, but only if we allow it can it affect us. Call it what you will, we all have the ability to stop affecting how we think and feel. We are far more powerful than we have been taught in these last few decades. I see a lot of people take the talk about being self-sufficient and wonder if they even realize that fixing their own part is the perfect example of self-sufficiency. Why survive a catastrophe if we can avoid one, especially a man-made one.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ignorance is bliss

  This will have to be a quick one.

  When we remain willingly ignorant we become victims and aggressors. I say that because ignorance breeds fear and from fear comes misunderstand. From misunderstanding can either come pride or subservience... neither is good. From this condition hate grows. It is then easier for the man that ignorance grows in to kill his fellow man and act like an animal to kill each other. Ignorance is mentioned 17 times in the Bible and ignorant,  "ignorantly", is mentioned 20 times.

  We are all ignorant in different subjects, as Will Rogers once said, and I believe that truth. There are things that one need be ignorant of, such as evil, but not so ignorant that one cannot defend themselves. By most terms though, people against a people, it is usually the result of ignorance that drives the hate. As long as there is hate there love cannot reach it's full and intended potential. Forgiveness cannot happen. Kindness runs in short supply if indeed, even at all.

  That happened here in America as Europeans and Spaniards came and began to fight in what almost became a genocide to the level of extinction. It happened in Nazi Germany as a certain Jewish sect was almost eliminated. Since time's beginning ignorance has been around. Generally we read just the opposite as the winners write the study books. What is a hero in one place becomes a villain in another. Even the most religious writings have been twisted to keep the people ignorant to the opponent that  the people in charge wants to war with, or the people hate. 

  Devils often use people and make them become ignorant in order to divide mankind. We are fast to convict and fast to boil, so they, along with men, do their utmost to stereotype people.  I still cannot for the life of me understand how people can love things about a people, their food, clothing, even their ways, yet hate the other person just because they have been deceived and ignorance is instilled.

  Lets take the American Indian for instance. Now we see quotes from all kinds of people saying that Indians believe this or that when in reality, their beliefs vary from tribe to tribe. We forgot that they were many nations, not just one. They honor the Great Spirit. The Sioux had 10 commandments and they did not conflict with ours as Christians. They too had a Great Spirit. The name Great Spirit was used just as Christians uses God, which actually is a title. God is what He is, not His name. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us know a different pronunciation for our own name. God the Father is a Great Spirit. So where is the problem with that? The Hopi get most of the credit with their many gods. Why? That is what has been promoted. This is what has ignorantly been accepted.

  We don't start out ignorant, we're taught it. We tend to latch on to the worse possible thing that is provided to us about a group or groups of people. Why is that? Weaker people are suckered into believing that  someone in a group is less than human, or at least less than they, only by using one example, many times created for just that purpose. This enables us to attain unbelievable acts of cruelty against our fellow person. This gives us power for which evil can corrupt, for along with that comes pride, and pride goeth before a fall. Ignorance also brings with it fear.

  I would wager that most of the evil deeds done throughout history were done through ignorance. I would also wager that Hell is full of ignorant people. True strength is when one learns not to be ignorant, but learns. One learns about someone different and if they are found spiritual lost or wanting, one accepts that they are blessed to know the truth, but the other one is still your brother or sister. Perhaps when they see that strength in you they will desire it as well. Then again, maybe they won't, but you accept them all the same, for he or she is your brother or sister in blood. One may be more fortunate that one knows the truth, but never better than someone else.  Learn a little about them and maybe you will eventually be their light, even if it is through life or death.

  There are things I think most of us should be ignorant from, but by and large, not of someone else s' heart. Not someone's color. Not someone's belief. Not someone's ignorance. Jesus didn't.

  So if we are to be ignorant then let us be ignorant in evil. In selfishness. In Hate. In grudges. In hard heartlessness. So ignorance can be bliss. Understanding and if we can't understand, let us accept.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Bottom Line

  I read more now than I ever have, ever since that night. I study things that most don't want to know and some that people do want to know. There is a fight going on and it seems like everything is heading the wrong way. People sometimes ask why I am not afraid, but I have a secret, one that I am willing to share. Many of the term Conspiracy Theories are actual Agendas, and some are just smoke and mirrors. There is as much dis info as info out there.

  Tonight I watched Chris White's new video. I am picky these days what I endorse, especially in Christian things. But tonight, tonight was different as I listened to Chris talk on being saved. I think this is the best description I've ever heard. Some will listen and hear and some won't which is totally their option. This is short, sweet, and factual.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

When we die

  I've often wondered what happens when we die and stay dead. According to some, we sleep, and that maybe be true, but when? I know I didn't sleep, so what happened? Why was I not asleep? There are just so many variations that it becomes confusing to people of all and no faiths. Who wants to join a club that requires hard things for you to do when they can't agree on what they are to do.

  Now comes the famous words from yet another man, but it isn't as simple as a line. I promise it is simple though, or at least the start of it is. I'm not sure the dead and the spirits can read this, but the living can.

So... What happens when we die, according to the Bible?

Ecclesiastes 12:7
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

  Notice what happens to the spirit. It (you) go back to God. Now I know, this just says spirit, but what is a soul and does it die?

Genesis 2:7
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

  Note, became a living soul. So we have a body, made from dust that returns to dust, and a living spirit that God gave you a spirit when He breathed into you, and you became a Living Soul.

Body+Spirit = Soul. So the soul and the body dies, but your spirit goes back to God  ans is judged.

   So, in a sense your body and soul must rest, yet your spirit goes to Heaven or Hell after it is done.

 16For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

Dead in this case appears to be body, which separated from the spirit, the soul is sleeping. Body & Soul

  So There you have it, Heaven is where the spirit goes back to God and is rejoined at His second coming where the glorified body once again regains spirit to create a soul.

 Short & Sweet-

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What religion?

We all have a god, even atheists. The difference being what god and how we worship. Sounds strange I know, but it is true. One has to wonder just what god a person serves, either knowingly or unknowingly. I am not sure if I have ever written this down, aside from forums and perhaps on one of my websites. If memory serves me well almost 4,000 religions that exist today in the world, hard to image isn't it. I'm not going to cover them all and I'm going to focus mainly on Christianity, since I claim to belong to that one. So, the question arises, Who's you god? But I'll expand this a bit. I'll start with me.I've heard people say they "don't sweat the detail", But the devil is in the details. Hosea 4:6 :My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

  For years I posed as a Christian, even thought I was. I went to church, kind of watched my language, prayed (mostly when "I" wanted something or was in trouble). Thing is, I served God with my lips and even sorta in my heart... but I also had other gods. I lusted over women, cars, and other material things. I walked past many in need, not just physically in many instances, but emotionally and mentally. I figured when bad things happened to people they must deserve it, especially if I knew of something they had done bad.Either way, I figured it just wasn't my place to do or that I didn't have time.

I bought into what is now called a Judeo-Christian thing. Judaism and Christianity are different, as different as Muslim and Christianity are different. The three share the same old testament stories and people, the difference being the new testaments and that is where we three separate. All three break the ten commandments and no Commandment is above the other until Jesus added one and it is above all else. Christianity though is based on the life and teachings of Christ and acceptance of Jesus as Savior. The other two don't.  But since I'm using me, I'll stick with Christianity. Christians (as the name implies) accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Muslims say that Jesus was a prophet. Judaism says that Jesus was a blasphemer and sorcerer of the devil. Matthew 12:24" But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils."
" The name Pharisee in its Hebrew form means separatists, or the separated ones. They were also known as chasidim, which means loyal to God, or loved of God - extremely ironic in view of the fact that by His time, they made themselves the most bitter, and deadly, opponents of Jesus Christ and His message." Reference Link . Think about that before saying the words "God's chosen people".
   I worshiped money and material things with my deeds, thoughts and actions. I use to laugh and say that I don't love money, just what it buys. While I gave lip service to God, the rest went to mammon (money).  These days, as Christians, we got good slogans for that too to ease our minds and justify our new gods. Ones like, "he who dies with the most toys wins", "the bigger the better", "you deserve it", "just do it", "what about me"... and the list goes on.

To further become members of this world we have words like, "successful", "better yourself", "be all that you can be", and that list goes on too. Like most of these phrases it is the actual opposite from the truth. Motivational thoughts that are given like thinking positive works all the time, or that being faithful to God will bring earthly rewards. Man did I ever get suckered. It also worked just the opposite for those who were poor. So really, the god I was serving was money and worldly things. Funny, it alwasy keeps your hungry and thirsty, never satisfied, alwasy in need of more. Matthew 6:19 "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:"

Then there are those that worship men and their words. This one I must say I haven't fallen for in many a year, not since the NDE anyway. I watched a 7 part video series where a guy, using the Bible, said that everybody who did not count and do Saturday worship and instead done Sunday worship as the Sabbath, plus celebrated Christmas, and Easter have already taken the mark of the beast. He was quite good too, using the Bible to substantiate his claims. Thing is, on the sabbath thing, Jesus spoke clearly about the Sabbath. In all his ranting and seemingly wisdom he must have missed this man's ability, Mark 2:27  "And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:"

I've also heard those who say that God is one entity serving three roles. He went on to say that just as we experience different love depending upon our roles in life that God did as well. That one I know to be wrong. There are more references against God being one entity than for it, yet it is being heavily pused these days. Lucky for me though, I had been seduced by my god (money and stuff) and then fell I fell into Agnostic beliefs during those years. But I still had a god, just not the real One, and neither do most people I see these days. Most commercials help us out by making us Covet, Desire, and Lust an everyday natural feeling. Wall Street runs on it and so does the economy these days. 

Atheists usually choose science as their god. They may not proclaim it with their mouths, but they preform it with their beliefs. Most use Darwin as their Savior and the religion he created out of thin air. Evolution, to this day, has no solid proof, something that science requires, solid, can be proven by observation of physical proof. So it is taken on faith since there is no evidence of there anything ever evolving in the past or the present has been or is found. Their god is always changing, never constant, and usually tells them they are a bump on the earth, a mistake, a flea on the back of a dog. That makes people feel good and want to act better? 

   There are indeed thousands of religions recognized,  just not as much in it's truest form, Paganism. This have being sold these days so that if it were possible, we have Christian Pagans, Judaism Pagans, and Muslim Pagans. Thing is though, we can't. These two go no better together than if we mix the three main ones together. Pagans worship nature and the elements. In this Satan they say plays a role and I'm thinking they are about there, just a little bit more. Satan, again more than likely unknowingly, is the role and definitely created the role be it directly or indirectly. A lot of this goes back to Sumerian times and the   Jude 1:6  "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. " So sweat the details, for the devil is in the details.

  Still though, behind the scenes comes paganism, in the form of the "Green Movement". If paganism was all that and a bag of chips, why the deception? It should stand upon it's own strength and be presented as such. I'm not saying that we should not take better care of the earth, we should, but not worship it like is done these days. I wonder many times if we have become so complaisant and dumbed down, that we will go along with anything. Or could it be that we have such a large void that is opened inside us that we need to fill, that we will accept almost anything. As I said before, I know we need to take care of the earth, what we were created for, Genesis 6:  5"And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground." and   15"And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it."

   So as one can see, I'm not of the extreme right or extreme left, there is a middle of the road, one use to be called normal. This belief is either a black or white line, no shades of gray. This new green movement is no less dangerous than the military industrial complex warned about in the sixties or the free trade (another oxymoron). This one steals people's freedoms and more importantly, one's belief system, IE: religion.  From those two scriptures I'll say that is also explains the attacks on farmers. Who hasn't make the wisecracks about farming and/or farmers themselves. "Farmer's Tan",  Old Mc Donald and Farmer Brown jokes, and the classic, Redneck comments. Just for the record, the term redneck was originally coined by slave owners. This word was used to describe farmers that would not participate in slavery and done their own work. The constant attacks on farming rights, farmers themselves, and all the chemicals out there that endanger the farmers. Not to forget, low wages. Control food and water and you control everybody. Control that and you control people's will.

  So when we call ourselves Christians, we are saying that we take Jesus the Christ as our Savior. The Muslims and Jewish (most sects) are still awaiting who the will call the Savior. Christians will call their savior an anti-Christ, who knows, maybe even the anti-Christ. This is why they are monotheistic. They do not accept Jesus as their Savior or Christ.

  As I wrote this I thought, about the whole of the thing, which would be too long and require a book. It is a big world, so we can all get along. I think that perhaps I haven't given credit to these religions already being established and just simply being promoted as of these last few decades. So apparently the merger of paganism has been merged with the major religions, including evolution. That the merger with Judaism and Christianity has been for quite some time now. As for myself, I'll just choose Christianity, no hyphens or slashes. Call me selfish, but I like having a God I have a direct line with. One that loves me enough to send His Son to die for me. One that teaches mercy and compassion, and doesn't play favorites with races, people, or nationalities. One that forgives and is mighty to save. Now if this isn't the Christian way you have heard about or seen, then you've seen a hyphened or slashed version of Christian, not the real thing. If this is not the One you know, introduce yourself, He is waiting, all lines are open.     


Friday, June 10, 2011

Sometimes I find something

Sometimes I find something that I have no additions to. This is one. Beautifully dome. This will answer a lot of questions to if I read the Bible and why. Hopefully Chris White will not mind.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Over a Year Later

So here I set, sick again with a cold, damage from two storms, and behind of getting things done, but I'm thankful. I learned to write things that I normally wouldn't say, not well, but I record them anyway. I think that made a big difference doing that during the treatments. I never expected anybody much to read the throat cancer blog, but it slowly gained readers. Through that blog I gained friends, and through those friends I gained strength.

Beginning in 2009 started what I would call as Hell on earth, not to compare it with the real Hell, but it was rough. This is the first year I can occasionally catch a glimpse of pain free days, though they be few, still there are a few. I started this morning with my wife giving me a shot of B-12 from the Pernicious Anemia I've had about 18 years now. It started right after the Lymes Disease. That was followed by I think 12 pills. Tonight I took my usual 6 or 7, whatever it is, and I am thankful.

I look like the picture of health once again, yet I know looks are deceiving. I use to see people like me that were thankful and wonder if they had brain damage. Funny how things change. In a little over a year I lost my pride, hair, teeth, skin color, independence, resistance, and strength. Oh but what I gained in exchange. I gained in faith, belief, love, respect, humility, dependance, and stamina. I still work on those to this day.

At times I catch myself sounding like a preacher, yet I am far from that, not even in the same league. I told someone the other day that at either 10 or 12 I was saved and baptized, but at 44 He started working on me again and at 50 I was born again. I may be a hard case or late bloomer. But He never gave up on me, even when I didn't realize that I was drowning in my own self.

I have done many things I did not think possible just two years ago. My youngest daughter graduated. My youngest grandson call me Papaw. Plant a garden again. Drive my car and even ride our motorcycle, those days are limited though. In the midst of the years of Hell I said bye to my dad from a sudden stroke, but I'll see him again one day. I had a chance to say thank you and I love you for raising me when he didn't have to. He was my grandfather yet he treated me as if I was his.

Through this all I learned to have compassion for others. To forgive and to not make mountains over mole hills. More importantly, I learned top have faith and drew closer to God than I ever imagined that I could. I leaned that Jesus was and is always here if we just ask. I learned just how great the company He placed around me is, though they had always been there, I never really appreciated them as I should have. I have learned humility, and dependance, and gratefulness. I have learned just how blessed I've been and still am.

I've learned to pray, not just when I am in trouble, but when I am grateful and when I just want or need to talk. Imagine that. I barely recognize myself, and that is a good thing, but I've much, much longer to go. The more I learn the more I know I need to learn. I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined the freedom that comes along with faith in God. The peace, the love, and oddly enough, the happiness. I thought I would be this old stick in the mud, marred down in rules that would make life no fun, but I was wrong.

Some would say I have an edge through a NDE when I had my heart attack, and maybe I do. Still, I think that I grew even more from this second cancer, especially when they thought they had missed it. Many nights did I lay my head down, fighting sleep because I didn't expect to wake up. I wasn't afraid of where I would go, just that I wouldn't get to say, "See ya later" and tell everybody thank you and how much I love them. I don't miss that chance to make that said each day now, just in case.

So now I am a former shadow of what I once was, and I say Amen. I battle the damage of the treatments and it is not 100% that they got it. Again, I say Amen. With each cold, there is a chance of my throat closing off while I sleep, and it is well. For from these battles I have finally leaned to be still, and know that God is God. I finally have leaned that I have been blessed... all of my life. He loved me when I didn't love. He cared for me when I didn't care. He waited for me when I stalled. He picked me up when I fell. He believed in me when I didn't believe in anything. He gave when I only took. He carried me when I could not stand. He had mercy when I needed it the most and Grace when I didn't deserve Grace. He surrounded me with great people, all of my life. I lost me and found Him. Not that In would want to do all of this again, but I would for what I have inside now. I would for just one second to be near Him again. I am at peace now, and I say Amen.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Time for me to babble what is in my head again. If I done this at home I'd drive everybody crazy, :). I just keep going over a few things in the back of my mind and sometimes I wonder if we haven't all lost focus on the big picture.

There was a time that people contemplated on life and what was real, now if you do that your a nut. We focused on each other and on current events, how to make things better and how to right the wrongs. Now it seems we are more concerned with movie stars, reality shows, picking the "lesser of two evils" or one that just blows me away is the phrase "a known evil is better than an unknown one". Who thinks this crap up and even worse, who believes it? Have the problems grown so big that rather than address it we just go along with it? We're feeding the elephant in the room yet ignoring it, in hopes it will go away.

I watch some TV and some movies yet I stay away from much of it, I just don't think it is mentally healthy, and studies have shown that. I may go into that later on, on how that works exactly, but there is another thing I want to type out first.

There is a scripture in the Bible that bothers me. Now as I've said before I don't just set around reading the Bible, but I've read a lot lately. I don't understand it all and truth is probably understand less than I think. It seems that there are as many people claiming to know this or that, but just as lost as most, self included. Just too much dogma these days. But anyway, that is part of the drawing near of end of days too, which maybe tomorrow or maybe a thousand years from now.

So here is what bothers me and to some it will not mean much while to those of us who have experienced pain and suffering for a long period, it should literally scare the Hell outta us. Revelation 9:6 (King James Version) And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. Now this is scary. Over the years I have seen a couple of times now in my life where death looked good to escape the pain. Where dying would be easier by far than living. While I did chose to fight, a few times I gave up for a few days, I wanted it to end. God however saw differently and so I'm glad he did now.

To someone who has had little to no sickness, or a brief encounter with pain and suffering, I don't expect they would understand. For those of us who have seen hell on earth for many months with no escape in sight, I don't expect them to understand. This passage is one of the ones that people and clergy often run right over as they can't relate, or maybe they don't want too. Be that as it may though, it's there, and for a reason.

I and everybody else that has reached their limit have and option of continuing or stopping, and maybe that is the point of it all. We had that option. I think up until this last event I couldn't understand why would someone just give up. I do now. Giving up does not show a lack of faith, nor does it show anything lacking in a person's whatever. It just shows they are tired. Having said that I do believe we are to fight, but also I know that I saw my limits, and I will never judge another again if they do quit. I see now just how ignorant and unfeeling that was, not to mention boastful.

With science today and the frontiers of medicine it is almost possible, and indeed may be possible as well. Just as anything else, this can be used for good or bad. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I really don't want to live forever. Imagine if you will being tortured and not being able to die. That is hell on earth and basically a living hell, which after being toyed with, could maybe result in going to the real hell. I'm not sure I would be strong enough to endure that. Imagine how weak one would become as a whole person.

So then we say who would do that. Plenty. Waterboarding is a prime example of just that, so was the events that took place at the prison over there. Both events, IMHO, show just how depraved people can be and are. It also exhibited yet another thing, that people are willing to go along with it. At some point we must ponder if we have become the beast we chase. When we no longer are ourselves, then we are indeed no better than that which we chase and will replace that beast with yet another Part of this is bringing people back to life only to kill them again and again. Eventually though, death wins, and I'm sure not soon enough for the victim. I think the lowest parts of Hell awaits those who carry this stuff through and just up a notch from that, the ones who endorse it, and up just another notch, the ones who go along with it, or turn a blind eye to it.

That in and of itself is scary and brings about another passage, Matthew 10:28 (King James Version) And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. To me that says to fear them that can cause you to hate, do evil in the name of good, or not forgive. These things goes against being a Christian. A dog can call itself horse but that doesn't make it one, and never will.

All in all though, these two short and simple passages are what helps me to keep focus. As I said before, I really don't expect the majority of the people to relate to that, but those of us who do can. It isn't a short sickness or pain, but rather one that drags on and on and on that puts this into perspective. The one that never seems to end. The one where dying is easier than living.

Somehow we have lost focus though on all that counts. I could go into TV and today's music and how it works, but I'll see if any want to know that. It gets a bit detailed and in this case the truth is not only stranger than fiction, but hiding in plain sight. One of those, man, how did I miss that things.

So now we come to focus again. How to raise our kids. How to remember our dead. How to worship God. I really want to touch on that last one though. It's pretty clear in the Bible how to do that. I saw a whole website and indeed a whole ministry based on the Sabbath and end times. Then another "news' place that is suppose to be Christian and has stupid things like, "Was Jesus a Socialist?" What is that? Apparently someone that has Christianity mixed up with something else. While I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree and have a ways to go yet, even I know that.

These are just two of many that have lost focus, if indeed they ever had any to begin with. I think it is important to know why and what you do, then make an informed decision, but as for like the Sabbath thing, Jesus spells that out pretty clear. He does the same with His politics, or lack thereof. He does the same for Money Changers (bankers). Most of what we call conspiracies these days are facts that Jesus dealt with and indeed the world has dealt with from the beginning of time, except then they were known as facts. Jesus addresses especially the dogma of religion, something that got Him crucified.

So these days I am very selective as to who I listen to and what is said. I question what I hear as the control slowly tightens into the hands of a few, and it grows less everyday. There will be a day that blogs like this one, or websites like the one I have, will be taken away. In their place will be controlled information and controlled opposition, nothing new and nothing that wasn't tried before the Days of Noah.

The whole object of the game is to have you lose focus of the reward that you will get, should you follow a narrow course. The goal is to make you lose focus on just how important you are to God... and Satan too. To make you lose focus on how you are loved and stopping you from loving too. While what some of refer to as The Powers That Be (TPTB) want full control over your body, Satan wants the rest and not because he loves you either. Maybe that is what this means, maybe not, Revelation 13:18 (King James Version) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. So TPTB serve Satan, each gets what they desire, for these days are not the wrath of God but the wrath of Satan and man. Don't lose focus. Ephesians 6:12 (King James Version)For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Changing the world

Changing the world. Don't seem possible does it, but it can be done. I've mused on this on and off for a while and how that could be done. The answer was surprising simple, yet hard to do. But it can be done and it ain't impossible.

We spend most of the time working on don't and don't haves, or rather that is waste time on that. The problem is major. This is something that I've tried and it seem to work, at least for me. No way that just one person or group can change the whole of the world by working on someone else. So I looked in the mirror. That dude there seemed to be where to start, he has issues, so that is a great place to start.

Imagine, not Lennon's song, but a real imagine on this. Imagine that you can change the world. Imagine that all you needed to do is start, then maintain you. People would probably think you are nuts... at first. Limit yourself to only one TV show a week. Now imagine that you could get someone else in your home to do so, provided you aren't living at home alone.

Imagine that the politics of who does what to whom and who is wrong or right (except crimes of theft and murder) doesn't matter. Example: He/she is Gai. He/she talks filthy. And the list goes on. How does that effect you? It doesn't, unless they are directly in your face. Imagine that you accept them and love them as they are.

Imagine going to town or on a trip and taking it easy. A driver wants over in your lane and you let them. You are in your zone. Traffic congested... not a problem. Someone cuts you off or makes a driving error, and you just smile. You are in the zone now.

Imagine that you are walking into a store and a man is there with a sign or cup, begging for money. You give him some. Imagine that while you are in that store you see someone who is having a hard tome locating something. So you help them. Now imagine that you know or have a neighbor who is having a hard time meeting ends. Yes, even if they are a drunk and their kids and spouse is nice, perhaps they are out of work or maybe you don't know why. But they're hungry. So you have enough money to buy a little something, just for them. Imagine that some person is having a hard time loading their groceries. So you help.

Imagine that you go to buy a house and want it paid off early. So you buy a smaller house, something you can pay off in 15-20 years. The furniture and electronic items you pay in cash.

Imagine that you come to a doorway at the same time, so you allow the other person first, or hold the door for the next person. Imagine that you help a person who has a hard time walking.

Imagine that you have pretty clothes, but you only buy what you need, create a fashion. Imagine when you decide to get rid of the clothes, you took them already washed and folded to someone who has had a tragedy that needs them, or a church that helps people out, even if you don't go there. No yard sale, just a gift.

Imagine that you have more than enough money, and a neighbor goes hungry, so you buy extra to give them. Imagine that you see to it, if you can, that nobody you know goes to be hungry.

Imagine that you have a neighbor who needs help. So you help them do whatever it is they are doing. No charge.

Imagine that you run into an old person who is lonely, or possibly a kid that is confused. So you take time to listen and maybe speak with that person. Imagine that you take that time since TV is cut off all but one night viewing it. Now imagine that maybe it is your spouse or child that needs a shoulder.

Imagine that you have enough, so you take care and make sure if you have more to share that with someone. If someone is in need you are there.

Imagine that you yield to animals rather than run over them. They count too. Imagine that you walk in a park or field and look at the beauty of it all. Imagine that you muse the sky at the colors it has. Imagine you take time to be still.

Imagine that you do this, even when it is hard to do, but you do it anyway. It gets easier and easier as you do this and already you feel His grace. It's a full size that fills one up, but for someone new it feels a little funny at first. It isn't one that is all understood, even by those who practice life like this. It's hard to do but at the same time the fullness of the day leaves one refreshed... most times.

Imagine that after a few months of little to no TV, telling you what the newest thing is that you just can't live without. You no longer need what they are selling in the grand scheme of things for the most part. That keeps you out of debt or at least no new debt. The biggest thing is, you may just start being content with what you have.

Imagine that your actions would change because you no longer know what television tells you to act like through their stereotypes. Imagine not being prejudice because of this, prejudice is not a trait, it is learned.

So imagine that each person thinks of another person first and themselves last. Imagine that each person sees their own faults and works on them. Imagine that we begin to say we instead of I. What if I didn't think of myself but everyone else first and everyone else thought like that.

The world has had division for thousands of years and done just fine. True, there were wars, but at least not everyday like we have now. This world is no smaller than it was, yet people act like it is too small for people to be different. It was a world full of amazement with all the different peoples. A world of wonders. A world of mutual respect. Now it gets closer and closer to people being just a clone of what those that rule wish it to be. But just imagine if we had respect for the other person.

Just think about if we stopped looking for differences between us and begun looking for common ground. Different is what makes life worth getting up for. Just like opposite ends attract on a magnet, so could the differences be with humans. It could be a better place. It would be a better place.

Is it that we are so deep in the forest that we feel so lost that we stand still, or run in circles? But why? Why is it that we have given our power away to the hands of a few and like puppets, we dangle on their strings of what they prescribe us to act like, feel, and do. The world has lost it's way so that we feel so insignificant. I don't know, but maybe we have so many problems that we just don't know where to start. Maybe it is fear of nothingness if we try. But what exactly do we have to loose.

We all have power within us, true power, but just on ourselves and that is a lot of power. Our power though has limits because it is only true power over ourselves. So though we may not be able to change the world, and there will always be problems that arise, but each keeping in check one person, them self. Our little corner of the world will change and maybe we would shine bright enough for another to see this peace and joy, they might just change too. It would make them different than each other, yet the same in joy and peacefulness.

So what if I am the last person I think about. If I am the last person I am concerned for. What if I focus on defects in me. What if I care less about me and more for someone else, everyone else, and they for me. Really cared. What if it become live and let live. Certain the world would not be a great place because this isn't possible to get 100% cooperation, but it would be better.

So we look at this like a huge rock that needs moved. We can't pick it up and move it, it's just too big. It can't stay there, it's in the way. So we chip at it until piece by piece it becomes smaller and eventually is removed. Rather than change the whole of the world, I'll just do my little corner of it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The End ???

I never watch the news but a friend keeps me abreast of events. So I hear that the end is near and a date is given. Too funny in a way yet sad in another. I'm not sure what to make of this event, and the ones who fell for it. It makes me to muse what is wrong with the world today. I really don't know the details behind it all, been too busy lately with life. Mark 13:22 "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."

So here is what I've been thinking (musing) about and like always it's just what I think, I could be wrong. Personally I think this is nothing more than a stunt to make Christians look foolish... again. I can't get past that want that people seem to need for a disaster. I wonder if people really consider the ramifications of the Second Coming. Perhaps we don't. I know I hope and pray that if I am here that day that I will go, but sadly people I love might not. People that I've met over the years, but it is not for me to say, who knows, they may go and I be left behind. Matthew 24:27 "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

So when is the date? There isn't one in my honest opinion, it is not date driven and if it is then it is not for us to know. It goes along with when people ask questions like why did God do this or that. From what little I've studied there is an answer to why things are going wrong. This is the wrath of Satan and man, this is his and our doings. Eventually God will say enough and His wrath will come, but it is His own timing. Revelation 18:18 "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." The bad that is here and now are or in my estimation attributed to Satan and man.

I often think though the Second Coming will be scary. I know that I wonder what if He comes and I'm driving in traffic, or getting mad at someone, or doing something I shouldn't be doing like that. The blink of an eye. I'm by far a saint, so will I be doing good every blink of an eye? Probably not. In my thoughts I think it will be during or after the Tribulation. We ain't quite there yet. There are some really good books I've read, one of the books is "As The Days Of Noah Were".

I wonder if people really consider what Jesus was talking about when He said in Matthew 37, "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." It would take a book to write about that, and still we'd not be able to know it all. These were bad times. Rather than a quote I'll place a link HERE, read it slowly and well. I really don't want to be where for that.

So when is the end or the Second Coming? Who knows. I don't think we are at the end, but we're at the beginning of the end. Maybe God has decided to let us pick the date He returns, maybe not. It seems to be event driven and we have Freewill, so we can change it maybe. I can't see why a Christian would rush the end. I know plenty of good people that haven't accepted Jesus that are good people. So, when I hear people say the end should hurry, is that the Christian way. That to me is the forget everybody else, what about me thing. That ain't right.

Then some who mock Christianity say where is he now? Why hasn't He come yet? I usually smile and say, thank God He hasn't come earlier, for I would have not been ready. Maybe He is waiting on you. As abstract as that sounds, each of us is that important to Him. Maybe there is an event to put you closer to Him just around the corner, so pray that He waits for you.

This kind of goes along with where is it in the Bible about Dinosaurs. Simple, God didn't create them. That doesn't mean they weren't here and in Genesis 6 (there are other books too) that make quite clear what was happening. It also explains why scientist can't figure out what they were. Reptile or bird. But it gets deeper than that, much deeper.

So we look for signs and wonders, yet we're told not to look for them too. It gets kind of confusing until you ponder over that just a tad bit. We can know and see the signs and wonders and yet not dwell on them and certainly not look forward to them. "Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders," Matthew 13:3 "And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?" There is just some many references to the signs, and they are happening now. But to truly see what else is lacking, we must refer back to the days of Noah. There is a good book called "As the days of Noah were" that paints a picture. Then on Chris White's site he has a lot of info on that too. And for those that think it's not in the Bible, they both quote scriptures.

Then again, at the rate we are going, it may not be long. That makes me sad. This world can slap a body down, suck at times, and seem drudgery. We climb the mountains and hills throughout life, but I want my kids and grandkids to have the same opportunity as I have had... better. Does this life compare to life with Jesus? No, but I think we're suppose to live it.

I would almost like to go through the Bible placing up events that are now beginning to be seem as common place that were written down thousands of years ago. There isn't any straining or stretching things to fit, they're there in black and white, we just read over them. But the end is not now... I don't think, but we are set on a course for it to begin to end. Now maybe we can change it and maybe we can't. Maybe we can slow it down, and maybe we can't. Whatever the correct answer is, I think we're suppose to try. If had He have wanted us to just lay around and watch...we'd be a Clam.

If I'm right and it is event driven, we have a ways to go, but we're covering ground fast. So how on earth would we know when? We won't. If you want your generations to make it or to have a life here in this realm, we have to change. I'll write on that too since that had been pressing on my mind to write about.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roads remembered

I think we all are born with a develop certain gifts. Some of these gifts we use and sometimes we don't acknowledge some of our gifts. Maybe because we're told they aren't gifts and sometimes because the world doesn't consider then gifts, who knows, maybe even for monitory reasons. We all different in what we receive and acknowledge, but that really isn't the beauty of it. The beauty comes when we acknowledge and accept the gifts that another has been given as equally important.

For years I remember questioning if I was a Christian. Then for many years I just forgot about it. I vividly remember to this day one certain time, one which would set me on a different course. In the school auditorium, about seventh grade, certainly no later than the eighth. I believe the seventh though. It was asked that all Christians hold up their hand. This was some kind of meeting, nothing religious, but I don't remember what it was about. What I do remember is starting to raise my hand, then I placed it back down. I got a few strange looks and some I don't think really cared.

Now, years later I still remember that day. I don't recall specific details of others, just myself. I raised my hand and got some weird looks, so I lowered it. I still got strange looks from the same people. To date I still remember who a few of them were and the looks on their faces. There I sat, a million things hit at once, all were trivial as I see today.

I had long hair and a scraggly beard (I was young and trying to grow one). I rode a motorcycle and back in the seventies movies had portrayed all bikers as bad, especially those with long hair. I partied a little, and hung out at the pool hall which was known for drugs and being a rough place. I had tried pot and while many of my friends liked it, I just wasn't crazy about it. Still, I was accused of it, and after a while I figured whatever, so I let sleeping dogs lie.

I didn't grow up in church, but we went a few times a year. When I was a kid I had never heard of Mother Goose, Annie or Papa would read us something from the Bible though. We didn't have a clue what they were talking about, but it stuck. We were taught right from wrong and Christian values. Still, when I would ride my bike to church, as I sat there, I got very strange peers from many sitting there. Sometimes even points and occasionally hear whispers from adults about me. Their kids done things I would not have considered doing, but they looked like clean cut kids. These were the kids who stared intensely when I both raised my hand the lowered it that day. One could say damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Looking back now I still can't help but wonder, did they actually see me. Did they actually see anything past their own false glory? The only thing I am sure about is that God saw me. It effected me so much that day that the next opportunity that came I raised my hand, and I raised it high! I still didn't go to church. My hair was longer and I had a decent beard, full and unkept. To "them" I probably looked like crap sitting there, but that was ok with me. I felt inside like a weight was lifted because to Jesus I looked good. To me, I felt good.

It would be years though before I would go back to church regularly, and only to be interrupted again. I quite well remember that day as well. At the end of the service the preacher met as people exited the building to shake hands. He smiled as he shook my hand and whispered, "You need to get both feet in or both feet out." We only went for preaching. I worked all the time and wasn't off to attend on Wednesday nights and slept late on Sundays, so I didn't go to Bible Study in the mornings and by evening I didn't go, I rested for the week ahead. I just wanted to hear the preaching. I backed up and before I thought my response was, "Well Hell, thats not a problem now is it." Even unto this day I've never went regularly. I do listen to preachers on the Web and on a radio station called 106.9 The Light.

Over the years I've read, listened to different preachers. I've explored my Cherokee (I have no problem with) roots and looked at different religions. Guess I've been around the block a time or two, but I'm home now, and it is good. Though I still have to watch my mouth, gets a bit nasty sometimes. Still, I have no quarrel with most beliefs. They could be no more lost than I was. Thankfully I had people there that showed forth a light in my darkness.

Looking back at the ones that were presented as Christians, I allowed them to stand in my way. It wasn't their fault but a fault in me. There are a lot of things that one can do wrong and by far the worse is to allow those who stand at the gates and can't pass themselves so they keep others from going. It was my own weakness and lack of faith that I fell away. I thank God that I finally figured this out, or was shown it.

Over the years there were those that God has placed in our lives that impact us. For me one of which was the late Deane Harrison, probably the greatest teacher and one of the smartest people I've even had the honor of occupying the same space as. This lady commanded respect from those of us who respected nothing without asking. If she had never spoken a word, though her actions, deeds, mannerisms... she screamed loudly, I have a peace, a love, and faith. She reached out to people that nobody would. To the day she died, I'm not sure if she even realized just how many people she helped when the world had given up on.

Mrs Harrison as well as so many others were there, bet we all can think of a few. Christians that didn't tell you every breath that they were Christian, but they would should you ask. Then again, you never had to ask, it showed in their actions. You hear a lot about you can't work your way to Heaven, but that is not entirely truth. The truth is, you are expected to be known through your works.

This is repeated over and over again and again in the Bible. A tree shall be known by it's fruit. Somehow this gets lost in translation. Personally I think it is Satan. If you can't defeat the enemy from a direct attack then infiltrate. He seems to have quite well done that.

So to this day I place total faith in no man, nor myself, but totally in God and Jesus. I still have many, many faults... but I'm working on them. Rather than base God on man, I base God on God, for none of us compares. For a time I based what God requires on what I call gatekeepers, those that cannot pass yet stop others. Thing is, they have no power over you except that which God allows.

For a time I too wondered why does God do this or that? Why does God allow this or that? I still don't know but I sure hope that Job was the worse of the tests. I'm not sure I could withstand that, I pray I could, but I really don't want to see. Something to think about there when someone says God use me. I am reminded of something an old Indian Chief once said, "It's easy to be brave... from a distance."

I figure there are moments in our life that determine the path we take. Hollywood would have us believe it is always a big event, but it isn't more than it is. It is usually a moment that passes unrecognized until later. It will make a scar, but it passes so quickly that it may numb one for a while. Small, unnoticeable moments.

Here is how powerful we are. Only us alone can determine which path and once on that path, can correct it if it's wrong. I was off track most of my life, still am in some ways, but thank God that He placed those throughout my life that waited for me. You see, I am important to God, but no more important than anyone else.

I spoke recently with the author a a very good book only to see that he was wrong on a certain aspect about God. He tried to rationalize how God is one yet loves three way as we do. Did I argue, no. Through death I learned one thing that I cherish. God's love is not like ours. His love surpasses what we can achieve here in this realm. His love is so much that to this day I can't begin to explain it. No words can and no actions here can. He don't have degrees or types of love, it is a total, complete, consuming, warm, equal love. Imagine if you suddenly had everything you wanted... everything. The feeling you would have still pales in comparison. That don't even do it justice, but it is the only way I know to put it.

So we come to now. I have had those who said my heart attack and two cancers were a punishment, while others say a test. Some will say from the devil while others say from God. Some say from my previous lifestyle, yet I've seen others that led worse ones still doing good. I have no idea who or why, and I really don't care. Whoever or whatever, it has brought me back home. It would be a lie to say I liked it, equally it would be a lie to say I didn't deserve it. The biggest lie though would be to say I didn't need it. It isn't until we lose it all that we find it all.

So who am I to write this? Nobody really, just a guy setting back, trying to build energy for a surgery tomorrow. My body is weak from a flu that lasted until yesterday and my body still aches. Maybe I should put off the surgery as some have suggested until I regain strength, but I think not. Tomorrow a machine will breathe for me. Skilled people will work on me. Prayers will be prayed. I will fight my breath once again. In the end though, God has the final call. If I awake here, good. If I awake there, great. It is well. Either way the world will continue, and so will I.

I've seen more people draw their last breath than I care to over the years. I've watched people die in peace, and I've watched them die in agony. I am at peace. The world seems to be going to Hell in a hand basket, yet I remain at peace. Come what may, I am at peace in my heart. Something that all the stuff I bought, sold, money I've made couldn't bring me. It was never enough. As crazy as it may sound to some, God is enough.

My kids say (other than snakes and bridges) that I don't fear, but they are wrong. I fear no man or no thing that is on earth or the heavens or below. What I do fear is being who I was and what I was, a man in search of something, but he doesn't know what. I fear the one that can kill the soul. But again, I have that control. All that can be done is death of the body, nothing more. We each have the power though of our soul. Go figure.

When I see preachers preaching messages of hate, or those who claim to be Christian talking hate, those I fear for. I fear that one day their hate may seduce me as it seems to have seduced so many. Make your peace. Forgive. Love. If nothing else it boggles the enemies mind. The message that I think Jesus proclaims in the Bible, love, forgiveness, faith. Be that light that shines so that others will want what you are given. Be the change you want to see. When somebody falls, don't point, reach out a helping hand.

So maybe it all comes down to this, maybe not, God will determine that. Thing is, all is well. So who am I? It's not who am I but who I am not. I'm not a choirboy. I'm not a smart man. I'm not a man caught up in dogma. I'm not a perfect man. Most importantly, I'm not a man who walks alone anymore. Anybody can have this, but they have to search and ask for themselves. I use to think people that thought like this were either crazy or desperate. I was wrong.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The main lesson

There is one thing that I look at when musing upon life. This is the real lesson in this life. I think of everything I have ever studied, read, heard, or listened too, this is what it is all about. So set back and listen to the words. I end up back here all the time, to this, what I consider says the meaning of Christianity, then see if I fit at least one of the requirements.

Rather than write it, here is a video of this one part in all of Creation that we should weigh ourselves and our country on. Silently listen to the words and then think to yourself, Do others see me as this passage says? While rants as to Jesus's politics rages on. Wars and hates rage on. Are we really listening? God is.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sometimes things come along just when we needed to it them the most. I listened to this in it's entirety. Chance or luck isn't quite what we think, but you be the judge. The strange events that took place in this are amazing. Towards the end, you'll here what all took place in order for this one event to occur.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Krystal's friends.

In the world on Conspiracies there is just level after level, it is just so easy to get lost. There are deceptions and then there are deceptions of deceptions, even levels of that. Then there are deceptions and diversions that are placed with no malice intended. There are some people that do wrong things for right reasons and some that do wrong things for right reasons.

I guess part of what I'm saying is that the truth will suffice for the truth, but often times how and why it is hidden isn't always in black and white. Sometimes it is gray, not that the truth is ever gray or left open to interpretation, but the presentation of it is. This leaves many of us with the saying I have used for years and still holds true today. The more I know the more I know that I don't know.

When you hear or see someone who has unlocked all the mysteries and found the truth in all subjects... run, run away from them. There are some that focus on just one thing and some that broaden out into many areas, but nobody that I know of knows it all. It's just not possible. Think Tanks (Google that term) are and were made to made sure we don't.

Must gets lost in translation these days, which is funny since one would think that English is understood by all English speaking people. Just like Fallen Angels, demons, devils, evil spirits, aliens (in many Christian circles) are all just ways of saying the same thing in many cases. There are those who fight over the name of Jesus and which should be used, or the day of the week that the Sabbath is on.

Then there is the New Age movement that uses words like vibrational, resonate, frequency... and so on. I heard, and for a while, stopped listening to a great preacher because he was opposed to the word Light when NDErs explain what they had experienced. True, he should have looked a bit deeper, but also true, I should have been so so judgmental. Thing is I guess is that we all need to know that the same words can be used and abused by both sides.

I think it is very important to know why one believes as one does and the truth behind that belief. Then can one actually make an educated choice of what to do. Having said that, I also believe that God knows what is in a man's heart. It is by also knowing the truth that we can be deceived, or, as I tell my kids. I'll tell you the truth and then what you need to know to pass the test in school. We cannot know the truth without knowing the lie these days.

And lies are not just lies, but more often than not, up to 90% truth and 10% lie. Another one to run from are those who say the truth is subjective. If we look at truth as light, think of it this way. You can always reduce and even defeat the darkness with light, but you can never dim the light with darkness, it only gets brighter in appearance. Well, that is truth, but we add another factor in, distance.

A generation (to my understanding) is about 70 years in the Bible. The modern day Jews of Israel say 40 years, but we're not Jewish, so I'll stick to 70. Now we are looking at at least 2011 years at best, older on some cannons. But again, now I digress. Anyway, point being, that we have adopted and changed many, many things that we believe and do and say over these many generations. Maybe one reason we're taught change is good? We'll, that depends on who's good it enhances. Point being, that light is harder to see from the distance.

There is no shortage of material these days on about any matter one wishes to read about or listen to. With this comes so many opinions, so many, and we all know what they say about opinions. Some wish to enlighten you while others wish to keep you in the dark. Then there are others that keep one in the dark without doing it intentionally. There are those too that are there as what I call gatekeepers. They will lead you most if not all the way to the gate, then stop you short of passing through it.

Some get hooked on terms. Words are important and perhaps why we have seen so much effort on the part of those that rule to dumb down society, but like anything else can be taken to the extreme. There are groups that dare anybody to call God (which is actually a title) anything but what they call Him. That's all well and fine except different languages have different pronunciations and as long as you aren't mixing the names of God and gods, it's a mute point to me. Since He created it all, I think He knows His names, note the plural.

I think I have researched and studied about all the Conspiracy Theories out there and most of the ones I've settled with I would label as Agendas. People do conspire against one another and in spite of what the Truther type that you see main stream the loudest, there are those of us that have remained or converted to Christian. We just get shut down more and while those that got semi-truth rage and rant, we continue to research or after seeing what we need, move along to other areas. For real Truth Seekers, half awake is still half asleep.

I've been through the Ickes and Tasarions, and the Maxwells. Nothing personal to Michael and Jordan that I've talked with in the past. I get along with them just fine, but they are wrong. I think the only person that I ever put a lot of trust in was Aaron Russo. Aaron and I never discussed religion, so I can't say his views on that, but he was a good friend. It would not be until after Aaron's death that the world would finally give him credit for his knowledge past his movies and topic of the Federal Reserve.

The whole of the thing is that these days you are going to see a shotgun splatter of everything one can imagine. Seldom is any of it going to be a total lie though, deception works better when properly mixed. The whole point though is to keep you distracted from what really matters and the truth.

Recently a new breed has been coming in the scene, a Christian breed. Now I am not going to say that I totally agree with each and every piece of info the believe, but we are so close it ain't funny. Most of them are smarter than I, from what I've seen. Chris White is at the top of the list so far. His work, honesty and humility is refreshing.

Dr Dino is another that I ran across some years back. I had thought at first Russ Dizdar was a bit extreme until I got an email from a friend who puts out a truth investigation site that I have always endorsed since he first founded it. His last email update though had a New Age video, well made, that showed that Dizdar was not over excited and shed new light into what he was saying. I was blown away. Minister Dante seems to focus on "As The Days Of Noah Were", which is excellent reading. Most these days focus on certain parts with specialty, but are also good on the bulk of it.

The biggest thing for you to know, and even though that have no religion or a different religion than mine is that these people are Luciferian by faith. Even those who no beliefs in good and bad will quickly point out that it really doesn't matter who believes what, it's who has the finances to act upon their belief. These people are powerful and have financial support to do what they believe... to the body. If they think they are a superior race, though in truth they aren't, they will and can act and effect your lives. That said, they have only the control over the spirit, your soul, that you will allow them to have. Remember that above all.

In time, I can save you the whole trip around the world, but I can't make you see anything. One has to do that for one's self. Though I view Romans as evil, they were smart. Ask yourself what they did in any investigation, "Who Benefits?". It's really just that simple. Then look for documentation. In my last tip only you will benefit.

One more tip. If it is declared date driven, it isn't. It is event driven as to how things unfold. They do use numbers they associate with their beliefs. So be aware of 3, 6, 9, 11, and multiples of 11. I could go into that a bit more but I'm sure you will Google it.

Now the biggest tip. You can, and I wouldn't have believed this myself years ago, find this whole thing mapped out in the Bible. I'm not talking about the Bible Code either, the actual Bible.Instead of reading through it like a novel, stop and research the names, places, events, and even the interpretations. Personally I the the KJV is more accurate, but I also have the Geneva Bible as well. Or, read it online. Here is a link to a page that has a lot of translations on it. LINK . Rather than just going through the motions by attending and listening but never looking and researching, it will be just another book.

And that's about it. In the end you will have benefited yourself and hopefully as you learn others around you. You will learn who TPTB are, who runs it and I hope most of all, who you are. How this isn't a battle for money nor physical control, but of spiritual control. You are worth more than transcends this world, and you are loved. The deception is that evil, lie, and darkness are not really terms that describes something, but rather the absence of something that is devout. A lie is the absence of truth. Darkness the absence of light. Hate the absence of love. Evil the absence of good. War the absence of peace. Satan really doesn't want you to know that.