Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of Gods and Men

  First off there are no Atheist, none, nada, no such thing. The very word itself is a lie. I know of nobody that has no god. We hear the word god and assume that we are referring to the Christian God, some will say the Christian/Jewish God. That is true but no the whole fact. Least we forget, god is a title, not a name. A god is anything that is revered, loved, feared, worshiped, desired, saved by, and/or submit to. Things can and are gods, actually more times than spirits are.

  The word Agnostic is also a lie, unless one is mentally confused. Where Atheist say there is no god Agnostics say they're not sure. One should know what one worships and I'll guarantee that a person has something, even if it is themselves that they submit to. There are those with mental impairments that may actually be Agnostic, but I've yet to meet them, save one who did not know he existed.

   So who is your god? That is something that only by stepping back one can see the big picture of what the desire, worship, submit to, fear, saved by, or love the most. People can usually see what one worships with observation, so why can't we. The answer is probably there but by looking deep inside one's own self can we see who or what gets the most attention, and there could be several areas.

   The biggest problem though I have is not with those who are afraid to admit they have a god but rather those who think they are a god or can become a god. That is why I think New Age is so dangerous. It teaches those that Ascended Masters is an attainable thing. Ascension yes, as a master no. They teach to love yourself, and gods do need to be loved. I hear that love yourself though in many beliefs. Such things are what Psychopaths are made of. Some say the food, others water, while still yet others say entertainment... perhaps a mixture of all. Who knows? When one lives in one's self and loves oneself the most, consider themselves to be or working toward being a master, one can be easily deceived. An old term I heard when I was young was "basking in your own glory". That is a big shoe to fill and a trap for a stumble and fall. The "world is a holograph", "you create your world", "this is merely an illusion", "you are a god". You know, all this was said once in Genesis. It was a lie then as it is now. 

  I'm not saying it is wrong to love oneself, but that one should be the least person one does love, thus climbing off the ladder of being a god to yourself. It is a long drop up there. History is riddled with people who would be a god, people that loved themselves the most. Hitler, Stalin, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dahmner, Manson, Jim Jones... you get the point by now I'm sure. These are self absorbed people and this mode of thinking, or not thinking as the case may be, only leads down a lonely path filled with destruction. It is the world of a Psychopath's delusion. Most are taught but some are born into this dark world of illusions, deceptions, and lies. They often cite what kind of god would permit cruelty as a method to their defense, all the while not owning up to the path of destruction left in their wake. They break that which they cannot fix. They take that which they cannot replace. Intentionally or not. Does it matter? Never taking responsibility for their actions or the damage they do to others in their journey. This is a world of lies. 

   Some worship Satan, Lucifer, bad or evil spirits. While some openly do so, in full knowledge of what they are worshiping, others see them as a ray of light, aliens of a mother race. Some openly know they do wrong but the allure of "do what they wilt" is just too easy to live by. Gnostic beliefs think Lucifer as the good go and God the Father the bad God who wanted to enslave Adam and Eve and keep them ignorant. Actually the Tree of Knowledge bear both good and bad knowledge in one bite. They had no knowledge of anything but good until that day. The tree was there probably because God wanted people to have Freewill, just as the Angels do. For some though it isn't quite that simple. They are seduced with what seems good intentions from what appears to be Angels or gods. I could write a long time on this but remember the commandment mentioned previously, now relate it to  "Just do it".     

   Now there are those of peaceful beliefs that have more than one god. Good people gone astray, just like the rest. There are many Christians, Jews, and Muslims who have multiple gods, yet calling on the name of the one true God they think lessens the damage they exert. They think praying and telling people how religious they are gives them a true god, yet serving other gods all the while. In today's terms it's called "going through the motions". I'm not sure I understand them and if it is suppose to offset their worship of other gods or deceive themselves as they leave a stain of where the walk on those they walk by. The true God is a jealous God and that is a fact and not saying good or bad, just is. He has well earned that respect time and time again.

  Money is often time a god, money and riches. I know people who have more and more stuff, more and more money... but never enough. Money in the Bible is referred to as mammon. All gods demand more and more, and this one is no different than the others. Though some may say their cup is half full verbally they see it as half empty. It just never seems enough, always just one more or the latest thing. I fell prey to this one and fight to keep out of it's clutches again.

  Science has become a god, not that science itself is wrong, but when science goes by faith and not facts, it is no longer science. They that worship science when facts change say that science is ever evolving. Great way of saying for years we were wrong and have decided to finally correct a small portion of something, the rest will come later. No admission of blind faith is ever made.

   I don't think I need to go into idols made from a person. That god should be pretty much known to be false. It is an object fashioned from a material that has no control unless someone places their their, then it's still just a thing.

   Nature, I'm not sure I even understand that one. A tree or animal can serve one how? They should be worshiped why when I have the power to take their life. While I admire their love for nature and the connectedness they feel because there is a bond. It is because we were created to care for the earth and both we created by the same Creator. We actually are interconnected but not as a follower but in a mutual need kind of way. Trees bow to wind. Animals bow to disasters and predators. That takes away the power they have to be worshiped as gods, just as it does our power to be a god. Just as we are, they submit and rely on God, as does the earth and galaxy as we move about the dark rift in the vastness of space.

    God the Father and Jesus the Christ is where I personally landed. Not by observation though of other Christians, mostly that drove me away. Christians are no different than anybody else and sometimes can be worst than most. Most deceived these days if they are not vigilant. In the movies evil cannot come into a church, supposedly hallowed ground. But this is not the movies is it? Most people go to feel good about themselves. Big cars, expensive clothes, and a preacher that explains only that which is safe and that which is twisted. They no more want to offend the congregations which is the hand that feeds them than a starving dog will bite the hand that feeds him. Full pews and empty heads with soft words. No different than when we were kids your parents telling you that you will get shocked and maybe die if should you stick metal into a live wall socket. We didn't want to hear that either. One is led to wonder if the god the preacher worships is not the ones he speaks to and the change they give him. I'm not saying all do this but more and more as time goes by.

  Some read the Bible and see the horror of things recorded while other see rules and demands and yet others see the past a hope. They see what worshiping false gods do. They miss the facts that one must look at when reading the Reader's Digest version of events. It is written one sided as all historical events are. It tells of what angers God and pleases Him, no different than other beliefs of the company employee handbook you get when employed or the loan you take out. As science says, for every action there is a reaction. The difference being that God is slow to anger, fast to forgive, and powerful enough to stop everything. I see some cite the killing and violence and yet fail to understand that will God doesn't condone killing, the biggest part fought against were not fully human who were evil and cannibalistic. Few preachers will broach that subject. Pretty much all recorded history tells of these races. One might dismiss these stories as fiction except they all confirm each other, though worlds apart and no knowledge of each other. Not to worry about fact or fiction though as the past repeats itself. So if you think it is unjust to kill a species that looks at you as lunch, hang onto that feeling, you will get the chance to reason with them, maybe they can be reasoned with now. Doubt it, but you can try. 

   Some will read this to this point and be pissed. Some will read this to this point and relate it to everybody else. Some will read this and laugh. Some will read this and stop and think. And all that is ok, as long as at least one stops to think and begins to be aware and wake up. I picked this belief for several reasons. It is accurate enough that it still has not been refuted, but many have tried over the centuries. If your god is money, make a wrong investment and it leaves. If your god is things they rot and waste away in time no matter how much you nurture them. If you god is an idol fashioned by hand it can be broken by a child. If you god is you it will wither age, make horrible mistakes, and in time die. If your god is nature it can all be destroyed. If your god is evil ones they seduce and rape, then leave you stranded. The God I chose picks me up when I fall, corrects me when I'm wrong, then forgives me and wipes it all away when I sincerely ask. Encourages me to learn and think for myself. Never leaves me alone in times of need. I do not fully understand Him, then again, if I did would He be a God worth worshiping?