Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Megasite 2 Sign Of The Times

  It's late and I shouldn't even start to write, but I will. I need to make a few points clear. I do not and absolutely refuse to claim and affiliation with a Political Party. I'm fine being an American and having my priorities in line with God, Family, Friends, Country... in that order. Now maybe that works for some and maybe it don't, for now though it is a free country, whats left of it anyway. Most of these people once they get to power, I see no difference, same different dog, same leash and master.

  I have barely researched this Megasite thing and already it stinks to high Heaven. I hear all this news how Democrats are for Socialism with Welfare for people, yet practically no mention of Republicans and their Socialism with Corporate Welfare. I'd like to focus on that and a few other issues that people seem to overlook on their way to party line worship. As I said, I vote for no party, I vote the person. I know people that would vote for Hitler if their party ran him for office. Oh wait, that is exactly what happened, idiots elected him based on the party he was in.

  What we seldom if ever hear is Corporate Welfare, and that is exactly what is being done with not only this megasite but all of them. Who benefits from Corporate Welfare? Corporations and those making the loans to fund them. Those who know up front who is developing, who gets contracts to create the site and can invest, as well as the corporations that leach off idiots. The multinational corporation(s) that move there do quite well. Usually the upper pay scale jobs are brought in or farmed out while the lower scale jobs (temp jobs at best) go to locals. Just like when Clinton & Gore announce Free Trade with Mexico, or Bush signed into Creation the NAFTA agreement, we boomed until things moved away, then flopped. Now just in case you missed that,  Democrats started it and Republicans sealed the deal. Two dogs on one leash, with one master. Basically things will go up here for a while, until they are completed, then decline. Most places have grace periods of quite a few years where the corporation don't pay taxes or pays at a reduced rate. Once that grace period is over they either down size or move off. We have Ghost Towns and empty buildings and lots in Industrial Parks that set as examples of this. It takes an idiot not to see that once the blood slows down they can leach off of there will always be another host. So they will move. Even their prize corporation Hemlock Semiconductor (DOW Chemicals) may be selling out to China, which is weird because China ties into some of the ones in office here and in Nashville.

  Meanwhile the payments the county and or state borrowed must still be paid. By then there will usually be people move in, searching or relocating for a job. People will be injured while there. People will eventually be laid off there. All these people need to be paid too. Somewhere else in the world offers the same deal, maybe even another state, except with cheaper labor and they leave quicker and richer than they came. Meanwhile the debt must be paid, the land is ruined, and people must be compensated. State and local government jobs will need to be trimmed, salaries frozen, and citizens taxed higher. Already TN heads towards a debt of 45 Billion, 6973.00 per citizen. (Source) Now we add the Megasites to that and that is not even counting what Jefferson County will spend and go into debt. This is citizen's money! If a person has elected "leaders" instead of representatives, party rather than integrity, we are about to get what we deserve. “In a Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve” -  Alexis de Tocqueville. We have become a Democracy but we were intended to be a Republic under the Law. Democracy- 2 Wolves and 1 Sheep deciding on what's for dinner. 

  Not that I am advocating Welfare, but between corporations and people, I'll take people any day. In Corporate Welfare the money goes to the Upper Crest and Investors of the organization who usually isn't even in TN let alone the USA. That money is long gone. In People Welfare the money goes to citizens who then in turn spend it right back into the economy. I scanned articles that stated a few business owners saying they needed the Megasite for more people and more business. Makes me wonder how long they've been in business and how long they will make it. Idiots usually don't last that long. It makes me wonder if we have lost the ability to tell fact from fiction, truth from lies, or bull crap from chocolate pies. Have we been kept so amused for so long that we can no longer actually think? We stand in the popular line and tell people we're smart yet apparently watch way too much TV or get lost on small crap diversion while watching crooks fleece our country. The line in the sand we draw has ever increasingly went back more and more until we're at the end of the sand. I overheard a guy say that he was shocked and mad, shortly after saying that is why he votes Republican. Idiot. I wanted to ask him just who he thought was in charge and what party line has been pushing these Corporate Welfare junk, building government bigger and bigger, while constantly in a state of war. I wanted to say he should have voted for whoever represented him best. But, mules are lead while thinking people wish representation. A quick peek at OpenSecrets.org shows who finances who, and big corporations always finance both sides.   

  One other aspect of this is that we, as a state and as a county will be heavily in debt. I will simply add these quotes, 

“I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” ― Thomas Jefferson

 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. ~Proverbs 22:7 

“A man in debt is so far a slave.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  I'm guessing someone is pooting under the covers. Follow the money on this thing. Follow the power ring. Follow the connections. Ask questions, demand answers, ones that have documented proof. After all, it is the citizen's dime these people are cashing in on. This is your children and grand children's future they are mortgaging. (Interesting note on that too, check in Nashville at the governor's right hand man's business). If that money is in excess, perhaps it would be better spent on local businesses, employees, schools, road repair. On people and things that are loyal to our county, our state, and our country. Perhaps all of that and maybe to help elderly with power bills or food or medical needs. No matter what, research, fact check, double check. Connect dots and hold those who are dirty accountable. Stand up and by your neighbor's who's land is at risk. Say enough.    


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Megasite in Jefferson County

 It's hard to believe that here in this small area crazy is happening. We live in a primarily Republican state and area, though some of us remain Independents and a few Democrats. If this were DC I would probably not expect to see a difference in policies. Well, that just changed, imagine that. It would seem that not only does the upper levels of government abuse power and are living in a fantasy world, smaller governments are as well. Stupidity and corruption seem to be plentiful. This thing is spear headed by Republican officials that cry and whine about big government and government overstepping their bounds. Imagine that if you will. Democracy was once described as 2 wolves and a sheep deciding on whats for dinner, and these wolves want the sheep.

  TVA is one of the groups that want to create megasites, never mind they need to work on controlling their waste and perhaps service and prices. Nope, they have expanded... diversified if you will. It seems they are now into Corporation Development sites, but they're more like Land Grabs. One of their partners is our own local governments, IMAGINE THAT. Years ago developing and relocating for multinational corporations were handled by the corporation who wishes to relocate there. Development Corporations and Businesses done that job. Now, we the Taxpayers are footing the bill... especially since no real multinational corporation has asked to come. I guess some idiot(s) must have watched the movie "Field Of Dreams" one too many times. If you build it, they will come, or in their case, steal it.  TVA, you have enough problems you need to work on. Go away.

  So they put on hold this site but allocated over 400,000.00 to Study IT? Have they lost their freakin mind? That is over 400K of money that roads, schools, hell, for that matter, employees who could get a raise could use. They want 1800 acres of land that connect to the Interstate and Highways, even almost to the lake itself. The Industrial Parks that already exist aren't full, but they want more land? Let me guess, for higher taxes, since a lot of the land is farms. Now we have all these people hungry and the government wants to take 1800 farms, along with homes, develop it, and pray somebody comes. The massive building where Industry once was is empty in many places, many even torn down, and they want more? Some manufacturing areas are leveled and strip malls are being built back. Who is going to afford to shop working for minimum wage? Ahhh Credit Cards, bank loans.... those are almost maxed out now. I really have to wonder at times if those who feel like they are "leaders", they should be representatives of the public, have lost their mind... or gotten greedy.

  I would love for people to watch the story of Argentina and their fall a few years ago. I would love for people to read and learn about Germany pre Nazi leading up to their takeover. That is just two examples, Democracy goes hand in had with Communism and Fascism. This should infuriate you and those in office who are pushing this needs to be examined. Any sign of abuse of power or Malfeasance in office, elected or not, needs to be prosecuted. I guarantee someone is pooting under the covers, either that or they are completely insane. Jefferson Count officials that are going along with this, I'm ashamed. To beat it all you are now even considering Right Of Eminent Domain, to which I ask what right? What right do a few have to take away another's property for personal gain? I want to know where in the American Constitution or the Tennessee Constitution you obtain the right for government to develop, let alone force it's citizens to sell.

  On the site, which I will link to at the end, I believe they have those guilty of voting for this acid trip plan. I encourage those who voted for it to be voted off the seats, least you lose yours.  In the meantime I say vote no to cancel the money allocated to studying it, something that large deserves a vote By The People, after all, it is our money. If you have committed it, it needs to be uncommitted. Meanwhile the people need to check closer into who, where, and how that money is spent and make sure none of those elected will make one red cent off it. If there is even one then it is no longer just a pipe dream but a breach of office duties, which IMHO, already is. Vote these morons out and prosecute and who have crossed the line. You know, that zero tolerance thing back at them. Nobody is above the law, or at least shouldn't be. I've always been proud to be from Jefferson County... until now. Our governments needs a enema.