Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Spin Doctors Are In

   I've been looking over seed catalogs again this year, time to add and change a few things up a bit. I've already bought what I'll buy for the year, probably next year's too. :) Apparently though some Seed Companies either don't know or are owned by Corporate Agriculture giants because they either don't offer or don't segregate GM/GE seeds from real seeds. I'm guessing that they are gambling on people not being smart enough to know that even their Franken Seeds can be grown "Organically". Sort of like most of the "Heart Healthy" labeled junk in grocery stores. It's a paid for label. Since we've been doing Gluten Free we've learned to look for other ingredients that are even worse, added to the GF mix. Does no good if they add MSG, Hydrogenated (or partial), Aluminum, etc. All this made me muse about a few other things that have happened lately.

  While at TSC the other day I saw a couple, dressed a bit too much like farmers only too clean, buying a Cast Iron 5 piece set. Yep, they were cheap, in more ways than one. At the checkout I saw them questioning what appeared to be city people who work there about the and the quality. Ever heard of the blind leading the blind? I asked the guy if they were Lodge? He replied no. He asked if we ever used cast iron and I told him almost always as far as cooking goes. I told him Lodge was the only one left in the USA who makes cast iron, and that they were probably from China. Then I told him about the Lodge Outlet in Pigeon Forge and where it was and to check out the seconds they have sometimes. Of course China stuff is probably still a little cheaper, who knows, may be good. I just keep remembering the dog and cat food thing, saved a lot of money there by killing them. The same thing got into the food supply a year or so ago, so much so a lot of food and additives were banned by most countries, ours wasn't one of them though. There was a outdoor store ad one time that read Camp Chef in cast iron, which is how I discovered that info. More on that topic later.

  The Seed Corporations use names like this, along with just about everything. No farmer or scientist makes these all American sounding names up, usually it is the spin doctors, also known as Think Tanks. I'm just thinking up a name here, but think about this. Would you buy corn seed that is called Old Timer Corn, or for the more modern type, F1 or 2, a number like the 501. For those with a taste in mine, Delicious (add a name). Most people wouldn't know what to look for in corn, especially since a long time marketing skill has been to rename the same corn, plus different name in different areas. Thing is, all can be grown "Organically". Still, with GE/GM corn you would probably not buy it or grow it if it said what it's attributes are. Good things like eats Agent Orange type chemicals or busts the guts on insects and probably whatever eats it. Produces it's own poisons so nothing that eats it will live and most things won't eat it, so you can have it all.

  Lately there is a debate on Hybrid, I call that the bait and switch. They say Hybrid is not Genetically Engineered, some even say not Genetically Modified, and a natural occurrence... just sped up by science. Wellll, I personally haven't seen a natural occurrence of acid breaking the DNA of a plant and then inserting a foreign DNA, like say a Firefly (corn), Human DNA (rice), Tomato (?) and making a plant out of it. Are they reading nature or science fiction manuals? A better question is do they think I am that dumbed down? I wonder if they kiss their momma with that mouth?

  I base who I deal with on what I know and the material they provide to me. I get a lot of seed catalogs in, and I appreciate them all. Good for starting fires in the wood stove. Few I actually buy from and once I do I keep my own seeds, also an important reason to buy what is now called Heritage seeds or food. I base my trust on the company as to what they sell, plus what info is given freely. In other words, I don't do Burpee and the likes. Ones like Seed Saver's Exchange, Baker Creek Seed, Southern Seed Exposure are about the only companies I buy from other than specialized farmers. I plan on keeping my own seeds so I grow only real food, plus the health benefits are much better. As for me, I waited a bit late, so it is for my family. Much easier is it to avoid health problems, than correct it afterwards. When I leave this world I can't make my family grow their own, but I can leave them the ability to do it.

   A few other spins I've seen just lately are also some major ones. You are about to figure out why on some websites I get my comments flagged like ELP. Moving from the city to the country or rural settings, or rural to another rural location, in hopes to become independent. Farming, like gardening, isn't for everyone. There is little to no money in it and hasn't been for a very long time. It is hard, hot, cold, and thankless and at times seems to be in waste. I think it is someone's blood to do that kind of work. You have to know dirt, weather, micro climate, repair most things, creative, and love it. That gives one the idea what they can and can't grow. Watching all the videos and all the books will not do that, though I do those too. Even then though you will not be self sufficient. Most country people wouldn't last long in the city and city people usually don't last long in the country. Each depend on the other. No matter where you live though, demand decent food at decent prices, and you will get it. Prep, not for Doomsday or End Times type, but so that you will not have to pay full price, settle for their options, or be dependent. Enjoy life, right here and right now, with the ones you love. I guarantee when the time comes to leave or someone you love leaves, you will not have had too much time, in fact, it never is enough. Remember, only those who have actually lived can die, and money can't buy that.   

  Think Tanks or Spin Doctors are in big demand these days. The old terms for these professions were Swindlers and Liars, kind of like Lobbying is Bribing in a legal, warped way. Still they do it in almost everything. Thank Edward Bernays, nephew to Sigmund Freud. You got red you need blue. These shoes will make you run and jump more, this car is more comfortable. This makes you feel better or this makes you cool, even though it is the opposite. I do think they spun out though lately after a Fox News big mouth Piers Morgan gets a vaccination for the flu on the Dr Oz show and got the flu. It worked, lol. They know how to make you feel too good about yourself or too bad. They make bad look good and good look bad. Up is down and down is up. It took me years to figure out that most ratings and awards are actually owned by the corporations winning the awards, and if you boil that down, most owned by the same multinational corporation. They make Politicians look good or bad, sane or insane. Funny, that is the only profession I know of that create a problem, complain about, blame it, campaign on it, but never actually do anything about it. Most of this is done through TV (probably why I'll not get invited back on ).

  In closing, muse (think) for yourself rather than being amused. Encourage others to. Limit what you watch and what you read... be selective and demanding. You vote with your dollar, which is the only thing massive multinational corporations understand. Speak out. Spend some time researching rather than thinking someone on TV or a magazine is doing it for you. Personally I have a 20% rule. The top 10% were probably paid, or work there. The bottom 10% will never be happy, or work for the competitors. Live life. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Strength is not determined by a person who can run the fastest, rather for the one who can humbly stand their ground in peace.

Strength is not determined by the person who can lift massive objects, but rather by the person who can silently carry the heaviest burden, while lifting the burdens of another.

  Strength is not in anger, but rather in subduing a raging sea inside. 

  Strength is not shown in loud, harsh words and screams, rather in quiet tones, soft in words, and restraint. 

  Strength is not violence but rather in peace.

 Strength is not exclusion of others but rather finding commonalities for which to bond.

  Strength is not shown in doing their own will but rather by subduing their own passions for another's sake.

  Strength is not shown by physical appearance but by silent, often overlooked actions.

  Strength is not shown by judging but by accepting.

  Strength is not shown by hate, but rather by love.

  Strength is not shown by money or possessions, nor a will to acquire, but rather by being thankful and content for what one has.

  Strength is not boastful nor loud, but humble and silent.

  Strength is not shown by vengeance but by forgiveness. 

  Strong people need not be acknowledged for deeds, but rather operate in the background everyday, often unnoticed.