Thursday, October 6, 2011


  I think I am suppose to write this, so I'm going to.

    In the world these days, and I base this on living in the USA, we're told a lot of lies. So much so that lies appear to be truth. It only takes two generations to make a lie believable to the public at large. Guess what? This has been sold longer than that now even the lie appears as truth. I'm not sure about you but I myself have had enough. Very powerful, evil people have convinced us that we don't have enough, and it has to stop. Someone at sometime has to say, I've had enough. Most of my life I have been in public jobs and many of them seeing and meeting the public at their homes. I have seen so very much and for years I got trapped in the lie myself.

   Now personally I believe in Jesus and God the Father and the Holy Spirit, but suppose you don't. If you look at Him as a myth or man, what's wrong with Him being a role model? The answer should be nothing. Gandhi was also a role model. Mother Theresa was a role model. Let us just look for a moment at His life. Now if one is a Christian I know this will be hard, but what did He stand for? How did He live? The answer is simple. He had enough and not only did He have enough, He wanted everybody to have enough too. He taught that when we actually had enough, that we make sure others had enough too. He taught that when we had enough food that we make sure others were not hungry and that they had enough too. He taught that when we were clothed that we saw to it that others were properly clothed too. He taught that when we had a home that others had a home too. He taught that we were to see to it that the sick were attended and the hurting were comforted. He taught that a person should be paid properly and that workers should work properly. He taught that rather than love what is material, to love each other. He taught that those who do and live violence will die from the same, therefore be peaceful. He taught that we should be compassionate to our fellow man (or woman). He taught that we should monitor ourselves and judge ourselves rather than pointing fingers. He taught humility and mercy, love and kindness. He taught sacrifice of self over material wants. He taught to seek something other than material things that with time age, rusting and rotting and being eaten away by time. He taught forgiveness. He taught not to take advantage on others and not to turn a blind eye to those in need. He also taught against usury. He taught to be willing to die for something, or live for nothing.

  I don't think that those who are decent that are not Christians can argue with any of that, there is not a bad thing He taught. But for those who don't like some of these things, don't dare call yourself a Christian. In His lifetime He made a profound statement about taking up one's cross and following Him. That means, be like Him. In others words, read what is above, better yet, pick up a Bible (KJV) and read. Those that don't have a Bible there are many online. There are those who are believers and aren't that will say this is Socialism. To that I say, take it up with God. Many churches today kind of skip over this, or water it down. If this is your church... run. So here is the thing. If we lived our lives as Jesus said, there would be no wars, no hunger, no needy. There were two groups back then too that were very much against His teachings, so much so, they killed Him. They are still in existence today and have a large following, just as they did back then. Are you one of them? They knew the Bible back then as they do today, many word for word. Jesus spoke in Parables because evil could not understand what He was talking about. So today, they often twist His words. It is called, taking something out of context.

   Jesus did not get along with the rich or the religious of His day which makes me wonder how we would be viewed. Is your belly full, so much so you really need to exercise a lot to try and control the fat. Is there some child or adult, not in a third world country but here, that is hungry close by. BY close I mean your city. Is your clothing good while others go bare? Does that high priced article of clothes really make the man or woman? No, not if there are those who have to wear rags. Those designed whatever just shows ignorance while they are still made with slave wages and merely have a tag on them. It could be anybody's tag name. Do you have things piled up that someone is in need of? I think this is called hording. Is your house so full of things you can't navigate around in it? Does the fancy new vehicle really say that you have "arrived" or that you are "successful" or that you have "climbed the ladder to success"? No. It just says you've bought into the illusion. Does that big McMansion say you've made it? No. Will any of this matter in a thousand years? A hundred years? No, at least not in this world, but it will in the next. Think the need for A/C in the length of eternity.

  So this part is for the Christians. Today we hear it preached that good works and deeds are not enough. And that is correct...BUT... Jesus also says that if you believe in Him to take up Your Cross and Follow Him. Jesus' cross was a tree in which it was an embarrassment and was meant for shame to die on a tree. The Pagans of the day worshiped nature and for some reason trees as they were suppose to be spirits. Long story there, and yea I like trees. Yet, He took that symbol of shame and turned it for good, redemption for all who would Take Up Their Crosses and Follow Him. In a few words, imitate Him, or better started do as He did. So it is a packaged deal, and a take it or leave it offer. There are strings attached. If one believes then one is to behave as He did. This is a bit different that the do as I say not as I do, He set the example. Do as He did.

  So now we come to the question. Do you have enough of your needs? Do you have more of your needs than you need? Don't count the wants. It also doesn't count with the I work harder or my job is harder or if they wanted they could succeed too. As for Lawyers, sorry, no loop holes. Having some wants isn't a bad thing so long as seeing that someone is not in actual need. Here is another thought to ponder. If it wasn't for the fish sticker on your car, or a cross from your neck, would people know you to be a Christian? I know Atheists that show more Christ like examples than some Christians do. It is not, regardless of what you are told, to just say "I Believe", even the devils believe that Jesus is the Christ. It is true that you will never do enough and by Grace are you saved, but you are expected to believe and try to do as Jesus done. I know I don't always, and thus I judge myself. I try and see what others see, then improve on it. Remember, The Powers That Be back then hated Jesus and they will probably hate you too.

  So have you had enough of this "American Dream"? Are you awake yet? Have you had enough of covetousness?  Enough war and killing? Enough busting your butt for things that fade with time? Do others near you have enough? How will you be known? If this was your last day, what will your legacy be? You, I, and everybody else come into this world naked and empty handed... and we leave the same way. Thing is, did you leave this world in a little better shape then you came in? Were people better off knowing you? Do you leave with more love than you came in with? Do you have enough of the things that really matter? Did you make sure those around you had enough too?

  Anthony Kimbrough