Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Apology

   I owe an apology to a man I have never met and probably never will meet, people that busy and powerful don't usually meet people like me. I feel I need to give some background first, but its late so I'll be brief, call it the Reader's Digest version.

  I have no idea how I ran across this guy named Trey Smith (not Will Smith's son). I watch a lot of things, God only knows what I was watching then. I watched his video about robbing a TV Preacher, which seeing the video I thought was quite appropriate. I don't watch a lot of TV usually and especially not preachers on TV, except a motorcycle preacher called RevUp. So far I haven't found a Youtube video of any of his telecasts. Anyway, I went to Amazon to see about his book he talks about writing and see where it has good comments, except some say the language is dirty. Well, to hear Trey talk about his past one couldn't expect a saint's words if it is true to life. Nothing wrong with being honest, it was written while he was on the run I think he says. So a book is confirmed to be real and so I move on.

   I found out his website address and went there to check it out. So in Trey's website called he has a video called Choice. It's about an hour give or take, so I decided to watch it. This is hands down one of the best videos I have seen. He has another movie and I think book coming out soon and I fully intent to watch and read it. He doesn't try and convince anybody he is a saint, just a man with faults, trying to be better each day, and aren't we all. He mentioned Joel Osteen, and God knows I have ragged that man, unjustly so, for I had never listened to him. Up until that point I had only heard what others had said, along with Sound Bytes of things he has said. If I or you are recorded and edited we can be made to sound like whatever someone wants us to appear to say or do. I was and am so impressed with Trey that I decided to listen to just one of Osteen's sermons. It was nothing like I had imagined. So, I thought, maybe that was one good one and the others are bad. Five sermons later, and still nothing bad. Oh I heard some questionable things, but then I remembered reading in the Bible some of the things that I thought were borderline.

   I was so impressed with Osteen that I got my daughters to listen to him. They loved him. With a reluctance and a lot of pleading, I got Denise to listen. She loved him. It then occurred to me that perhaps he was preaching from something that some overlook, myself included, the good news. I think it is important that we know about Hell, but also that we know how to avoid it. There are those who need a strict guideline or structure in their life, just as needed though is to know they're loved. I don't think beating someone with the cross or Bible really does any good, some have been beaten enough by life. Not because I watched his show, but because of the NDE do I believe this. I've often wondered if Jesus would actually know many of His followers, and I include myself in that. Hospitals aren't built for the well no more than churches are built for the saints. I listened to what he said and as I listened I saw plenty of things he says that can and are taken out of context to discredit him.

  We live opposite lately to what Jesus taught. We live by the sword, fighting and waring with whomever stands in our way. We glorify killing, don't believe me, watch the news. We judge everybody, except ourselves. We love things instead of people. Walk past hungry people while tossing away food.He does preach that God will give us what we want, and stresses that a bit thin, but when we grow in God our wants change, so it's not that thin. We work on everybody except ourselves. I think there are those who preach the whole Bible in moderation, and those who preach damnation. Then there are a few that preach we are loved, purposeful, by a kind and loving God that loves you and wants you to be not perfect, but better than you were yesterday. A God that says faith is stronger than falter. That kindness is better than bitterness. That peace is stronger than war. That love is stronger than hate. That helping another is better than ignoring. I saw this in the sermons he spoke, and though some may be said differently than I would say, it is spot on. Then again, who am I to judge? It's for sure brow beating someone doesn't work. That anger is strong than politics. That the politics of God are better than the god of politics.   

  So I am truly sorry Joel Osteen for hastily judging you without researching the truth. I also thank Trey for turning me on and waking me up. Links are provided in this post.