Friday, August 31, 2012

A Letter

   OK, this is mostly to those who supervise, be that as an employer or a parent, and mostly to those who are Christian, in word only. It was rather disappointing to hear that a friend spewed out the famous line that I heard for almost 25 years at UPS. It was the one where "If I figured the hours I put in here, I'd be the least paid." While I'm fairly sure that sometimes happens, it is more an Urban Legend, better known as  lie. There may be a week or two but as a whole, it's pure bull chips. You know it when you say it and the more times you say it you lie, thats all. It doesn't become truth with repetition nor exaggeration. I can give you the top 10 worn out lies I heard at UPS over the years told to us and at customers I'd overhear. That has to be number 1 followed by "Do you know how hard I work for You." One would think with all the monies spent on Spin Doctors (Think Tanks) that someone would come up with something new.

   I'm not surprised but at the same time I am. Just a little let down that you would lower yourself, but I'm nobody. You explain nothing to me nor will I ask, you will do that with God one day rest assured. While it is such a small lie and a small thing it is small grains that make up a beach and drops that fill the ocean. There is Grace though but the catch is you must repent. In the Bible which you are so quick to quote it is referred to as taking up your cross and following Jesus. Grace steps in where one trips and stumbles, even falls... by accident, not by intentionally doing it over and over and over again. We all add grains to our beach we build unintentionally, adding them on purpose is just wrong. It matters not that the ones above you are corrupt, the choice is yours to make. 

  One of the people I worked for is a deacon in the church who made the news a while back. Do you realize that he is the reason some went the opposite way, and some of us shunned church for the same reason. People he went to church would repeat over and over how good this guy is, I smile and say yes, somewhere there must be good in him. His actions and training while at work affected his him life, or maybe that is why he was picked, think chicken and egg scenario. The truth at work was not found in him, he excelled at that. It would eventually cost four people's lives. Now maybe they could have been saved and maybe not, but do as I say not as I do didn't work. While the whole of people called him a hero, I guarantee he knows somewhere deep inside he isn't. The more he was waxed the colder he became. 

  At UPS it is like training how they have supervisors use, manipulate, lie (twisting the truth is a lie). I have friends who said they taught it and even demanded it. I made the statement back then to many of them and I know make it to you. There is only one you. One you that answers to God. Do you really think He will say, ok, that was at work so it don't count. Like the guy I mentioned who wouldn't know truth if it bit him in the butt, the way you now go, bad comes from bad, like an attraction. Call it karma, justice, seed sowing, pick a label, bad never produces good nor good produces bad. Its a slow fade laced with shades of grey on the trip to darkness.

  You are one person at all times and one cannot serve 2 gods, and that is what your actions suggest. This especially works for those who hold position above another. The more you are given the more temptation you will have, the more is expected. The Christian God is a God of love and truth. It does not matter where you are in the Word but rather where the Word is in you. To supervise is to rule, pray that God doesn't rule you as you do others. Pray even harder that the god you serve doesn't get to serve you back. Now even supervisor has a supervisor, and that is no excuse. You are responsible for you and you alone, plus those you have effected along your way.

  I think I'm finished writing now. This was suppose to be to start with.       


   A lie doesn't become truth to God by mere repetition, nor a fact to the world. If that were the case then pigs would fly and cows jump over the moon, and politicians would actually fix the problem rather than create them.

  Control is done through lies and manipulations to the masses. , using different techniques. Some people and sometimes you can build them up and watch them fall from their own devise, and sometimes you can tear them down. Fill their heads with lies or limit their knowledge. There are a myriad of ways to control, the one that works best depends upon the individual. Fear however is the one tool that works on most and most fear comes through ignorance. Some things are healthy when taken in small quantities and correctly applied, those that wish to or do rule know this.

  At one time we voted out of dreams and now we vote out of fear. It really doesn't matter if one admits that, truth is truth no matter as to one's perspective. Religious and no religious people use this alike to control. I think that is why both groups focus on a selective thing rather than the message as a whole. If that doesn't work, and it there is not a fool proof one way avenue to go, lies are added in. If indeed, control was an omelet, fear is the eggs and the rest are ingredients and we are the surface on which they either stick or not stick. Become slick so that nothing sticks that is, where it will cook until it burns and renders the surface bad and the food distasteful.    


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ups & Downs

  We place faith in many things and many people everyday without the first clue we do. Be it from an unrealistic expectation, miscalculation, or wrong interpretation... sooner or later we can be left down. Sometimes it is the fault of the one being observed, sometimes it's the observer's fault. The amount of faith we place is equal to the amount of expectation, and sometimes the expectations can be a little unrealistic. All that equals the drop we experience of feeling like someone or something has let us down. So one has to ask one's self if the expectation was a bit high. Sometimes it is the one that falters. It's totally normal to feel a low when this happens and totally normal to have high marks of expectations in someone we have a lot of faith in. There are times though when we place faith wrongly.

  It's also normal that the one who falters becomes upset with the one who loses faith in them. Be that anger or sadness, they are normal expressions. Thing is, will that destroy the faith one has lost from another, only time will tell. Both sides look for excuses or reasons why each feels the way they do, yet only true people worthy of faith will ration it out. No matter if the bar was set high or low, faith goes down a notch and must be rebuilt once again from the ground up. Either that or forgotten altogether. Perhaps too much faith was exercised. Perhaps too little effort was given.

  On both fronts ups and downs are experienced, unless one is a psycho or has given up. There are those who feel nothing, and most aren't even aware of it. Either way, our actions effect not one but at least two different people and their lives. Like it or not, all have a profound impact on another, and a chain reaction is always present. And this is why I say what we do matters, not in a hundred years, but it does now.    

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Why Rant

  So another rant, but this one some will completely enjoy, some will not, and others will be freaked out. I had several who thought I'd go into conspiracies when I first started this blog, and sometimes you can see that in some of what I write, but I have another board for stuff like that. Over 5 thousand people seem to have found it despite the small like on one website I have and no links from pretty much anything else I do go to it. I'm Christian in faith, just not religious. I will say though that finally Christians get on board little by little researching facts, thank God for that.

  So why don't I do here what I do there? Its simple, there are so many positive things to bring out, talk about, plus one very dark reason as well. As a Christian, more people know what we're against than what we're for. People need to wake up on that and see how many people are left behind not from Jesus' words, but from our attitude. We tend to forget that we are not the judges, that is Jesus' job, and He even judged lightly. Most religions follow a person or persons where we are suppose to only follow one, and He ain't walking around in a physical body that we know of. If He was we'd probably mob Him because He don't look at people, things, and events as we do. Think we'd be different, I doubt it. Jesus would be laughed at, made look a fool, beaten, and while we don't hang people on Trees no more, we'd probably make an exception. He probably wouldn't be politically correct and rather than just be hated by Judaism, Christianity would too, as a whole. So I usually use this board for similar to the lighter side, but every now and then, that side burns dim. Just for the record though, the word Conspire is in the Bible 19 times and Conspiracy is there 10, so it isn't a bad word.

  Now for the darker reason. For most of my 52 so far years I lived in a fantasy land, no different than most who read this stuff. I spend very little time actually musing of anything important, but at the time I thought myself a critical thinker. The meaning of Muse is Think. If you put an A in front of a word it means the opposite to the original word. From that we have amusement parks and sometimes being amused isn't a bad thing, staying that way is. I'm one of those people who couldn't seem to find a happy medium, and sometimes I still have a hard time doing that. I'm 52 now, heart attack, pernicious anemia, COPD, Lymes Disease left some things wrong, 2 cancers, one of which is incurable. I made much of my bed and now I'm laying in it and the part I didn't make I allowed. I'll probably not see 62 and not too sure I want to, but that is up to God and not me. Through all this I learned to live for today and for others first. Like most I plan, I dream, and I want and wish, but I learned to be aware. So those who say something has to get you like I did I give you a quote from an old Indian Chief, "It's easy to be brave from a distance."

  The dark side is not that I know my own mortality, which some say they do but few really do. Its not that I will not be here a long time, though that remains God's choice of when and how. It is that most seem to not care, I wonder sometimes if they really even stop to think. This world and this life does not belong to us and we're not handing down nothing to our children, rather we borrowed it from them. Most Facebook notifications I get are to play a game, which isn't always a bad thing, everybody needs some kind of amusement, but when they stay amused, nothing good can happen. Church these days seems for amusement, but ever so often they get OCD, which is not good either. There are days when I think why should I give a shit when those who will be living here don't. They go from TV to Web to Games, smarter ones occasionally pick up a dime store novel. There are those that read blogs and live life, mixed with some amusement, they find a healthy mixture.  

  A lot of Christian and Islamic followers notice the end of days, and I do too. They say well it is written and it is, but note there isn't a date. Some say it is God's will, but here is a challenge. Show me one passage that says God is doing it. Maybe that is part of Free Will, to allow us to chose to allow the few to screw things up, harm and kill, rape and plunder, lie, and cheat, then attack the very ground God created and set to destroy it. God allowing is not the same thing as God doing it. I guarantee the evil ones or bad (it's just semantics) are not amused, they're musing. The stupid ones are musing, on how to profit by this, not having a clue that they are next in line on the chopping block. Both of those religions talk about Jesus coming back, before man can destroy the world. Thing is, just how much Hell are you willing to try and survive in?

  The newest commercial for Verizon shows objects floating around one and says they serve you. Nike has just do it as a slogan, McDonalds you deserve a break today. AT&T shows people spying and keeping up with the latest gossip. It all is where you are god, or me, that we are served. We are the most important person in our lives. The "me generation" in charge. I like the ones that say Freedom, which we have. We have freedom of choice or color or style, just don't notice the same corporation owns all it's competitors, the magazines and TV stations they advertise on. Don't believe me, Google it. The world have been temporarily broke into 10 sectors which will be cut to 4 and then to 1. There will still be choices, just not as many of them, and some choices will be eliminated, like religion. They have that covered too. So I think sometimes why should I say a word when those who should say something don't care enough to notice. After my NDE I can tell you of the wonders of God, while you are still allowed to hear, but in truth, this must be done too. I just do it on a board designed to learn on. Without going into detail, that is what this rant was about. I've spent way too much time today on the web, so I go now to do something real. To the Winnebago  Man, I completely understand.             


Saturday, August 18, 2012


  The whole thing seems to stem around why we're here on this earth. I've wondered that myself quite a few times. I've heard a lot of people from different religions and ones that say they have no religion at all ask why are we here. Maybe, I thought, it's a learning thing. It certainly can't be a proving ground, I see people who seem to have a silver spoon in their mouth and those who have had their share of misfortunes. Each religion has their share of those who say their God is after the ones who have strife. Each will have a share that says God is pleased with the ones who've had an easy life. Then there are those of us who have no opinion if God is punishing or rewarding certain ones. So it can't be a proving ground.

  So maybe... just maybe, it's about growing. We're raised in nothing but a competition world. We grade to see who is the best in school and suck up or bust butt at work to see who's favored. I can only see though as a mortal parent would though, so I cannot see as a God. My three kids all done well in school, yet their grades differed. They all head differ ways with interest, one a teacher and one a nurse, the other is still figuring it out, lol. They are all very different people and have grown in different ways, but I love them all the same. No matter what they do, what they say, or what may come... I'll still love them. So it can't be a competition.

  So maybe, just's about learning. I think as babies we instinctively love and trust and accept. WE don't really have a choice in the matter. Maybe it's about learning to love from choice. To forgive from choice. To give mercy from choice and grace from choice. Maybe it's about learning to make lemons sweet and seeing the lightest part of a dark cloud. To see the beauty of the forest without getting fixated on a tree. Maybe it is to serve someone who is under that cloud or lost in the forest. Maybe it's learning not to judge another from a distant. To respect your neighbor and yourself. What if we are given the chance to grow?

  In the Bible it says we can be like God, not God, but like Him. For some that says power and vengeance, but that is wrong. We can be like God, not Him in that respect, parents always are the top. But maybe like Him means to grow in love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, mercy, grace, truth, grateful, patience, and forgiveness. We are given hundreds of scenarios each day, some with people and some with animals, and some with things. TV don't work, car mess up, rude drivers, rude people... and the list goes on. Now it's funny but as one grows older one mellows out. Life gives us these chances to exercise Free Will as to what we will do with them.

  Just maybe this life is to prepare one for the next world, a world with peace, love, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness... we will call it Heaven. What if it ain't a competition against anybody and the only person you need beat is the you from yesterday. Maybe it's to judge yourself yesterday, not as a grade but as a marker on what you need improve on today. Maybe there is no pressure, no grading, no measurement that we can yet see, but the desire builds to be more like God. That may include hard knocks from time to time, but one can do it. And with all the trails and tribulations, no matter how you do, you are loved. You are loved and acknowledged for you. There are no favorites, we're each His favorite.

  So maybe, just maybe... when we get close enough to God, He takes us home. Allowing us to improve and heal with His Grace as a human being. Allowing us to become like Jesus. Like Him or not he took more than any man would, and was graceful and merciful, loving when He wasn't loved, helping whom he could. Like Jesus the man and the risen Savior displayed while He was here. We're not expected to be like Him but try to be, and God will grant the rest we lack through Grace. So maybe when we're the closest and our work is done, He calls us home.            

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When Up is down and Down is up.

 Sometimes things can seem right but they aren't. Things can be for the right reasons but they're wrong. People look for end days, yet one of the signs is that end times things get twisted and distorted. So I was just listening the last few weeks, and especially the last few days, and thought I would write this. I'm not saying that I am innocent of all of these myself. Naturally, me being Christian I look at things from that perspective, which seems to differ somewhat to what I hear and see, so much so that I get asked sometimes what my beliefs are.

  I hear a lot of people call for justice. That isn't Christian. Shakespeare once said in a play, "That in the course of justice, none of us should see salvation. So we pray for mercy". If we use that rule of total justice with no mercy, it is the very opposite of Christianity. I'm not saying let the hardened criminal go free, but we seem to apply that hard core justice to everybody no matter the offense, save for ourselves. In schools there is zero tolerance. These red light cams, zero tolerance. Perhaps the makers and maintains of this laws, after all the Bible does say that you will be judged by the manner and standards you judge by. You may very well judge yourself by another, provided you know that the minute you compare yourself to another, you've already fell way short.

  I also hear a lot of talk about the politicians discussing ending entitlement programs and assistance programs. A country is judged by the poorest people and older people and how they are treated. Just like when I went looking for a job I looked at the parking lots to see what kinds of vehicles employees drove. The top 10 % and the lower 10% . I eliminated and went by the average. You will always have some that abuse the system and some that want to live that way. You also have those who abuse the system and are the top 10%. We see the starving children commercials that feature other countries, yet fail to see that 1 in 4 of our own kids go to bed hungry every night. That 50 million people are hungry. I know we delve into fat a lot, or politically correct term, obese. When the body is full of food without the proper nutrition it is possible to actually starve with a full belly. By the grace of God we haven't needed assistance, but as the old people said, "There by the grace of God go I." It isn't Christian to starve people or walk past someone who is hungry.

  You have the pride things these days a lot too going around. Be proud, yet "Pride goeth before a fall". I know that one all too well. I can tell you too that the higher you climb in that pride the further down you will fall and the harder the hit. Pride is not part of Christianity either. Patriotism is good but it isn't part of Christianity either. There is a hierarchy to go by and that one places third in my list, God, family, then country. Pride in your work is a good thing, provided you know that it is by God's grace you are able to do that work.

  I want to get back to older people for a moment. I know from delivering the hospital areas a lot of what goes on. Drug Reps sometimes leave samples and the doctors distribute them out. Guess who almost always asks for samples. The wealthy ones and ones who can afford them. I use to hear nurses and doctors fuss about that all the time. Now here we have an old person, a car or material thing of the same age is priceless, yet they aren't? These people have fought, bled, worked their butts off. They, not the rich or politicians (also rich) have built this country, and they are forced to pick between eating and their medicine. Oh yea, that ain't Christian either. These people also cared enough about you to raise you. I think honoring the parent thing might come in here.

  Now lets get to the crippled and wounded, either from allowing multinational corporations to abuse them and especially service men and women. I have to put the multinational part in corporation because I once said corporation and had a few people scream because the owned a small business. Hint, if you are reading this you ain't one of them. Now maybe it was from their ignorance and maybe not, either way, their crippled and maimed. Then there are those born with disabilities. I would love to be shown a scripture in the Bible where these people are not loved and shown compassion. "There but by the grace of God go I."

  So now we come to the abortion part. I don't think I have a say in it since I'm a male and it's not my child. I think it's sad, but I know that God knows the woman's heart and circumstances of that decision. I know that I am not to be her judge. Is it murder, yes, but it's also murder to starve that child later or force that child and their parents to take shots that raise the chance of Autism. I think it's murder to abduct and part of children and sell their organs. I think it's murder to have roughly 2,000 children go missing each day in the USA and a damn shame that the Missing Kid's Network doesn't have a total other than 2002. You know what amazes me? If that many people really got that upset, why are there kids who desperately need a home. Where are all these concerned Christians?

  Now there is something terribly wrong when a political party attempts to claim Jesus, and actually, He is what Christianity is based upon. I think it is bad when people scream to give the tip top a tax break, we tried Trickle Down Economics with Regan and it didn't work. But where does the people get the wrong ideas on Christianity? It's pretty simple really, the Christian Right and the Government. If this was on my board I'd give links to each thing here, but it ain't, so Google it. There is something wrong when in 2008 the fall of the market wiped out people's plans, but many in Congress and Senate made at the least millions. There is something bad wrong if you go to church and hear politics, which is anti-Christian. Might want to check out what Jesus had to say about the profession of politics.

  Well my rant is about over. If you've made it this far I'll go out with a bang. Did you ever read the history of Germany, before the Nazis? The fall of Rome? We're treading down that path right now. Get religion behind it and a man will not question what atrocities they are asked of. Change a belief and you control that man... or woman. If we pray for the Second Coming look around at the ones who are lost, then look in the mirror. Do you really want that? If you are a Christian you will not. I learned something that night and one thing stays with me. Everybody that yells god may just be the wrong god, and the Bible says there are more than one god. I watch whom I pray with, but never for.

  My thoughts is that the Heaven that the Christian Right and Left pray for, and the god they pray to, is going to be a very lonely place. One I care not to go and one I care not to worship. They will be the only one there from their justice, pride, lust, covertness, envy, judgmental, lying, thieving, uncompassionate, non feeling, hard hearted, unforgiving, power hungry, unmerciful self. According to the Bible I read this is called Hell. What I look for is the opposite of what I see many following, and it's hard to follow correctly, easy to get sucked in. Satan hasn't been around for all this time being stupid. I think I'll take the other route, the harder one to try to do. Oh I'll slip and fall, and I'll get back up, just like many others. But I'll try and remember that God gave me the index finger not to point out someone who has fallen, but rather use with the other digits to offer a hand up. To hold onto people and philosophies, and truths... and when I'm not, to pick the beam from my own eye out.   Peace.                          

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Which is the worse

  Just a few thoughts I ponder about sometimes, after all, this blog is the just musing blog.

   The general public and well being. This one makes me wonder, which one should we focus on most. I'm not at all for Socialism or Marxism, Democracy... personally I think a Republic based on The Constitution. There is a massive difference and we lost the Republic a long time ago. I see no bad thing however with Social Security, other than the government has robbed it until they bled it dry. For me it makes sense that since they (corporation of the USA) stole the money or borrowed it without asking, they should have it deducted from their earnings. The poorest official is a Millionaire and will earn mega dollars while in office. They did this with the help and aide of Lobbyists, which also should bear some of the burden. The amount plus interest we would have earned. So which is the worse. That nobody has come up with that solution or that we remain silent. 

  That brings me to number 2. We hear all this about people defrauding the people with Welfare and Food Stamps, and I'm sure there are many cases. Mostly it's done by so called Christians. They bring out the point that charity or people helping out a neighbor should be from the willing community. I'm in total agreement with that. Most of these same ones walk past someone in need and snub them or turn their head. Some of the loudest ones abuse the system too or have a relative that does, of course that don't count. They head home to watch TV or get on the computer to piss and moan and stand up for whats right. Was the Good Samaritan part removed? Which should disturb us the most. The fact we have to have the government to force us to help out, or the fact that we do not help our neighbors willingly.

  That brings me to number 3. It has been proposed that we have a level tax on income. The top percentage pay little to no taxes and the lower end of the tier pays little to none, but we don't hear about the top part no do we. Most people never consider that a tax on what we earn was never ratified. That means, pass any kind of Income Tax and it will be law, right now it isn't. So which is worse. The fact that they want an actual law making it legal to tax a person's income, or the fact we aren't smart enough to know it isn't legal now. 

  Number 4 is prayer in schools. In this country we have, or are suppose to have, freedom of religion. How hard is it to not bow one's head if they don't want to pray? If the teacher over that class or principle wants to lead the overwhelming majority in a prayer, then it should be done. If one doesn't want to participate, then don't. Which is worse. That we do not stand up or that we let a few dominate the many.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A World Tilted

  Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that most go too far one way or the other? Strange ain't it. When I was young we were constantly being told things like "Too much of a good thing ain't good no more", or "Don't throw away the baby with the bathwater", "Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered". We used terms like "Common Sense",  "Horse Sense", "Level headed", and were told to watch with a "discerning eye". Terms like "Haste makes waste", "If it ain't broke don't fix it". We watched out for "gluttony", "excessive", "lop sided ". I remember teachers saying stuff like that. As I look around I often wonder where are the majority of the people like that, and I myself have to relearn from time to time.

  On the web just about anyone can be a philosopher these days and almost any crazy stuff can be sold, and it ain't just the web either. I've pretty much gotten to the point I hate TV news, other than local and I wonder about a lot of that. The news channels, oh give me a break, talk about piling it high. Somehow though we seem to have gotten dumber, but what makes us that way? Lack of truth and rational reasoning. We watched the Lorax movie and Dr Seuss these days is considered by some part of the NWO, while others say it is leftist attempts to foil free trade, and yet others say it is occult because the Lorax likes trees. It is a kid's book. It shows a reverence for nature and trees, not a worship. It teaches control of desires and the use of limited resources. It never addresses the lack of free trade but does address responsible use and free domain of certain things, like air. Mostly it is a child's story though that says be responsible, act responsible, and control your greed. This story could be told anywhere and using any analogy, myth, fairy tale, fable, topic... well, you get the point.

  I read where in some places where they argue over the Sabbath. Saturday, Sunday, or ever other Wednesday. Nobody bothers to state that if you worship or give praise or thanks one day out of seven that it's probably not going to work too well for you. Then I hear the name of God argued over. A cross or a stake? Jesus, Yeshu, Yeshua, and on and on and on. Some sell a get out of Hell free card while others sell the gotta do this long list of things mentioned throughout the Bible thing. It often sounds like people are lost in the forest instead of backing up and seeing the beauty of the trees.

  I see grown people watching MTV and flaking out or totally amazed. Grown people playing games and collecting actual toys rather than getting out there and doing something. Whats better than an Author that has absolutely no practical knowledge of what they're writing about? The person who reads it and is suddenly a master at something without actually doing it. Though reading does at least exercise the mind. Unfortunately for some, it over exerts it as well. True story. We had a lady that told us how to plant a certain plant and how to harvest it, even preserve it. About a year later we ran into her and one of her older kids looking at Peach Trees, they were short and wanted a short tree. All the trees were Alberta Peach Trees! The sorter ones were younger and the older ones were taller. Did we explain? No. So I asked what all they had planted since her advice the previous year was expansive. Nothing, they were still reading on what and how to grow it. Guess what. I can write a book about how to grow what here, and if the climate and ground are different where you are it is all null and void for the most part.

  It has become so that we watch people doing sports and say "we did it"!!! No, they did it, you watched. They built or created something on TV, you watched. That by no way means you or I can. I use to love to watch some of the shows where they say they will teach you to build something hard. You might be able to if you had an endless supply of money for tools and material, and all the time and trails to get it done. You actually can hear stars from time to time people saying they don't watch TV or movies. Why, because they are busy doing it. They have a life. Some of these "designer shows", we got laughed at making stuff like that when we were young. I loved the show once that showed planting a small tree beside the house. That same house or one that copied it a few years later, repairing the foundation from root damage caused by a tree that was planted too close.

  We have went from a nation and world who had dreams to creating nightmares, or having insomnia as a second choice. Come election time people get stupid (er). I've seen all parties claim Jesus and some reject Him. To me one is as bad as the other. Some idolize Regan, who continued Carter's screw ups, only succeeded by a pair of Bushes and a Clinton in between, and now Obama. Don't believe me, add "policies sucked" in a search and pick one. Who owns your opinion? For most of the world it isn't the individual.

   I just watched a promo of a new product that looked like the robot in RoboCop. It's cool but is it needed? JFK warned of the Military Industrial Complex, but he missed the Pharmaceutical rise to power with them. Meanwhile people suffer, and I think with the advent of the Agribusiness. Now the funny thing I find is the person who says they promote tax breaks to the top tier, when they ain't in that tier. They promote freed trade, yet their business is slowly going under with competition from big box stores and web sales. Just once I'd like to see people say Hell No, not until you listen before buying or voting.

  So lets try a practice. Demand that products be made here. If foreign countries can move here, hire American Workers, and be profitable, then so can American companies. Demand quality built. Demand that you know what is in your food and if has been genetically altered in any way... in Layman's terms! Demand that workers get paid wages they can live on, while cutting by the wages at the top. Demand that your produce be from local sources. If not, the vote with your dollar, don't buy it. Don't vote in the election for president unless they tell you your vote, and not the electoral vote, counts.  Decide this day that you will have your voice heard. Stop rushing about like the waters on the ocean, being blow from here to there. Make this and ever day until your last count. Look before you leap onto a cause or support for something. Yoiu should be making decisions, if your old like me, that will make your kids and grandkids pleased. 

  So I guess the main theme of the rant is moderation rather than excess.    


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are We There Yet?

When we're born the clock begins to tick towards our expiration date. We don't get to ride by paying more or less, the price of admission is paid by your parents. Birthright also doesn't count, here, the fair is the same and the length of stay is the length. I actually don't think what we do, short of idiotic stuff, that determines how long we stay. For some it is never long enough, for some it's too long, and others it is just right. The mark of a good ride is the measurement of the duration one has after the ride is over. It is what we do during those moments that count while we're here.We are all special and created for just that special job, that special life or serving others.

    This trip is measured by success. It matters not that you leave riches or poor, but what one done with what they had. When you, I, or the richest ,man and woman die how much do you think they leave behind? It's the same answer of what the poor man did... all of it. We do get to take something with us though... our love for those close around us. Love from relationships we make. At 52 I've seen several come and go now, and with this body and cancer I know my ride will be shorter, and I say Amen. I pray I die as financially  poor, for they have the most friends, the most love me. How many people have you lightened their hearts and caused then find joy in making their own. Lay not your treasures upon the earth, nor in yourself, but upon God. In doing so you lay the best treasures you can even have, 

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Heroes. We see all these "heroes" on the TV screen. Yet who do they save, unless saving one from boredom. I see sports heroes. Yet they save nobody either. But I see heroes everyday. Somewhere at some time, I see heroes. But what is a hero? It certainly isn't a comic book character, sports player, or actor. It's the people you meet everyday that don't draw attention.

  A hero is usually a quiet person, one that does nothing special most of the time, but when special is called, they are there. A person that maybe is scared 99% and 1% protective, even if it is themselves, and acts on that 1%. A person that when something need be done for another does it, or does to their ability, without recognition. Though they can, they usually don't wear a cape, tights, uniform, or a badge. It can just be what is a dull person who happens to be where they are needed, and acts upon it. As I read through the paper I see some playing hero, yet they only play make believe.

   Heroes are rare indeed. Heroes are the people who take that one step further without any noticed or back patting. Good parents are heroes many times, saving children from harm, be that physical, emotional, or spiritual harm. A hero is a man or woman that stays faithful in this crazy world, through thick and thick, cause it happens sometimes that way. A hero is someone who loves somebody enough that even if it breaks their heart they will still in your way. A hero is somebody that against all odds, fights a deadly disease. Almost everybody has a hero make an appearance in our life, but they go largely unnoticed because they do what they do because it's right and needed, A hero is one who you meet everyday, and not notice them. We are all somebody's hero at some time, so be a good one.