Saturday, December 3, 2011

Are our throught our own?

  How much of our thoughts are actually of our own mind, and how much are of someone or some group's will. I know this sounds like some New Age question, but I'm being serious. How much of yours of my thoughts are our own and how much are programmed in by others?

   Before JJ's TV appearance, black people didn't talk and act as they do now. Before NASCAR became popular, people didn't drive like they were in a race, cramming up each others rear end and acting like their lead determined their Pole Position. Christians weren't all crazy doomsayers and Islamic was a peaceful religion. Gai weren't "flaming fags" and Lesbian weren't GI Jane, hate the world types. Getting an even tan wasn't life or death for white folks and getting ahead meant nothing with family and friends and having time to spend with them.

  New gadgets were cool, but not if yours still works fine for what you need. Coke bottles were recycled and Candy Bars were made with real ingredients, not to mention potato chip bags were full of chips. All of this though one could live without. Cars and Trucks got one from point A to B and were taken care of.

  The type of jeans, shirts, shoes, or socks, and the furniture were based price by how durable it was or would be. One simply used a vehicle. Kids souped them up. Adults drove them both ways, but usually just as they were.  Toys were bought and collected by kids... not the big balding kids, or even the ones in High School, little kids.

   Parking was never about cramming into the closest ones they could get, and drive through service got the order right. When we saw a new phone we said nice, I'll think about it, but for now mine still works. And if that phone failed to work after a year or two, you probably would not buy that brand again. When driving, the courtesy of letting people in or changing lanes. The allowance of eye lead time between you and the car in front.

  The police had clothing they wore, but never like some kind of Military Elite, just plain old cop uniform. The Lone Ranger, Spiderman, and other heroes never took a fatal shot, or tazzered granny  or pepper sprayed her. But now I've heard some granny's speak some pretty bad language, but those people should have been chilled by now, provided of course the laws were unbalanced. Well now that I have pissed a few off, I might as well go for broke.

 I wonder just how many goes home to drink a beer, or to the bar for a beer. I'll bet there are a lot that do. Tattoos, have you even seen so many people getting them in your lifetime? Why? This has to be the most genius way to catch anybody doing whatever they want to catch them at... bet there either is a rule or they can write one real quick. Body piercing other than ears. That is to show that you are tough and can stand pain? Really? Or does that show that you were led to do it by greedy artists and The Powers That Be.

  We use to be the good guys in the Military, and those that serve generally are good, it's the leadership that is bad. Thing is, unmoral orders do not have to be carried out. We have amassed so many countries that hates the USA that I would not want to go out of country.

  When is the last time the house you have is enough, even when it is crowded, but affordable with enough money left over to actually have a life. Somewhere we turned the corner, but when and where. We use to be proud of being an individual... even prouder still if our children were. When was the last time did getting old lead to being a sin? When did we stop caring about others in their time of strife, or when they were in need? At what time did we start putting ourselves first and all others second. When did old people become old grouches, ignorant, and hard headed? When did they start acting this was? When did society begin to treat them this way?

  Now at some time we have to deal with the me first, to Hell with everybody else attitude. And no matter what your corporation tells you as to stress actually being healthy, it's not. I always loved hearing those motivational speeches that tell you that you are family. Your not. When did kids become so smart, despite their family being ignorant? I thought I was intelligent when I was a kid... someone I must have misplaced it.

  So here is a test. It's plain and simple, but a test. No TV, film, or music for a month. I guarantee you. Things will get a lot cleared.   

  How much of this stuff is programmed into us through the TV, Film, and Music industries do too.?  Stop and think about it. TV has  programs.Thing is, a group named Black Oak Ala. So the next time you are doing ask yourself. Am I doing because  because I seen it on TV or watched a show about it. With true freedom, we can talk and chose what type we actually want.