Tuesday, November 10, 2015


  I  think of all the words we have, use, and live with and by is want. This word is followed closely and often mixed with the word pride. I'm not saying to want is always bad, but when it consumes our lives it can become bad. Nightmares are created real by the word want. Wars have been fought for want. Atrocities are committed every day by want. Murders committed and lies told from that one word that represents an action... want. Souls have been lost over the love of want. Families destroyed over want and hearts broken over want. Most sins committed is from want as well as faith lost from want. Economies thrive from want while poor are created from want. Marriages broken, families divided, and hearts divided over want. Not just a word be perhaps a word that describes a desire or feeling, a state of mind... want. The most dangerous word that can be found, four letter or else, want. It is often mistaken for the word need. Wants are not needs nor are needs wants.

  It is the want for power that some have that causes them to trample others to the ground. The want for control that enslaves another human unto another. The want for possessions that creates a thief and if that want is even bigger, can cause wars. The want for supremacy which feeds the need to be more than their fellow humans by killing, not by raising oneself higher but rather lowering the ones they crave superiority of. This want leads as well to lies and if given enough time and money, lowering the IQ of the future people. The want for fame or fortune, for tangible and intangible things, all are linked to one another for the most part. Hell was created by want, the one here and afterward.

  Be that as it may, want also has power to do good depending on what is added with. Indeed we have power we are granted, all of us, for we have the power to determine and limit want. When want is added with the words I want or you, it can bring about love, ho9nor, peace, and satisfaction. That of course depends on one's other wants. Indeed, to want can be good or bad, depending on our ability to master it.