Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Election

Not much longer until the election is here and gone......THANK GOD. I have friends that I have no idea what they will do for the next 3 years (they spend the last year doing it again). I even went on a Conspiracy Site, not the old one I was on for years, but another one I've been there about 3 or 4 years. Funny, they seem to have regressed. They bow to AJ (Alex Jones), which I'll keep my opinion to myself on that. But I find it funny that even Denise said the storm Sandy would be used to effect the votes. She don't read this but if she ever does, this is the way it is.

  We elect the Congress and Senate, not the president. Popular vote means nothing and decides nothing on the president. Presidents are elected by the Electoral vote. That is the Congress, Senate, and 2 from DC. It was changed and ratified in 1804 by Thomas Jefferson after they had to recount the election several times. Then something worse happened.

  The Act Of 1871 was ratified which effectively changed Federal Government to a legal Corporation. This practically ripped The Constitution into pieces. Where we had been sovereign before we now allowed other countries to invest in us... buy stocks and bonds. Corporations have duties to their shareholders, not citizens.

  Even Conspiracy Theorist should know this and ever History Teacher should as well, plus teach it. One act took away the people's power, the other their freedom and independence, thus destroying the Republic and changing us into a Democracy. So basically Grant was the one who sold America.

  While we're at it. Christians don't stick to a certain party... they stick to God, and I don't see either one representing Him there.    


Monday, October 29, 2012

Which Diet, Carbs, Paleo or Veggie or Gluten Free?

Which Diet, Carbs, Paleo or Veggie or Gluten Free?
I think I'm ready now to write something on this since I hyper-focused on it long enough. This will not be proof-read. Something just didn't sound right on the Gluten-Free Diet fixing all our problems including weight. For Celiacs though they don't have a lot of choices. So I'm ready to write something on this based on studies now and in the past over the years. First we have to know how diets work.

The body is a machine and like any machine repetition makes things run smooth. When we change what we eat, say as in a special diet, the machine gets out of balance and weight loss results. Certain foods require certain enzymes to break it down and our body becomes use to producing just certain ones. Add to that before a diet we eat almost whatever, which the body sees all these enzymes it needs at once, and they could all be different. I love a Cheeseburger, even though one like we see advertised when eaten becomes a massive train wreck for our bodies. The meat requires different than the lettuce, than the bread, than the condiments, than the other stuff we toss on. When we go on diets we limit our usual food though and it's like our body's production has sat on the couch watching TV for a few years then tries to run a Triathlon... ain't gonna happen.

Suddenly our body has to produce something different, and we lose weight as a lot slips through without digestion. Once our body learns what to produce on the diet, the weight levels off and even slowly returns. How much returns is depending on how well the diet is formed and how much nutrition the body is filled with, and that depends on what food ones eats and how it is grown or fed. The normal diet of the body is skipped and it is like a shock, then as the shock is over the weight starts to come back. That is why the Atkins Diet worked as long as you abstained from carbs. Why the Eden Diet worked for a while, the Paleo Diet will work for a while. Pick or insert your favorite diet here.

The problem become when our body craves minerals and nutrients. Our soils we know things grow good with just 3 minerals, NPK, what most fertilizers have rated. We are what we eat. Remember old people saying that? The NPK is needed but those are just a drop in the bucket from all that is needed. When horses need a vitamin or mineral they chew on things, especially wood, and it's called cribbing. Cows will eat dirt and human will snack. Rather than fixing the problem of the deficiency, we came up with plan B, snacks. Snack foods are profitable. Eventually though this not only contributes to weight gain but also diseases. Then we have Irradiating our food. Cardboard would have better nutritional value than irradiated food. I had radiation for cancer and the first thing you are told is that radiation is like dropping a nuclear bomb. You kill all, both good and bad.

Then we have the point of excess. My great grandmother always said, "Too much of a good thing ain't good anymore." And she was right. Too much carbohydrates get stored as fat. Too much meat makes the body acidic. Maybe like a mixture of fruits, meats, and vegetables, depending on blood type and location. Definitely a food that has not been genetically created, altered, or tampered with. That does not mean everything raw but rather each prepared to it's own needs and to the needs of the body, and at a portion that person requires. Genetics seem to be the common link on all of this.

The Paleo Diet flips me out. Eat like a Caveman? Too funny and perhaps too revealing. Maybe their ancestors were Cavemen, who knows, mine as well. I just don't see it though. If our ancestors were though maybe mine was smarter than theirs. Plenty of animals know how to dig, fish, and even prepare food. I'm betting if there were Cavemen, they did too. Meats need to be cooked... completely and blood drained... completely. Unless your a Werewolf or a beast, your meat should be drained and cooked for safety. I love meat, but I don't want to chase it down or wipe it's butt to eat it. All meat has fat, a healthy fat, and all meat is acidic. Cancer, arthritis, and pretty much all diseases require high acidity. All fruit has fructose and while not a bad thing, we've covered that already.

Vegetables and breads must be real, not crossed and certainly not laced, fruits the same way. Your carbs should be not a predetermined level but according to your activity, type of food, and metabolism. A Vegetarian diet I just don't understand. I think that is a scam just like the Paleo Diet. Vegan by choice is one thing but it isn't healthy either, you miss the proper nutrition on that too, plus eat stuff that is not natural. By that I mean GM/GE/GMO/Pesticides/Herbicides, and most of that can be called Organic! We were made to be Omnivores with all combined. Vegans are not saving the world with eating only vegetables, they may actually be making it worse and certainly are making themselves worse if they are eating genetically modified, created, or altered vegetables. I still remember the first I had ever heard, a cross between a Firefly and Corn way back in the 70s. We thought it was so cool back then.

The Diets that blow me away are the supposed Christian and/or Bible diets. Who thinks this crap up? Better still, who falls for it? Some religions have food restrictions, some don't. Christian diets don't. Your are suppose to eat what you are served. I tend to wonder if they read the whole book and not just parts. Shame on the ones who play this on people and a bigger shame on the people who don't have enough sense to read and research it for themselves.

So after reading, watching some documentaries, and a lot of research, not that it shows because I don't get technical, I think my diet will be as follows. We've all noticed different benefits from Gluten Free and at times just reduced Gluten diets. Dr William Davis in his book "Wheat Belly" shows that Gluten is bad (when in large amounts), today's three grains are modified to have increased amounts. By some accounts 400% more! There is an attempt to bring back original wheats though. I think though all this goes more along with Jeffery M Smith who wrote "Seeds Of Deception", plus a little more information. When you add those two together you have a complete picture for weight problems and diseases we see on the rise.

Gluten is at an excessive rate. Remember the Too much of a good thing saying. Leaky Gut is where they both come together though. If your not familiar with that term look it up. Jeffery M Smith tells about how Pesticides and Herbicides work on an insect. There are videos up here on that. It causes holes to form in the gut. BT Corn I think is the real culprit, but the wheat thing ain't helping none. Add to that the other Franken Foods out there (hybrids) and we have a recipe for disaster. Certain things are natural and your body knows and has natural tools to work with them, and some things aren't. Those that are not your body has a reaction to and a response that isn't desirable. Even something as simple as water no longer is treated as water when anything is added, imagine a solid.

Now here is the problem with the Gluten-Free Diet. Corn and it's products. In an email I asked ARGO/Kingsford if they use GM/GE/GMO free corn and my response I got was simple:
"ACH Food Companies, Inc. recognizes current concerns that some customers may have regarding the use of products containing and/or derived from genetically engineered components.

The corn oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, corn syrup and corn starch ingredients that we use to produce our products are derived from genetically engineered seed. The product may contain trace amounts of protein and DNA resulting from genetic modification.

Certain crops such as corn, canola, soybeans, peanuts, cotton and sunflower, which are harvested in commercial quantities, are difficult to obtain from non-GMO sources."

Note the "trace amounts of Protein and DNA". Monsanto and the likes would have one believe it's safe. They spend a lot of money to deceive people, obscene amounts, but the stakes are high. Imagine owning the rights to every seed, every plant, everywhere. They have and have had for many a year and administration a revolving door to the FDA and USDA, plus Lobbyists and Think Tanks. They test their own products and scientists that don't play along are destroyed and tests tweaked to reflect what was desired. Most people haven't a clue about what they're eating, especially with the label "Organic", and lately "Natural". MSG is a natural occurring thing, one that kills. These labels can go on GM/GE/GMO products, though there is nothing natural about them. There are a lot of good books and films to watch like the ones mentioned plus ones like Food Inc, Sweet Misery, King Corn, Dr Mercola, and others.

So I will stay as much as I can on a G-F Diet plus a no Franken Food diet, which includes any meat that isn't from a Grass Fed Diet. No seafood due to the Gulf Oil Spill and BP's patch they pored on it, Corexit, and Japanese disaster.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why I don't talk straight on Conspiracy Theories.

  I know a lot of people when they found out I had studied Conspiracy Theories for years after my heart attack were a little let down, and I apologize for that. There are so many wonderful things to bring into the light that is peaceful, but sometimes like today it is unavoidable, when we are both at a drug store getting meds. I didn't start it but rather he initiated the debate. Tim's a good guy, his dad was all well, his mom too. How do you tell someone they were and are being taken as a fool? It's not like I haven't been where he is but there is a difference in us. I do my best to adapt and overcome. He even fell back to religion, which didn't work. That didn't work either, I read a lot. We stayed on Biblical history for longer than I think he cared to do. He then decided to try the scientific approach. The CT'r study first, another dead end. So he chose history and today with a little bible planted in it. Without going into detail here, every thing he sited was wrong. I have him a couple of movies to watch on the web. I had proof, he had nothing. He had no real history learned, nor Bible literature learned. What is learn on TV and most Magazines is called propaganda, well in all fairness TV is programming. This man was raised in wealth and wants to stay wealthy, but it isn't going to happen. He will be a snack with his business before long no matter who is president. If you can see a face that is their dog, not the person(s) pulling the strings.

  But where do you start with people? I long ago become silent and when cancer took me down I was sure things would change if I lived ti see it. Well I have and it has. People have grown more placid, more willingly ignorant... as a whole. Though Tim and I debated it occurred to me he was locked inside his own be;lief in lies. Thats something that is hard to do, face the truth. I know first hand how hard it is. I was taught that you take God and Jesus on faith, all others on evidence. I don't watch TV News, they lie and give sound bytes mean to mislead you. If Faux really wanted to tell the whole news and let the viewer decide, show it, the tell both sides, then shut up. The same goes for the rest. Preachers need to get out of politics, or at least read the whole of the Bible.  I'd personally like to take the leaders and they're loyal followers to a cliff and tell them to jump if they have faith in either of them.

  Many of the people I spoke to in 2005, and foretold these events Now say I guessed them too early, and I did, they've propped it up quite well. But the foundations are crumbling under they're own heavy load. The news says we're alright and people rejoice, only to find out later it was a fraud. I think sometimes just how stupid can people get. So I remain silent mostly. I figure it has gone too far and one man crying  in the sea won't help because people have to listen. They even have most  church leaders talking for them. Many of the people are good or have good intentions, but lack knowledge in what they speak about. Nobody questions. Nobody makes an effort to come to touch with reality. Who am I to speak that people would listen, yet some do. I sat and watched as he attempted to recite Bible verses to adapt them to his ignorance. Then I'd quote full verses and they undone the twisting of scripture... time and time again. Maybe God will grade on the curb like schools do these days, slowly dumbing our next generation down day by day.

  But I did put up a site on my servers that does tell the dark side, names and all in most cases, more in line for those which hunger for the truth. Just like this guy who was born into money, fame, and power now loses all three... and he still doesn't see the big picture. Most likely he will go home and talk about what a nut I had become. It is dangerous knowing things and most times I figure why stick my neck out when the message will not change anything. Small fish feel like big fish when they're in a small pond, so why ruin the deception. The people I sold houses to knew this, some listened, some didn't. Before I left UPS I talked this stuff over with coworkers, to no avail. The hardest group thus far have been my own belief, Christians. That is really, really, sad. Personally I voted for everybody I didn't know or weren't already there.

  My biggest wake up call was when I came back after the heart attack, and I've opened my eyes ever since. I won't lie and say it isn't scary, it is, but you wanna know what's scarier? Seeing my children and grand children grow up in this world as it gets worse. I bought into the what about me crap until that night. The hardest thing is to admit you've believed a lie, and the more lies and the bigger the lies the harder it is to admit it to one's self. One of the first things I read asked just one question, "What if everything you've been taught was a lie". Well everything wasn't but most of it was, probably by people who also believed it. They know something ain't right but they just can't figure it out. Then there are those that have no clue. There is a point when truth is stranger than fiction, even with proof.  

  So now you know why I probably won't even get back on TV or invites to do interviews. I'm sure they will strip me eventually of even knowing me, and that is ok. I'm not for sale. But stick around folks, it's just getting started. There was and is one show that is honest we done. But on here, I keep it chilled. The good stuff I reserve for my board.