Monday, April 27, 2015

Strange Days, Strange World

  We live in a funny world, each of us in our own little space, occasionally colliding with each other.  We have a little bubble in this world that we are aware of. never seeing the bigger picture usually, and for some a bit late. I watched today as a family member got rid of stuff he once clanged onto and held so dear realizing that all this time possessions are just temporary. If there is one thing I learned the hard way it is that. That being said I still like the things I have, I just know they are things, and things are temporary at best. In this case it was an old truck and me being an old car guy I could relate. Lately my wife has tried to get me to sell some of mine stating that I would never finish them all and probably never be able to even finish one. Thing is, she is probably right. Still, they are an aspiration, a goal, an enjoyment, and for her an investment for when I leave this world. They are things though and they brought me joy while I was here and maybe they, or the money they bring, can bring joy to her... I don't expect her to keep them. I guess that is what disturbed me the most, it was in a way him saying he gives up.

  There are those living out there who would say he is wrong to quit, and I would agree, but there are times it is easier to quit then continue. We all can reach a point to where it is hard to live, where it all seems hopeless and we feel helpless. Those who have never had to fight to see the next day, and I'm not talking about broken bones or feel rough, I am talking an actual fight to remain just one more day, except even that perspective doesn't work. On fights for on more second, one more minute, one more hour, for one more day seems to hard to attain. I thought when I had a heart attack I knew that, but that was just a sample for you know deep down something has to give. When one is faced with a long term illness, disease, or disability, and days that seem to never end turn into weeks and weeks into months, that is what I am talking about. Cancer showed me this and if the first cancer didn't, the second one did.

   I do believe we are to fight, with all our might we have, and leave it up to God to say it's time. Having said that I completely understand when someone just gives in. It isn't my place to judge them, that is left up to God and Him alone, my job is to encourage and try and understand. Really that is what this life is all about, or at least it should be. In the end it doesn't matter what we owned, won, attained, or anything physical, it all fades away. Other religions, and Christianity use to too, ask a simple question. Was the world better for having you in it? If you can see it, touch it, buy it, sell it, hold it, it all succumbs to moths eating away at it, or rusts away. All physical things fade away and in time so do people, and that is OK, it is suppose to be that way. How is it that we are suppose to be so smart and yet not know that a good life has nothing to do with quantity and everything to do with quality.

  I read somewhere that the Elite either have or are very close to practically have something that increases the life span, and eventually becoming immortal. Who wants that? Have they wasted so much of their life, so much of what life should and could be, that they fear death? The thing I find amazing is the same lie that was told and believed in the Garden Of Eden about immortality is still sold and bought today. You can fix a lot of things but stupid ain't one of them. I look back at the people I loved, ones who made my life worth living and have now gone on and I think, why would I want to live forever. That is not to say I don't enjoy the ones who are here now and make life worth living, but one gets stuck somewhere in the middle. Then too things change, the world changes, and suddenly I do not understand it nor fit in anymore. This is indeed strange days.

  I can't help but wonder, was my bubble real back when I was young, or was I just raised with limited view. Back then food was real, no GMOs until the corn with the Firefly genes. We use to have food that heals, now we have food that kills. Most school lunches weren't like momma makes, but they were good and seldom did we have a choice. There was a forgive and go from there policy rather than a zero tolerance policy. In other words, we done as we want God to do when we screw up. The rules and laws were few and simple and lawmen could grant leniency if they chose to do so. Laws are like locks, they keep an honest man honest but do little to keep out a thief. There were no emphasis placed on a product mane but if the product actually lasted. Most people never felt superior to another based on their job, and supervisors actually were good at what they did and were promoted for their ability. We commended and protected Whistle Blowers, now they have to hide or seek refuge in foreign countries, yet we say we want an open door policy. When did wearing a uniform? We have people judging others for stuff they don't do while they do stuff the one judged would not consider. People spell out bad words rather than say them, it is the same thing. We desire war over peace. Pride over humility. Greed over kindness. Money has become our god, and possessions have become his demons. We are offended rather than hearing truth. We consume products made from aborted babies yet protest abortion. We drive past those less fortunate as we head home to our McMansion. We elect people that are lazy, self centered, and evil, then complain about them. We watch sports players and actors and actresses who are morally bankrupt, yet tell our kids not to be that way. We listen to songs of depression, no real meaning, and hate music. Music no longer soothes the savage beast, it creates them.  We listen to false preachers preaching things we want to hear, or at least things that do not step on our toes. Most of us never stop to think, the last time mankind was this out of control, the Earth was flooded and all was dead.  My generation said we were going to change things, and we did, just not for the better. May God forgive us.   

  I never really understood my elders as a child, I thought I was more advanced, smarter than, and stronger than. Now in my mid fifties I see what they saw, only worse. It is only now that I realize that I was in the company of great men and women, I have been blessed. I have saw men and women die, and they did so at peace, and I wondered why. Most will never know them or anything they done. They live an unremarkable life remarkably well. These are the real heroes. They drove old cars, lived in small houses, dressed as they pleased yet in a moral, respectful attire. I watched and thought and thought some more, then it hit me. These people lived for God, not the religious nut nor condemning Hippocrates, but God fearing Jesus following people. They lived for their family. They simply was happy to serve rather than being served. These people lived their lives knowing it isn't the person who points the finger but the person who lends a hand up to someone when they fall that makes life worth living. And live they did, never once living for themselves but for others. They knew you take with you and leave behind all at the same time only the things which cannot be seen, touched, bought, or sold. They knew the world was a big place with plenty of room for all, and with just enough for all.

  So in closing, where did we go wrong? At what time did we allow evil in? How have we fallen so far? It is indeed strange days in a strange world, but it doesn't have to be like this. One person cannot change the world but by each one the world can change. We all have the opportunity to make this world better, just as we have the opportunity to destroy it all. Some will call it "paying it forward", while others will call it being fulfilled. Call it what you may, but you will change inside, a good change. It is amazing the inner peace, love, and kindness that comes when you live for yourself last, placing all others at the top of your list. Anthony

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