Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oversimplified ?

  So I was invited to join a group on Facebook a while back, and I seldom go look there but I get alerts when stuff is posted. I get invitations to End Times and Genesis 6 Boards quite some lot. This one was the Watchmen Board, which told me there were other Watchmen on it and since we don't know all the others I was excited. The lady (yes a lady) who invited me to join the Watchmen has similar beliefs as I do, but that isn't always the case. I still don't know exactly who chooses ones to be one or by what criteria they use. Maybe it was my website, this isn't the site, just the Blog, neither is Facebook or Pintrest. I do a lot on Pintrest these days, but not all the details and information. I find myself at odds with a lot of the Watchmen, guess I'm the black sheep of the lot. I've unjoined more groups than I take part in and use a Pen Name usually rather than my own. One cannot and should not do this for self glory, money, or prejudice.

  So this last attempt I made at a group I joined that looks at End Times type news, a guy, I assume he started that board, wrote an interesting piece concerning Israel. I didn't respond and seriously doubt I will, I have noticed the prejudice he has towards Israel. He and his friend are starting a Radio Show, not sure but I think a TV Show too, from Jerusalem. They say they want to show the real Jerusalem. It seems lately a lot of Watchmen have come out pro Israel. I am not either way, I have never been there, have some friends I have made that live there, but never actually been, nor do I wish to go. The only place I considered was Africa after being invited to come and speak there. I would like to see Africa, but I probably will never get to go there. It was nice though to be asked and invited to go there. Any way, back to the topic... I need to focus.

  In this writing he talks about why there is so much violence in Israel between Muslims and Israelis. According to him it is over the "Holy Sites" and how Muslims wish to claim the sites too. During this "revealing" he claims that the Muslims burnt one of the sites. I should also state that I have some Muslim friends as well and I base a lot of what I think about that religion on them. No religion will desecrate what they consider "Holy Ground", especially the big 3, Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic, which oddly enough share many of the Old Testament people. When I read that I detected an aroma of bullshit. Yes, I spelled that word out since alluding to or abbreviating it is the same as just saying it. My beliefs differ from both of the other two at the New Testament, so I try and not take sides, I just look at facts. The fact is no religion who holds a site sacred will destroy it, unless it is a false flag event. For those who don't know what a false flag term means, Google it.

   Is that the real turmoil in the Middle East? The whole thing, according to him, is that they want the holy sites to claim as theirs. If that is the case then it is akin to 2 spoiled children fighting over who owns the sand in a sandbox. It is land, doesn't "belong" to anybody but both have the same characters in their beliefs. Get over it and share. Therein, I don't believe it is that simple either. Facts show that all 3 beliefs loved in harmony together until the creation, I should say invasion, which happened in the 40s. Violence there seems to be spread by 2 factions. The Powers That Be and ignorance. That can by put as evil people doing evil things backed by stupid people doing stupid things. One can see that by the victims on both sides. I was asked once, who should we back? Neither, we've no dog in that fight and plenty of our own troubles on the table to work on here. There are extremists on all sides of all beliefs, and none at all. We can focus on what we differ on, or focus on what similarities we have.                

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